New Chat Filters on WhatsApp Will Help You Find Messages Instantly

Chat filters showing up on top of WhatsApp chat window
In Short
  • WhatsApp is adding chat filters to help you easily organize and sort through your chats.
  • These will be available at the very top of the chat window and divided into three categories: All, Unread, and Groups.
  • The feature is rolling out today and should make its way to your devices in the coming weeks.

We receive a plethora of messages on WhatsApp daily. Whether they are from your close ones, friends, office colleagues, or groups, don’t forget the spam messages from businesses. All this can easily clog your chat window, making it difficult to find the messages you were looking for. It seems like WhatsApp also understood this issue, which is why they are releasing chat filters on the app.

As WhatsApp announced in its blog post, chat filters will soon be making their way to your phone. These will appear at the top of the chat window, probably below the search bar, allowing you to easily sort out messages. The filters will be available in three distinct categories.

Chat filters in WhatsApp

All: This will show all of your chats and messages.

Unread: This filter will list down all the messages that haven’t been opened yet and that you have not read.

Groups: With this filter, all the groups that you are a part of in WhatsApp will show up in one place. Making it easy to catch up on the exciting conversation that you have missed out on.

Filters in WhatsApp is something that has been requested by users for years, and it is great to see that it will be finally making its way to the app. According to the blog, the feature will begin rollout today and should soon make its way to your devices in the upcoming weeks. So make sure to keep WhatsApp up to date if you want this feature as early as possible.

Having filters will make it easy it organize and manage your chats. Especially if you are like me and find it difficult to navigate through your older messages. This is a step in the right direction, but I would appreciate it if WhatsApp instead added an option to create folders like Telegram. This will further improve organization, and you could sort chats based on your preferences.

But what are your thoughts about this upcoming feature? And have you received chat filters yet? Tell us about it in the comments.

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