10 Best Event Planning Apps for iPhone and Android in 2020

10 Best Event Planning Apps for iPhone and Android

Perfect event planning requires a pragmatic approach. On top of the right planning, it demands a seamless execution of all the structured tasks – shunning last-minute hiccups. But then again, it’s much easier said than done, isn’t it? And this is where the need to have an event planner becomes paramount so that there is always a happy ending rather than chaos at the culmination of an event. So, whether you are gearing up to host an exciting Christmas party or light up the new year with plenty of merry-making or celebrate a huge windfall for your company, the best event planning apps for iPhone and Android can go a long way in making the show memorable. Let’s explore the roundup to get a handy event planner right now!

Best Event Planners for iPhone and Android in 2020

As always, it’s better to get the expectations right up front for a more informed buying decision.

What Else Should You Expect from a Party Planner?

Both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store and its alternatives boast a variety of event planning apps. While some are pretty lightweight with simple features like a countdown, to-do list, and guest list, others go well beyond the basic rules. Should you want to have a simple yet efficient event planer, pick out the basic ones. However, if your need warrants a fully-featured party planner with an integrated task manager, note-taking tools, reminders, and calendars, choose the ones that are equipped to take care of all the needs.

Also, note that we are featuring those apps here which you can use to plan small-scale events. If you are looking for event planning apps to help you manage an event which requires you to host a couple hundred or more attendees, their seating arrangements, ticketing, food, and more, then these apps are not for you. There are professional software that can help you with that. With that out of the way, let’s get to our list shall we?

1. Planner Pro

“Planner Pro” is a complete event planning app for Android and iOS. Combining events, tasks, and notes in place, the app offers the needed flexibility to plan events, keep a track of all the related tasks and also take note of important things. And that too without having to hop from one end to the other. This neat integration offers a more simplified experience.

Planner Pro

Another front where Planner Pro has an edge over other similar apps is customization. Therefore, you can customize your events, tasks, and notes to keep everything in line with your needs. Based on your requirements, you can display or hide calendars, set different priorities for tasks as per importance, and add unlimited notes so that you don’t forget any essential tasks. In a nutshell, Planner Pro is what you need to organize your events smartly and executive the planning the right way.

Price: Free/in-app purchases available

Install: iOS and Android 

2. Any.do

If versatility is what you are after, you would be hard-pressed to find a more powerful event planner than Any.do. The best part about the app is the seamless collaboration that plays a vital role in planning a perfect event. You can use this app to work together with your friends and colleagues on shared lists and the assigned tasks. And with the recurring reminders, it keeps you in tune with everything that’s lined up for you.


Another notable feature of Any.do is the fully integrated calendar outlook that allows you to keep a track of events, to-do lists, tasks for the day, week and month. Moreover, the app provides a pretty easy task-list management. For instance, you can add items right from your email inbox and even attach files from Dropbox and Google Drive. Even on the personalization front, I find Any.do up to the mark as it offers the desired flexibility to customize events, tasks, calendars, and reminders.

Price: Free/in-app purchases available

Install: iOS and Android 

3. Asana

Asana may not be a typical event planner but it can be immensely helpful in letting you plan an event and take control of all the to-dos. The app is fully-featured and offers a host of tools to make event planning a more simplified experience. Depending on your needs, you can organize your tasks, add due dates, assignees and all the needed details. And with the custom reminders, the app keeps you in the loop about what’s to come. So, there is less chance of any important things slipping out of your mind.


Interface-wise, Asana looks a tad clunky and also demands some learning curve. However, once you have got a good hang of the app, you would love every bit of it. Beyond UI, the app has a “My tasks” view that makes it quite easy to keep track of all the to-dos. To offer better collaboration, it allows users to comment on tasks. Besides, you can directly send a quick reply to your teammates. Aside from offering a responsive mobile app for iOS and Android, it also offers a fully functional web app. Thus, you can collaborate with your colleagues from any of your devices irrespective of platforms.

Keep in mind, the app is free for only up to 15 people. To add more people, you will need to upgrade to the Asana premium. If you don’t want to do that you can check out some alternatives to Asana which offer a generous free plan.

Price: Free/in-app purchases available

Install: iOS and Android 

4. Evernote

Whether you want to plan your event, jot down your ideas or tackle all of your to-dos, Evernote is the one-stop platform for you. What puts this app ahead of many of its rivals is a wide range of tools that can go a long way in keeping everything organized. With the helpful collaboration feature, you can enjoy planning a party or organizing an upcoming event with your buddies. The handy checklists and to-do lists ensure you are able to stay in sync with the essential things.


