How to Find Pure Quartz in Palworld

In Short
  • Pure Quartz is a late-game item that is used to create circuit boards and upgrade your production line.
  • You cannot craft this item at your base nor does it drop from Pals you have killed or captured.
  • To find Pure Quartz in Palworld, you need to visit the snowy region of the map and mine the white stone formations.

A survival game is about tracking down items to make the next best thing, and well, Pure Quartz is no different. It is one of those items that can make your life easier when crafting several late-game items in Palworld. However, not to beat around the bush, you can’t craft this material, and you will have to explore your world to get it. Fortunately, we went through the pains to find Pure Quartz in Palworld and are here to help you in this journey.

What is a Pure Quartz in Palworld?

Pure Quartz Palworld

Pure Quartz is a late-game item that you use to craft particular components. It is primarily used to make circuit boards in Palworld. The item can also be used to improve power-based items in your base.

For example – you can create a production line from the necessary items and circuit boards before you assign your pals a job. Crafting a circuit board using Pure Quartz in Palworld requires you to reach level 35.

Where to Find Pure Quartz

Pure Quartz formation Palworld

If you want to obtain Pure Quartz in-game, you have to explore your world. This item isn’t found in any of the flatlands. Instead, far in the northwest, you have the snow region. And this is where you will have to travel to get Pure Quartz in abundance.

There’s no particular place to visit once you are in the snowy regions. Just keep your eyes peeled for these white rock formations. Use your pickaxe on them to mine Pure Quartz.

The Pure Quartz location in our game

However, before coming to this place, make sure you wear some cold-resistant clothing. Without it, you’ll freeze to death. Our first trip to the snow area ended in the death of our character. This means we lost all of our items, forcing us to make a second trip to the location.

And that is how you obtain Pure Quartz in Palworld. Remember, the game is about experimenting and exploring, alongside catching the Pals. So let us know about your Quartz hunting experiences in the comments below. Want to set up your own dedicated Palworld server? Then, read through our guide for that.

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