How to Fix Sawpit Not Working in Manor Lords

In Short
  • Sawpit helps produce plank, an item used to build structures and upgrade Burgages.
  • Sometimes, a sawpit might stop working even after a family gets assigned. The reason is no steady supply of timber from the logging camp in-game.
  • Upgrade your hitching point in-game to a small stable and order an extra Ox to ensure your sawpit keeps working. That way, more Ox will transport timber to the sawpit.

Gamers around the globe are currently diving into the early access of Manor Lords. However, like any other game, it has its own nuances which new players might not get. One such issue currently is the Sawpit not working for players in Manor Lords. Thankfully, this frustrating problem has a quick and simple solution. So with that, let’s begin with how to fix the sawfit not working in Manor Lords.

So, Why Is the Sawpit in Manor Lords Not Working?

A Sawpit in Manor Lords

A Sawpit in Manor Lords chops your timbers into planks. You’ll start using this structure more once you upgrade your level 1 Burgage Plots to level 2 and more. Furthermore, planks get used to building special structures like a Church, which helps boost the villager approval rating in-game.

When you build a sawpit for that mid-game progression, you might encounter a problem where your Sawpit doesn’t work at all. Even after you’ve assigned a family to the structure, it isn’t producing planks.

However, it is entirely normal and based on game design. Your Sawpit isn’t working because the building doesn’t get a steady supply of timber. It needs at least one timber in its storage to do its intended work. If you have a Logging Camp, you’ll have a maximum of 28 timber per structure. So, check and ensure that your Sawpit has timber in storage.

How to Ensure Your Sawpit Keeps Working in Manor Lords

Upgrade your hitching point to a stable and get another Ox

To ensure your Sawpit keeps working as intended, you’ll require an Ox. Your villagers don’t have the strength to carry timbers by themselves and require an Ox to pull them. Oxes however, carry the timber to a designated spot. This is for various buildings, including the sawmill. Hence, ensure you have a free Ox to haul timber to your Sawpit in Manor Lords.

If you don’t have free Ox to do the job, I’d suggest upgrading your current hitching post to a small stable. This allows you to order more Ox to carry timbers around the town. Once done, purchase another Ox using your regional wealth through the small stable. This will give you multiple Ox in your region, and the plank production can continue working in Manor Lords.

If you want a more permanent solution, click on your Sawpit, navigate to advanced, and assign permanent livestock to the Sawpit. Now, one of the Ox will only carry timber from the Logging camp to the Sawpit. Of course, ensure you have at least assigned one family to work on the Sawpit. Otherwise, the structure won’t work.

I now hope you were able to get the pesky sawpit in Manor Lords working. Stil having trouble? Let us know in the comments below!

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