Minecraft Igloo: Everything You Need to Know

In Short
  • Igloos are rare structures that are generated in only three Minecraft biomes - snowy slopes, snowy plains, and snowy taiga.
  • Some igloos generate with a basement that contains a villager and a zombified villager and all the loot necessary for curing it.
  • In the basement chest, you will also find items such as coal, wheat, rotten flesh, stone axe, and emeralds.

If you think that villages are the only structures that allow villagers to spawn in Minecraft, you are wrong. They are also residents, or should we say hostages, in one rather rare snowy building called the igloo. However, this is not always the case due to the structure’s randomized layout. If we have managed to captivate your attention, keep reading as we explain everything you should know about the igloo in Minecraft, starting from what it is and where it generates to all the loot you can find in one.

What is an Igloo in Minecraft?

Igloo is a rare structure that only generates in three snowy biomes. It is mostly made up of snow blocks and two blocks of ice. This cozy building also provides you with some very useful early-game blocks like a bed, furnace, and a crafting table.

Naturally generated igloo at the top and its interior at the bottom

Moreover, the layout of these blocks is thought out as well. When the player eventually uses the furnace to cook or smelt an item, it’ll produce a light level sufficient enough to melt the ice. As the ice melts, it will turn into water, which will flow and flood the interior of the igloo. Because of the water, all the carpet blocks will get washed up and turned into items, revealing the potential secrets below.

Igloo Basement

If you’re lucky, you’ll see a trapdoor underneath where one carpet block was. When you open it, a shaft with ladders on one side will lead the way deeper into the hidden room, known as the igloo basement in Minecraft.

Igloo's basement interior in Minecraft

Here, you will find a chest with some specific supplies, a brewing stand with a single splash potion of weakness, some decoration blocks, and of course, the villagers. One of them is a regular healthy villager, whereas the other one is a hostile zombified villager.

Both of these Minecraft mobs are trapped behind iron bars and are separated by a wall that has a sign with arrows pointing to each of them. The purpose of the basement is to directly teach players about the process of curing zombie villagers. It provides you with every ingredient you will need to accomplish this task. Therefore, the igloo’s basement is one of the few hints the game offers to new players that might help them understand it better.

Interior of the igloo basement showing a villager and a zombie villager trapped behind iron bars separated by a wall

Biomes Where Can You Find an Igloo

You may find this snow block building only in the following Minecraft biomes:

  • Snowy Plains
  • Snowy Taiga
  • Snowy Slopes

As you can notice, all these biomes consist of a lot of snow, which will make spotting an igloo kind of challenging. In addition, there is no rule to igloo generation. You may find them near villages, frozen rivers, or even have the entire ladder shaft exposed, as we can see in one of the best Minecraft seeds to explore.

All the Loot in an Igloo in Minecraft

Loot in the igloo basements is mainly geared toward curing a zombie villager. But that cannot stop you from using it in any other way you want. So, check out the table below showcasing all the loot you can get in the chest in the igloo basement.

Golden Apple100%
Gold Nugget55.3%
Rotten Flesh55.3%
Stone Axe14.7%

Apart from the chest’s loot, you’re also guaranteed to find a brewing stand with one splash potion of weakness, one cauldron, potted cactus, and even some infested blocks. They will spawn a silverfish upon breaking, so do keep that in mind when mining the basement’s walls, floor, and ceiling.

So, there you have it. Now you know everything about the igloo in Minecraft. This structure is quite unique and stands out from other buildings generated in-game. Because of that, it’s cool to stumble upon one, especially if you’ve just started the world.

With that said, have you ever found an igloo with a basement in survival mode? Did you manage to rescue the villagers inside? Tell us in the comments below!

What is the purpose of an igloo?

The purpose of the igloo structure is to teach players about the possibility of curing zombified villagers. That’s why it includes all the necessary ingredients in the basement, as well as two villager types.

Are igloos rare?

Since these snow block structures generate in only three biomes in the game, then yes, igloos are pretty rare.

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