On the annotation front, Evernote has always been top-notch. So, you can search within images and annotate photos to give quick feedback. As it also works with Apple Watch, you can dictate important points right from your wrist and keep an eye on the updates without having to dig into your smartphone. Everything considered; Evernote is a highly efficient planner and organizer for both iOS and Android.

Price: Free/in-app purchases available

Install: iOS and Android 

5. To:Day

If a simple yet highly effective event planner is what you want, “To:Day” would be one of the better options for you. The app has a neat interface and makes it pretty easy to create an event. You can add all the tasks to be done before the big day and set reminders to complete the to-dos without any fail. To ensure the most important tasks get more priority, you can add stars to the urgent tasks so that they stay at the forefront.

To Day Event planner

It comes with a countdown so that you can count the remaining days and be able to go ahead with the plan accordingly. It also has a nice library of vibrant wallpapers that can add some cool personalization into the mix. Moreover, you can share your event poster with your friends and be able to able to keep a track of the latest updates right from the notification center.

Price: Free/in-app purchases available

Install: iOS 

6. Event Planner

Another app that has caught my eyes is “Event Planner.” Unlike many other apps mentioned in this roundup, it’s lightweight and keeps everything simple. Though it’s not feature-packed, it has got all the basic tools that make event planning hassle-free. Comparatively, it also requires a minimal learning curve which may be a boon for those who aren’t tech-savvy. The app features a guest list with invitations and RSVP so that you can track responses and plan the events accordingly. What’s more, it also comes with a super handy budget planner that can go a long way in keeping a check on unnecessary spending.

Event planner

Price: Free/in-app purchases available

Install: Android 

7. PartyMaker

Looking for a more personalized event planning app? If yes, PartyMaker can be the right answer to your taste. You can use the app to contact well-known event vendors and handle your to-dos with complete peace of mind. It lets you send fully customized digital invitations to your friends. And with the integrated guest list, you can track the guests who are going to grace your party. Not to mention, it also comes with a chat feature to let you easily communicate with everyone involved. On top of all, PartyMaker offers a private cloud photo storage so that you can keep all of your memories secure.


Price: Free/in-app purchases available

Install: iOS 

8. Plan It Out

Whether you are planning a house party or getting ready to organize a bachelor party, “Plan It Out” can be of great help in letting you not just structure the event but also execute the planning as desired. Depending on the type of party you are willing to organize, you can create an event poster filling all the required details. It also features a powerful theme picker to give an attractive look to the poster. After that, you can create nice-looking invitation cards with Google Maps based location to make tracking pretty easy. Wish to keep your budget tight while planning the event? No problem, there is also an expense manager to let you keep a close watch on the various expenses. In a nutshell, Plan It Out is the sort of party planner that most folks would love to use due mainly to some really helpful features.

Plan It Out

Price: Free/in-app purchases available

Install: Android 

9. Party & Event Planner Lite

This one is a simple event planner that may appeal to those who are hunting for an easy-to-use app. There are three features that I have found appreciable in this event planning app for iOS. First and foremost, the app provides a custom task list based on a type of party. As a result, it becomes a bit straightforward to handle related tasks. The second, it comes with a readymade expense list so that it’s easy to track expenses and also prevent the budget from going overboard. And the third, the party planner app also features guest categories and separate drinks calculator to help you manage your guests with ease.

Party Planner Lite

Price: Free/in-app purchases available

Install: iOS 

10. Google Tasks

When there is a race to find a smart planner, overlooking “Google Tasks” wouldn’t be a wise idea. Being part of G Suite, the app provides a more intuitive collaboration experience. Not just that, it also leverages Google’s AI to offer an in-depth insight into your planning. Thus, finding out the areas that need a bit more attention becomes a lot easier. What’s more, it also offers some game-changing tips so that you can perfect your planning.

Google Tasks

Using important to-dos, you can carry out all the tasks in time. For more flexibility, you also have the option to break down your tasks to subtasks. Additionally, it allows you to set due dates in order that none of the essential tasks are left for the last-minute finish. Long story short, Google Tasks is a pragmatic event planner and a useful task manager. And did I say, it doesn’t require you to shell out any bucks either? So, take it as the best free event planning app for your iPhone and Android.

Price: Free

Install: iOS and Android 

Plan Your Events Perfectly with Best Party Planners

So, that concludes our roundup of the top party planner apps for Android and iOS. I hope these apps have lived up to your billing. But before you get on with the planning mode, feel free to toss up your thoughts about them. Also, do not forget to suggest the ones that are worth giving a shot in the above lineup.

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