Vault Block in Minecraft 1.21: All You Need to Know

In Short
  • Vault is a new loot block that allows every player to unlock it only once and get rewards in Minecraft 1.21.
  • You can find the vault block only in the trial chambers, new combat grounds in Minecraft 1.21.
  • The vault block can only be unlocked using a trial key, which you can get from chests, trial spawners, decorated pots, and more.

Don’t you feel pretty disappointed when you find a loot chest that has already been looted by your friends? Well, Minecraft developer Mojang has thought of a solution for this and has added a brand new loot block called “the vault” to the game. It’s a unique block that will solve lots of looting issues on multiplayer servers. So with that, let’s dive deep into exploring the vault in Minecraft 1.21.

What is the Vault in Minecraft

Vault is a unique block that looks similar to a trial spawner. It is see-through and dark-colored and includes a spooky face on the front. This block is fairly similar to the trial spawner, but thanks to texture changes in several snapshots, Mojang made it easily distinguishable.

The differences include the vault’s top side being unique, as well as the presence of various gray pixels on the vault that the trial spawner doesn’t have.

The vault will not be lit if the player is more than several blocks away. Also, the face on the front side will usually have its mouth shut. But once you get in the range of three blocks of the vault, it will open its mouth and light up. In addition, you’ll see orange particles emit from the player towards the vault.

While it’s in this state, the vault will cycle through and display the reward items you can get from it. This includes various items that we will cover later in the guide. It will choose a few items out of this loot table as your reward.

The vault can be broken, but it will take quite a long time, even with the netherite pickaxe. This has been done on purpose to discourage players from destroying the vault for others, but it’s still possible in case you really need to remove it and mess with your friends.

You cannot craft or obtain it in any way in survival, and it’s also not possible to move the vault. This block also has a high blast resistance, so explosions cannot break it.

Where Can You Find the Vault

You will encounter the vault blocks only in trial chambers, at least so far. The vault has specific blocks around it to make it easily noticeable at a distance. Those are polished andesite blocks and chiseled tuff bricks. As revealed, multiple vaults will be generated in rooms with trial spawners, providing more rewards if you manage to complete all the challenges. However, that is not always the case.

You’ll even find the vault in a completely safe room, such as the one with the tree. Typically, you won’t find vaults in the corridor, but you will find decorated pots that you can break and get the trial key from. Finally, it’s also possible to explore a whole room with trial spawners, but not find a single vault block. This layout is usually rarer.

How to Unlock the Vault in Minecraft 1.21

Vault is a loot block, but it doesn’t have an interface like a chest. Instead, it will spit out items when you unlock it. To do this, you’ll need to right-click it with a trial key. To get it, you will need to search some chests, break decorated pots, or complete trial spawner’s challenges in trial chambers. Check out our linked guide above for more info.

The vault’s most interesting property is that it will reward every single player who unlocks it, not just the first one. This means you can go to the already-looted trial chamber structures and still get precious resources. However, do keep in mind that you cannot farm items from the vault. The point of Minecraft is to explore and overcome challenges.

If you can just farm one vault over and over again for loot, you wouldn’t be playing the game right. That’s why Mojang has made it so the vault will reward the player only once. So, you’ll need to continue exploring in search of more vaults. Once you do open the vault, the mouth will close and the items will be ejected.

When all the items are out, the vault will not be lit anymore indicating you cannot open it. If another player who hasn’t looted that vault comes close to it, it will light up again and only allow them to use the trial key on it.

All the Loot You Can Get from the Vault

The vault has some of the best loot in all of Minecraft. From basic items like arrows and emeralds to rare armor trims, enchanted golden apples (one of the best food sources in Minecraft), and a heavy core.

This block will randomly assign the number of items to eject, which means you will receive four different items from one vault, but then only two from another. Also, the stack sizes can vary from item to item. Check out the table below showing all the possible loot from vaults.

Arrow of Poison37%
Iron Ingot28.8%
Honey Bottle28.8%
Wind Charge10.4%
Block of Emerald9.4%
Damaged Shield9.4%
Enchanted Bow9.4%
Enchanted Iron Axe9.4%
Enchanted Iron Chestplate9.4%
Bolt Armor Trim6.2%
Flow Armor Trim6.2%
Enchanted Book6.2%
Enchanted Crossbow6.2%
Enchanted Golden Apple6.2%
Golden Apple6.2%
Enchanted Diamond Axe6.2%
Enchanted Diamond Chestplate6.2%
Flow Banner Pattern2.1%
Guster Banner Pattern2.1%
Heavy Core2.1%

With that, you now know everything about the vault block being added in Minecraft 1.21. It’s a fairly cool and special block with some amazing animations and well-executed mechanics. However, we can’t help but want this block in other structures too.

What if there are other keys like a jungle key, fortress key, or igloo key that will open specific vaults? What do you think? Share your opinions in the comments!

Can you move the vault?

No, you cannot move the vault in any way. If you need to have it removed, then you’ll need to mine it for quite some time, which won’t yield anything in the end.

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