A Complete List of Age-Restricted Fortnite Skins

Fortnite, known for its constant collaboration with popular culture icons and shows, makes little to no mistakes when it comes to satisfying its growing community. However, in a recent update, the popular battle royale has put itself in a tough situation. This update, described as “ISLAND AGE RATINGS” by Fortnite, makes certain islands (game modes) and skins restricted for certain audiences.

In an official X post, Fortnite confirmed that around 7% of the skins have been affected by the age restriction. They can only be equipped in islands rated Teen. Although Fortnite claims these cosmetics are limited to certain maps and game modes for now, it aims to make changes to them, such that the skins are auto-adjusted in appearance based on the island in the future. This can lead to the cosmetics being changed depending on the age of the player.

Fortnite Age-Restrictions Explained

In this update, Fortnite has included an ESRB rating tag to every island. This restricts the criteria for players to not participate in certain games. This also reflects on the skins as the skins also show an error notification of unavailable in certain islands as there will be a younger audience. In case you are eligible, you will be allowed to directly click the play button.

12+ rated Fortnite Battle Royale Mode

However, if you are under the age criteria, you will have to wait till you are old enough to access that island. Another noticeable change is that parents can unlock the restricted islands for their kids if they want to through parental settings.

List of All Age-Restricted Fortnite Skins

Black Widow Restricted skin in Fortnite

As of now, Fortnite has allegedly made over 360+ cosmetic items unavailable as part of their age restrictions policies. These include character skins, guns, backpacks, and more. We have compiled a long list of notable skins that are not eligible for all maps.

Many of these include popular collaboration skins from Resident Evil or Marvel Universe. Here is a list of popular skins you can’t use in Fortnite as part of the recent policy change:

  • Leon S Kennedy
  • Claire Redfield
  • Lara Croft
  • Rebirth Harley Quinn
  • Demogorgon
  • Doctor Doom
  • Black Widow
  • The Visitor
  • Midas
  • Predator
  • Deadpool
  • Agent Peely
  • Cloud Striker
  • Gunnar
  • Meowscles
  • Mincemeat
  • Nitehare
  • Nolan Chance
  • Reese
  • Rook
  • Sgt Winter
  • Stoneheart
  • TNTina
  • Xenomorph
  • Yellowjacket
  • Zadie

Do you agree with Fortnite restricting you from using your favorite cosmetics? Are you asking for a refund? Let us know your thoughts on this update in the comments below. Well, one skin that is not restricted is the new Redcap skin, which you can unlock for free through the Fortnite Refer a Friend 3.0 event. Make sure to invite your friends to the game and grab this cosmetic for free.

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  • Grant Stewart says:

    All of us have paid fortunes for the skins we want to wear in game. Could you not just release a version of Fortnite for the younger players? Letting the rest of us who are not offended by skins other players wear carry on as normal?
    I find it very wrong that we can’t play wearing the skins we’ve already paid good money for! Will we be receiving any compensation for nit being allowed to wear whatever skin we like? No of course not..

  • Mad fortnite player says:

    Bogus you might as well give me ALL MY MONEY back now….

  • Claudia says:

    This is ridiculous…what is the purpose of putting our age in at the beginning if you are just going to restrict our skins.. some of these skins came from Battle passes…and they are only skins… People don’t care what skin you wear while playing a creative game.. Also the loading screens we are the only one who sees them so why restrict those too… It’s ridiculous..Please give us a way to express ourselves again…Also kids have grown up with these some of these characters..like Harley Quinn and Marvel characters..so making now unavailable because some parents complained is silly.. If epic wants to make this a thing… apply it only to the under age accounts then when they become a certain age of requirement they can unlock everything.. We as adults shouldn’t be punished because some people got offended..

  • Rita Prunes says:

    Don’t let kids under age of 16 play

    • Claudia says:

      No one cares what skin you are in creative…lol

  • Shadowraiden23 says:

    It’s crap … their restrictions on fortnite skins just cause some lil kid and mom complained ? Really … then why the hell would you let a 9 – 10 yearold play a rate T game then !?

  • Ali says:

    Rick Grimes is also age restricted

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