How to Move Your Base in Palworld

In Short
  • In Palworld, you can build up to 3 bases by building three different Palboxes. New Palboxes unlock on level 10 and level 15.
  • To move your base, you can destroy a Palbox by dismantling it from the map or by disassembling it from the build menu.
  • Once you destroy a Palbox or base, you can build another in a separate location and transfer your buildings manually.

If you have spent a good amount of time in Palworld, you will know that not every place on the map is ideal for building a base. Setting up a base in places that come with a lot of obstacles can restrict your building capabilities. Although Palworld does not allow you to move your base directly to a new location, there are still some ways to do it. To make your job easier, we have included the steps to do so below. So keep reading as we teach you how to move your base in Palworld.

Things to Know Before Moving Palworld Base

Your Palworld base is based on where you put your Palbox. So, moving the Palbox will help you create a new base around it. Before jumping on the process of moving your base, there are a few important things you should know:

  • Buildings always need to touch the ground when you are building them in Palworld. That is why we always recommend you build the Palbox on a flat ground so that you can tackle the building restrictions.
  • You cannot move the Palworld base right away. You must dismantle a Palbox and build a new one in another location to move your base. Also, you will have to build all equipment and tools again in your new base, as none of them will transfer to the new one.
  • You can build up to 3 Palboxes (base) in Palworld. To unlock new Palboxes, you will need to hit levels 10 and level 15. Once you destroy your old Palbox or base using the dismantling method, you will not receive any resources back from them.
  • The things that do not require a base to build (Beds, Pal beds, Primitive Workbench, etc.) will not disassemble when you dismantle your base. You will have to move them separately once you dismantle your base. However, these buildings will return you the resources.
  • Make sure to have a fast travel point nearby, as you will have to gather the resources and move them to your new base to build again. You can also start grinding for the necessary resources around the new base.
  • If you disassemble the Palbox, your pals will not disappear from the base. The working pals will return to your Palbox and will show up if you put another Palbox somewhere else.
  • You will not lose your base level even if you disassemble all your Palboxes. So, if you build a new Palbox, your new base will start from the same level.

How to Move Your Base in Palworld (Dismantle)

Now that you know the important things about moving your base in Palworld, here is how you can move the base.

  • First, open your map and select the base you want to dismantle.
  • Now, press the Dismantle the base button (V on PC, RB on Xbox).
  • Once done, click the Yes button from the pop-up window. This will destroy your Palbox and anything connected to your base.
  • Dismantle base in Palworld option to move base
  • Palbox dismantle prompt to destroy base in Palworld

Disassemble Your Base in Palworld Instead

Unlike dismantling, using this way will give you the resources from your Palbox when disassembling it. However, buildings connected to the base that require Palbox will still get destroyed.

To disassemble your base directly, follow the steps below:

  • Press the build button (B on PC, Up D-pad on Xbox) and click the Disassembly mode button (C on PC, RS on Xbox).
  • Now, look at the Palbox and click the Disassemble button (Right Mouse click on PC, X on Xbox).
  • Once done, click the Yes button from the pop-up. This will disassemble your Palbox and base.
  • Palworld Disassembly Mode
  • Disassemble Palbox Palworld
  • Palbox dismantle prompt to destroy base in Palworld

Move Other Structures from Your Base


We recommend you have storage boxes ready in your new base to gather all the resources before you start building a new base. You can also get a mount pal to move around faster with the resources. However, having a travel point near your old base will save a lot of time.

Dismantling the base or disassembling the Palbox will not disassemble a lot of buildings in your old base. That is why you will have to disassemble them separately. To do so:

  • First, click on the Build button (B on PC, Up D-pad on Xbox).
  • Now, select the Disassembly mode button (C on PC, RS on Xbox) and look at the structures you want to disassemble.
  • Finally, click the Disassemble button (Right Mouse click on PC, X on Xbox) to remove the structures from your base.
  • Palworld Disassembly Mode
  • Disassemble other utilities in Palworld

And that is how you can move your base in Palworld through these easy ways. Do make sure to keep the above points in mind to have a seamless experience. Still, have doubts about how to move your base in Palworld? Drop your questions in the comments below!

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