How Many People Are Playing Fortnite? (Player Count 2024)

In Short
  • Fortnite, a smash hit Battle Royale game, retains a massive global audience with over 230 million active players in 2024.
  • By the end of 2023, Fortnite boasted a staggering registered player base exceeding 650 million.
  • The game's popularity continues with a record-breaking peak of 44.7 million players in a single day during the Fortnite OG season.

Ever since Epic Games jumped on the Battle Royale train with Fortnite, the game blew up like none other. With a collective base of millions of gamers, Fortnite is a title everyone is on. If you’re a new gamer looking into BR, you must be wondering how many people are actually playing Fortnite right now. Well, let’s make your job easier by telling you the exact Fortnite player count in 2024.

How Many People Play Fortnite

Fortnite boasts a huge registered user base (over 650 million by the end of 2023), but active engagement matters more. The good news is Fortnite retains players well, averaging around 230 million monthly active players between January and February 2024.

Fortnite also has an average of 1-3.5 million global concurrent users at any given time across all game modes. The average Fortnite player is dedicated, playing 8-10 hours per week. However, this record was broken during the Fortnite OG 2023 season with over 44.7 million players in one single day.

Monthly Global Fortnite Player Base
Image Courtesy: Fortnite.GG

Fortnite has shown steady growth over the years. In May 2020, Epic Games revealed that Fortnite had 350 million registered players. Considering the current count stands at a whopping 600 Mn+, this is a huge feat.

How Many People Play Fortnite Daily

Fornite’s player count changes hourly. As of now, Fortnite has over 600K players playing it right now, with the number going even higher during peak hours. Twitch streams and Fortnite tournaments also contribute to the number of active players. On average, Fortnite reaches at least 1-3 million players every 24 hours which is simply too massive.

Fortnite Concurrent Play Base Chart
Image Courtesy:

Before the new game mode, players could only play Battle Royale and Zero Build, ranked or unranked, with around 10k contributing to Save The World mode. However, LEGO Fortnite, Rocket Racing, and Fortnite Festival have added more active players to the frame. Furthermore, other creator-made Fortnite islands also help the game gain more players concurrently.

Fortnite Player Country Count

Fortnite is a game enjoyed worldwide. However, young adults are particularly drawn to it. Over 60% of Fortnite players fall into the 18-24 age range. Interestingly, consoles are the dominant platform, with 78% of players choosing them over mobile devices.

The United States boasts the largest chunk of the player base, at roughly 21.10%, giving it a clear lead in Fortnite’s global popularity. But what are the top five countries with the most Fortnite players? Find them here:

  1. US 21.10%
  2. Russia 7.54%
  3. Brazil 5.5%
  4. Poland 5.4%
  5. Mexico 3.36%

But why does the game consecutively retain so many players? What makes Fortnite so popular to have such a high player base?

While Fortnite started as a build-and-shoot Battle Royale, the game’s concept was more than that. One of the key reasons why the game boasts such a big player base is its availability on almost every platform.

On top of that, Fortnite is also coming back on iPhone and iPad devices in the EU, which can boost the player base even further.

Along with its availability, the game gives sweaty players a great competitive edge. But that’s not all. It also has age-restricted skins for kids, which makes the game suitable for any age gamer. With tools like voice reporting or emote hiding, Epic Games constantly improves the experience for everyone.

Fortnite Star Wars Collab cover
Image Courtesy: Epic, Star Wars

The game also sees multiple collaborations throughout the year, which bring in multiple battle passes at the same time. The Big Bang event with Eminem saw a major surge of players. It followed up with Lady Gaga, Billie Eilish, and many more artist collaborations, including a Coachella event, which also added to Fortnite’s active player base.

With Fortnite’s new Star Wars event, the player base seems to be only going upwards. As Fortnite will also bring Fortnite OG again this year, we can only imagine how many people will be playing it. But for now, the future looks bright.

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Is Fortnite dying?

No, Fortnite shows no signs of slowing down. With over 230 million active players monthly, the game continues to attract new users.

How much does Fortnite make a day?

If we analyze the player base and Vbucks spent daily, the short answer is a lot. Fortnite rakes in over $1 million daily, with reports suggesting this impressive average despite fluctuations.

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