100 Best Fortnite Names to Use (2024)

Ask any gamer around the block, and they will tell you that their Gamertag is the most precious thing in the world. Like every other game out there, you can change your Fortnite name. As such, there are many cool Fortnite names out there that players can change into like clothes. So, if you want to have some of the best usernames under your sleeve, keep reading for our definitive list below!

Funny Fortnite Names

  • SirNotAppears
  • NapkinPicasso
  • CurryInMyHurry
  • NoScopeSherlock
  • BananaramaManiac
  • PickaxePerfecto
  • WontDropTheLoot
  • BoogieDownBuild
  • GrandmaGotAim
  • MasterOfDisgust
  • SaltySpringsSnap
  • CtrlAltDeluX3
  • TheSpoonMast3R
  • WobbleTheRocket
  • ChugJugChall3nG3
  • DanceDanceRampage
  • ChaiKnightS
  • ButterChimk3n
  • FlossyBoiZ
  • PickaxeProphet

Sweaty Fortnite Names

  • WALL33R
  • 90sInMySleep
  • AlwaysInTheZone
  • VictoryRoyaleMac
  • 90sFlicker
  • CrankySw3at
  • WK3Y3R
  • SprintSpammer
  • Sw3atSquad
  • 9xKeymaster
  • NoScopez1337
  • ReconRoyale
  • SMGSWarm
  • WallWizNerd
  • ΝinjαZZ
  • TøxicツK1NG
  • PREDAT00000R

Cool Fortnite Names

  • xFrostbit3R
  • PhaseShift3R
  • N1FuryX
  • DwnUnderDgn
  • SlingshotTAP
  • Loot3RGoblinX
  • NoScope_NGHTMAR3
  • Shadow_Stalker_
  • BushcamperT_T
  • WølfHunter
  • Neo_Renegade
  • Rift_StormTroop
  • BUzz3_Bl1tz
  • Nite_Lycan
  • HeadhunterX Y
  • Storm_Weaver_
  • O-O CuddleKing
  • AS5AS5IN47
  • EXPLO51V3 W4LL3R

Fortnite Names for Girls

  • PulsarPrincess30
  • GlitterSnipe_R
  • N3bula_Nomad
  • C0baltKitty
  • DJ.Dynasty
  • Slay3r_Wolf
  • Buzzy_B33_
  • StardustSlay3r
  • Psych0_Princess
  • Cupid.Cupcake
  • Cosmic_Catt0
  • Cyber_Sir3N
  • B0mberina
  • BubblegumBae33
  • Spookii_Peaches
  • Eggcellent_Aim
  • Tomboy_Tayra
  • BallerinaBl1tz
  • Sunfl0werSnipe

Fortnite Names for Boys

  • Boomsnipe2K
  • Mythril_Havoc
  • Lil_C4 cuddle
  • Gh0ulTrooperX
  • iLootLikeALama
  • TheP1ckaxeK1ng
  • Victory_S33ker
  • GG_Machine
  • LootLord_9000
  • LazarB3am_
  • Wraith_Shado
  • PickaxeProdigy
  • Zer0PointZero
  • DanceBot.exe
  • NeoAgent_Storm
  • DarkSidedotEXE

How to Generate Fortnite Names

So, you got yourself a name from our list but are now thinking of changing it and giving it your twist? Thankfully, players can get the best Fortnite names using some of the name generators out there. Check out the best of them below:


Fortnite username genr8rs website

This handy Fortnite name generator helps you create a name from scratch without worrying about what keyword to put in. GENR8RS is accurate and gives you some cool Fortnite names. You can easily choose between short, medium, or long names. You can also select the EP1CFY option to ensure the name stays unique.

2. SpinXO

SpinXO name generator

SpinXO is a reliable place to generate names for any game you want. It has many keyword options that will help the system understand your most suitable name. So, try SpinXO and get the best Fortnite names out there.

Alongside these websites, you can also use Nickfinder. The website offers similar options with first names, tags, and other keywords. However, names might not always turn out to be unique. If you want it there, Nickfinder also adds symbols in your Fortnite name directly.

So, which Fortnite name are you going with? Have you generated a new one for yourself? Share it with us in the comments below.

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