What Is Emmer Fertility in Manor Lords? Explained

In Short
  • Manor Lords features Emmer, one of the oldest types of crop that produced Wheat.
  • To check Emmer fertility on your land, press the construction button and select the Emmer Fertility option from the right side of the screen.
  • Furthermore, to improve Emmer fertility, ensure you fallow your fields between every crop season and build your Emmer farm on fertile lands.

If you read our guide on the best Manor Lords tips, you’ll notice that I specifically talked about soil fertility for crop growth. One of the key elements in Manor Lords is Emmer fertility. And while the game talks about Barley and Rye fertility, it never explicitly talks about Emmer. If you are also wondering what Emmer’s fertility is in Manor Lords, don’t worry. After spending most of my time farming in-game, I’m here to break it down on what is emmer in Manor Lords. So, with that, let’s begin!

What Is Emmer in Manor Lords?

Emmer in Manor Lords

Emmer is a medieval name for Wheat. To be more precise, it is a type of awned wheat that was first historically domesticated in the Near East. Since our game takes place in the medieval era, including Emmer in Manor Lords over the usual wheat we get in the 21st Century is era-accurate. Hence, this is one of the four types of crops we can grow in Manor Lords.

As mentioned above, you can farm and process Emmer to create Wheat. This wheat is later used to create breads for citizens, adding to the variety of food. You can always trade this item between other regions on the map, allowing your town to make money.

How to Check and Improve Emmer Fertility?

The Fertility chocies allows you to check Emmer Fertility in Manor Lords

To check the Emmer fertility in Manor Lords, click on the construction icon at the bottom of the screen. It is one with a hammer. When you do that, you’ll see options on the right of the screen. Clicking on the Emmer Fertility will show you the overall fertility growth of the crop on the given piece of land. It is color-coded into three colors:

  • Green: Fertile.
  • Light Yellow: Moderately fertile.
  • Yellow: Low fertility.
  • Red: Unfertile.

The best way to grow Emmer is to set up your farm in Manor Lords at the green and light-green patches of land. That way, your crop growth will be optimal, and you can farm more Emmer.

Of course, if you unlock the Fertilization development point on the skill tree, you can improve your Emmer soil fertility in Manor Lords. Furthermore, let your Emmer Farm fallow between. But that is a pretty complex system, and we’ll talk about that in another guide.

We hope you now finally know what Emmer in Manor Lords is. Still have questions? Let us know in the comments below!

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