How to Get the Magneto Skin in Fortnite

In Short
  • Own the Chapter 5 Season 3 Battle Pass to unlock Magneto, the surprise mid-season skin in Fortnite.
  • Complete two sets of Magneto quests (Pages 1 & 2) to earn the skin and other cosmetic rewards.
  • Check the Fortnite Quests tab for details on these challenges along with the exact locations you need to visit in the game.

Fortnite loves dropping the mid-season skin when the players finish the battle pass quests. With these secret skins, you get to grind more tasks to get high-rarity skin as a reward along with other cosmetics. The newest Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 has made Magneto the secret mid-season skin in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3. So if you’re wondering how to go about keep reading as we show you how to get the Magneto skin in Fortnite.

How to Get Magneto in Fortnite

The Wastelander Magneto skin is the secret skin of the Chapter 5 Season 3 battle pass. This means you will have to get the latest Fortnite battle pass first. Once you have the battle pass for Chapter 5 Season 3, you will see all the quests you need to complete to unlock Magneto in Fortnite. But that is not it.

You will also get plenty of other cosmetic rewards while completing those tasks. Find all Magneto quests and the equivalent rewards below.

Magneto Wastelander Quest List and Rewards

There are two pages full of Wastelander Magneto quests along with various rewards in the battle pass. Both pages consist of five quests each. However, you cannot jump to the second page before completing the first. Here are all the Magnet Fortnite Wastelander quests and rewards:

Magneto Page 1 Quests

  • Visit Weapon X Lab: Knock, Knock, Clang Loading Screen
  • Collect Magneto Power: Magneto’s Grasp Spray
  • Travel 300 distance in the air with Magneto Power equipped: Magnetized Scrap Pickaxe
  • Hit 10 vehicles using Magneto Power: Banner Icon
  • Complete three Page 1 Quests: Wastelander Magneto skin and cape Back Bling
Magneto Quest page 1 rewards

Magneto Page 2 Quests

  • Eliminate 5 opponents with Magneto Power: Crushed GG Emoticon
  • Block 200 hits using the Magneto Power: Magnetic Steps Glider
  • Deal 2,000 damage to opponents from one story above or higher: Disassemble Emote
  • Configure three Rift Beacons: Magnetism Master Wrap
  • Complete three Page 2 Quests: Magneto Skin and Cape Back Bling
Magneto Quest page 2 rewards

Tips to Complete Fortnite Magneto Quests

Although some quests feel easy, you might get stuck here and there. Here are some quick tips that will clear a lot of your doubts and getting the Magneto skin will be a piece of cake:

  • You can find the Weapon X Lab on the southeastern part of Grand Glacier. Don’t worry as once you open the quest page during the game, you will see the lab’s exact location.
  • Magneto power is found in chests or around the map as a ground loot. Keep an eye out for them.
  • There are not many Rift Beacon locations! You can highlight the quest in your Fortnite Quests tab and the game will reveal them on your map.

That is how you can easily unlock the Magneto skin in Fortnite. Have you completed all the quests yet to receive the rewards? Tell us in the comments below.

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