All Fortnite Peely Skins Ranked

As with any other game skins are an essential part of Fortnite. While many wonder how many skins are there in Fortnite, some already have their favorites set. Yes, we are talking about no other than the Peely skin line. However, even all the Fortnite Peely skins are not the same when it comes to their popularity. If you’re someone who wants the best Fortnite Peely skin, keep reading as we rank all of them down for you here!

14. Cobb

Cobb Peely Skin in Fortnite

Whether Cobb is the worst Peely skin is subjective, but most agree that it’s boring. Cobb’s all-brown look just seems plain compared to other Fortnite Peely skins with unique accessories or styles. It also lacks the bright yellow that makes Peely instantly recognizable. Most importantly: it is not even a banana! So if you skip this Peely skin in Fortnite, we won’t blame you.

13. Peely Bone

Bone Peely

Bone Peely might not be one of the favorite Peely skins among Fortnite fans. It’s a basic Peely skin with a bone texture, lacking the creativity of other Peely variations. Some players feel it’s a low-effort design compared to Agent Peely or Peely wearing a mecha suit. For those who love spooky vibes, cooler Fortnitemares skins are out there.

12. P-1000

P-1000 Peely Skin

The P-1000 is a great Peely skin for Fortnite fans who love the character but want a unique Terminator look. It transforms Peely into a sleek robot with a cool built-in emote that lights up. It’s also a rare skin since the Peely Pack it comes in doesn’t appear in the item shop often. Go rock that banana-shake head now.

11. Lil Split

Lil Split Skin

Lil Split is an amazing Fortnite Peely skin thanks to its customization. With five unlockable styles, you can choose between different colors and accessories like headphones and shades. This variety lets you express your own unique banana split style on the battlefield.

10. Unpeely

Fortnite Unpeely Skin

If you are tired of the Banana with skin, Unpeely is a unique Peely skin in Fortnite. Unlike others, it shows the banana peeled, revealing a mysterious interior. This strange look makes it stand out and might surprise enemies. While some might find it plain, it definitely has a quirky charm that Peely fans will love. However, if you skip this Peely skin because it makes it feel weird, we would agree with you.

9. Adventure Peely

Adventure Peely Fortnite

Adventure Peely is a great choice for Fortnite Peely skin fans if you want the banana with something different. It combines bright yellow with a more unique, explorer vibe. The Indiana Jones-inspired hat and backpack add a cool factor. It’s a versatile skin that stands out with personality, whether you love adventure or just want a fun look.

8. Polar Peely

Polar Peely Fortnite Skin

Polar Peely stands out for Peely fans with its cool blue makeover, a refreshing change from the usual bright yellow. This festive skin, with its snowy patches and glowing eyes, is a freebie that many players treasure. It might be a limited edition, but for those who have it, Polar Peely is a delightful twist on a classic in Fortnite.

7. Potassius Peels

Potassius Peels Peely

The Potassius Peels Peely might be surprising for sweaty players, but it works. The gold armor makes it a bit tougher to see in firefights, and the cape can blend into some environments. Plus, the novelty factor can be distracting to opponents. Of course, the real reason might be that you just like the banana gladiator look. This Fornite Peely skin is perfect if you want to level up in Fortnite ranks.

6. Kawspeely

Kawspeely Skin

Kawspeely is a fantastic choice for Peely fans who love adorable styles. The signature KAWS X eyes and oversized ears add a unique twist to Peely’s classic look. Plus, the bonus cosmetics like the back bling and glider keep the cute factor going strong!

5. Agent Peely

Agent Peely skin

Want to feel the vibes of a Hitman? Agent Peely stands out as a sleek, secret agent version of the classic Peely. This unique twist on the character adds coolness to the playful banana theme. It was the first Peely skin to launch a wave of others, making it a true original. While the skin won’t make Fortnite count in the best stealth games, the Peely skin is still good for fans who love a touch of sophistication.

4. Toon Peely

Toon Peely

There are plenty of toon skins in Fortnite but Toon Peely stands out among the crowd. His classic black-and-white cartoon style makes him instantly recognizable. The simplicity of the design is charming, and the included Nanner Hammer pickaxe adds a playful touch. Whether you love bananas or just appreciate a timeless aesthetic, Toon Peely reigns supreme.

3. P33ly

P33LY Skin

P33LY is a fantastic Peely skin for Fortnite players who love a techy look. It keeps the classic Peely base but adds a sleek black suit with glowing yellow accents. This unique combination makes P33LY stand out from other Peely skins and gives it a cool, futuristic vibe.

2. Peelosopher Bananocrates

Peelosopher Bananocrates Peely Skin

Peelosopher Bananocrates is a great Fortnite Peely skin for the philosophers among you. It perfectly blends the character with the Chapter 5 Season 2 Greek mythology theme. The name is a hilarious pun that fits the banana theme. Furthermore, the toga, sandals, and philosopher tools back bling create a unique look.

1. Peely

Fortnite Peely Skin

Sometimes it’s the classics that reign supreme. Classic Peely comes out on top for various reasons. For starters, it’s the original, the one that started the Peely phenomenon. Moreover, its simplicity is iconic – a bright banana needs no fancy extras. The Classic variant is also instantly recognizable on the battlefield. Peely holds a special place as the foundation for all the other Peely variations we love and is also one of the best Fortnite Skins of all time.

And for us, these are the best Peely Fortnite skins you should try out in the game. Don’t like our list? Share your own order in the comments below.

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