Best Stats to Upgrade in Palworld

In Short
  • There are 6 different stats in Palworld, including HP, Attack, Defense, Stamina, Work Speed, and Weight.
  • Increasing Weight and Stamina stats in the early game are useful for roaming around and gathering resources.
  • Adding to the HP stat is essential to survive the tower boss and alpha pal fights in the advanced stages.

Like any other survival games that come before it, Palworld too has a leveling system in place. And how do you level up your character? Stats in Palworld are crucial for ensuring you level up, become powerful, and win your fights. However, besides leveling up faster in Palworld, you actually need to know where to spend your points and which stats to upgrade in the early game and the advanced stages. In this guide, we have covered all the player stats in Palworld and the best stats you should upgrade.

All Stats in Palworld: An Overview

All Stats tab in Palworld player inventory

Every time you level up in Palworld, you will get points to spend on your player statistics. There are a total of six stats in Palworld, and each comes with its own advantages. While HP increases your health bar, stats like weight will let you carry more resources. Below, we have mentioned all the stats and what they help with:

HPIncreases your health bar, which you must maintain to survive
DefenseReduces damage taken from enemy attacks, falling, or environmental effects
StaminaAffects your stamina bar that is used while you run, work, or dodge attacks
WeightAllows you to carry more resources without slowing you down
AttackIncreases your attack damage; useful if you are all about guns and swords
Work SpeedControls your work speed while you are building, crafting, cooking, or doing other work actions

Which Stats Should You Upgrade First

Now that you know what each stat means, here are some stats that you absolutely need to upgrade first:

  1. Stamina: Increasing your stamina in the early game is a must. It is especially necessary before you get yourself mount pals. You will have to run around in your adventure, and without higher stamina, you will run out of breath fast.
  2. Weight: Another early game statistic you must upgrade as quickly as possible. Before you get to building your pal empire and assign jobs to Pals on gathering resources, you will be the one doing it. That is why you must increase your weight limit to carry more resources on each trip outside your base.
  3. HP: If you have good dodging skills, you might not need a larger health pool in the early game. However, the more you explore Palworld, the more challenges you will face. So, we recommend you add to this stat in the advanced stages of the game.
  4. Work Speed: Finally, add to the work speed, as it is always good to build or cook faster when you are suffering from cold weather or starving. Once you have enough worker pals, this stat might not be as useful as in the early game.

How Do You Upgrade Stats in Palworld

Upgrading stats in Palworld is pretty straightforward. Once you have leveled up and have some stats points to spend, follow the steps below:

  • Press Tab (the menu button on Xbox) to open the player inventory menu and look for the stats section on the bottom right of the screen.
  • Now, click the Enhance Stats button and click “+” on any of the stats you want to upgrade.
  • Finally, click on OK to confirm and upgrade the selected stat.
  • Enhance Stats option in Palworld
  • Best stat stamina upgrade in Palworld

So, these are the best stats you should upgrade and how to upgrade them in Palworld. Remember, depending on the type of player you are, your choices may vary from others. You can also use the Memory Wiping Medicine to reset the stats in case you chose the wrong ones at first. What is your favorite stat to enhance in Palworld? Tell us in the comments below.

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