Top 10 Finance Management Apps For Android

Managing daily finances is a quite tricky job. Sometimes we don’t manage our expenses and income properly hence, we don’t recall where we have spent our money and how much we are left with. But, with these worthy apps managing budget is now much more convenient. These finance management apps for android let you manage all your expenses and income in easy to use user interface and analyse them later. You can back up all your reports to cloud or on local storage and keep all your information secure. Some apps even offer features like clicking photos of bills and receipts, adding multiple accounts and currencies and income tax calculator making it your asset management app.

So, here are top 10 Finance Apps for Android


1. Expense Manager by Bishinews

expense manager

This app manages expenses and incomes sorting them according to week, month and year categories. You can view budget by categories, schedule the payments, setup alerts, take pictures of receipts and back up details on SD card or on cloud. The app allows you to set up multiple accounts, search and customize the categories and supports useful tools like currency converter, tax calculator and charts etc.

The app is free on Google play but has pro version available for purchase.

2.  Expense Manager by Markus Hintersteiner

expense manager 2

Expense Manager is another finance app on android, It supports holo style theme. This personal finance app allows you to record expenses with ability to add new categories, limit the budget, dash-clock integration, browse by categories namely week, month and year and some more features with in app purchases like record incomes, detailed stats, expense distribution.

The app is free on Google Play with some in App purchases.

3. Financius Expense Manager


This app helps you manage all your expenses. The app supports cloud back up, dash-clock integration, ability to add multiple accounts with different currencies. You can even rearrange categories, change the periods for reports, add  expenses, income and transfer between accounts.

The app is ad free and is available for free on Google Play.

4. Control Expenses

manage expenses

This finance app allows you to manage expenses and income through lists. The app features exporting the report to cloud, excel sheets, ability to take picture of receipts, you can use income and expenses in different currencies with exchange rate converter, compare different categories, you can even add virtual account, virtual wallets and virtual loan management.

The app is free on Google Play.

5. Money Manager Expense and Budget

Money Manager Expense & Budget

This budget and asset management app features budget management function, credit and debit card management function, automatic transfer between assets for efficient and easy management of expenses. It also features passcode to keep all your information secure, backup and restore functionality, calculator, sub category, bookmark function and statistics.

The app is available for free on Google Play and paid version is also available.

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6. Trackash- Expense Manager

Trackash - Expense Manager

This app is also known as Twitter for expenses. The app categorize expenses in form of hashtags, you can manage expenses and incomes, the app supports passcode, quick stats, view by category day, month and year.

The app supports location based transactions and is available for free on Google Play.

7. Daily Expense Manager

Daily Expense Manager

This finance app is personal money manager with many features to keep track of your finance. You can manage all your expenses and incomes, set alerts and customize categories and multiple currencies support. The app supports auto backup, capture pictures of receipts, mail the record in different formats.

The app is available for free on Google Play.

8. Financisto Expense Manager

Financisto - Expense Manager

This app is open source finance manager. It features exchange rates with ability to link multiple accounts and currencies. You can schedule and split transactions, different categories with ability to add custom attributes. You can back up to cloud or automate backups, import reports and track locations.

The app is available for free on Google Play.

9. AndroMoney (Expense Track)

AndroMoney ( Expense Track )

The app features cloud back up and sync option, ability to add multiple accounts, password protection for the app, backup reports to excel or mac format. The app supports multiple currencies and detailed pie charts and bar diagrams.

It is available for free on Google Play.

10. Mobills Finance Manager

Mobills Finance Manager

This app is easy to use app for expenses and income management. The app features quick registration by type and payment, charts for analysis of expenses and income. You can back up your information and reports on cloud or SD card. You can export reports to excel format and open it on any PC, get the monthly statement. You can extract the information about expenses within selected time and filter it by expenses, payment or period.

The app is available for free on Google Play.

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