While talking about securing Internet connections or accessing content that is, actually, blocked in your geographical area, you would have heard about DNS Servers. Despite the fact that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) comes with a default DNS Server, you may have to find an alternate DNS server in some situations. You can recall a few of those situations if you check out the advantages of using an alternative DNS service with your internet connection. Well, if you are still doubtful why you should use an alternate DNS server, we have a few reasons for you to check out.

  • Depending upon distance between your place and DNS server, there will be speed improvements
  • If your ISPs DNS servers are not that reliable, using an alternate DNS server will improve stability
  • If you are using an old Operating System with no security updates, using a third-party DNS will be protection from phishing attacks
  • And, yes, you can get rid of geography-based content restrictions and web censorship

If these reasons — at least, any of them — entice you, it’s time to set up a third-party DNS Server for the connection you have! To help you choose the best and get rescued from those consequences, we have made a list of 7 Best DNS Servers (Free and Public) out there. You can choose the best one according to your requirement.

1. Google Public DNS

Well, we have the first third-party DNS service — Google Public DNS — which comes from Google! With an intention of making the web faster & more secure, Google Public DNS has been helping internet users since December 2009. It is now the largest public DNS service in the world. You can start using Google Public DNS by changing your IP addresses to and However, since Google Public DNS supports IPv6 connectivity as well, you have to change IP address accordingly if you want to move on with the IPv6 one. One of the notable advantages you shall have by shifting from ISP DNS to Google Public DNS is enhanced security and optimized speed since Google does use Anycast routing for finding the closest server for data interaction. Google Public DNS is said to be resistant to DNS Cache Poisoning attacks as well as DoS attacks.

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2. OpenDNS

If you are not looking for a mere DNS replacement but an extensive version that gives you enhanced control, it’s nice to check out OpenDNS. As the company says, you will be able to take a further step of security by implementing this DNS service in your devices. There are two variants of OpenDNS available — Personal and Business — and both have corresponding features that are just awesome. For instance, its home version comes with parental controls, phishing protection and enhanced speed, OpenDNS has a fully-fledged enterprise security solution that is premium! So, if you want OpenDNS for home-based protection, you can get it for free, although there are some advanced plans that offer enhanced features like customizable protection. and are IP addresses that you have to set for enabling OpenDNS; and it support Anycast routing giving you maximum speed.

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DNS.WATCH is a minimalistic third-party DNS service that lets you have fast & uncensored internet by paying nothing at all! As the service believes in DNS Neutrality, you can be sure that all your queries reach the right place and there will be no intrusion involved. If you ask users, you will get a nice impression about DNS.WATCH since this minimal yet powerful DNS service has been providing uninterrupted service for a long time. You will be able to implement it in a variety of devices, including Windows, Mac, Linux and routers. So, if you’re living in a country with internet censoring and no neutrality when it comes to internet, DNS.WATCH will be an essential companion for your adventures in web world. IP addresses for DNS.WATCH are and The thing that we love most in DNS.WATCH is the minimal concept and design it has.

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4. Norton ConnectSafe

Norton ConnectSafe is another DNS Service that is actually meant for enhanced protection of your web world! It is to be noted that Norton has been protecting security aspects of different devices for a longer period; you can be quite confident about Norton ConnectSafe too. Unlike the aforementioned DNS services, Norton ConnectSafe offers three different variants of protection. While the first is against malware, phishing and scam, second one is meant for your protection from security and pornography. In the third, you have protection from security, pornography and others. For each variant, you can have different IP addresses. You will be able to use Norton ConnectSafe in both systems & routers. For instance, if you want protection for the entire home network, you can do the router configuration that is simple enough. In the business section, you have other features Wi-Fi MSP and Real-time Protection.

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5. Level3 DNS

Level3 DNS is a great third-party DNS service when you are looking for a more reliable Domain Name System that is offering high-level performance as well. Though not as big as that of Google, Level3 has an impressive infrastructure. Because Level3 is an awesome provider of network-based service that requires state-of-the-art technologies, you can be sure of the fact that your speed will be the best. When it comes to Level3, there’s nothing much to be talked about, as it’s a DNS service that aims enhanced reliability and performance in the long run. That’s it. DNS server IP of Level 3 is,,,, and

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6. Comodo Secure DNS

Comodo Secure DNS is yet another Domain Name System that combines features like enhanced speed, reliability as well as safety in the long run. Talking of the reliability, Comodo Secure DNS is using a powerful network that includes a huge number of servers and when it comes to the case of speed of connection, it will be optimized by selecting the server depending upon your location. And, last but not least, Comodo Secure DNS has taken a special care when the case of protection from common network issues is concerned. There’s a block-list of harmful sites and pages and the DNS service will make sure that you don’t visit any of those. IP addresses of Comodo Secure DNS are and; just change them and start accessing.

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7. OpenNIC DNS

Though last in the list, OpenNIC is a great DNS solution that you can depend upon when you give importance to free availability, DNS Neutrality that brings internet as it really is, rescue from censorship that is in action by authorities such as your government. So, by implementing OpenNIC DNS, you will be able to escape from ISP DNS Hijacking and support for new TLDs. Well, if you check out this list, you can understand how widespread is the server infrastructure of OpenNIC DNS and there is an option to find the best DNS server that is near to your location. By doing so, you will be able to choose the corresponding server details and use them for enhanced connection and speed. You just have to visit the website and OpenNIC DNS will tell you the most appropriate DNS server for you.

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So, that’s it — we end our list of top seven free, public DNS services out there. It is to be noted that the speed as well as reliability of a third-party DNS server depends upon the distance between the server and you, and you will have to choose wisely.

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  1. Securolytics, has some new high-speed public DNS resolvers for use by the Internet security community. (resolver1.securolytics.net) (resolver2.securolytics.net)

  2. Can someone/anyone please answer? I was using OpenDNS for years but it stopped working, internet connection kept quitting. So I changed to Level3 DNS and it seems to be working great, no more problems, faster than before. I put all these numbers in my DNS preferences though and wonder if there’s any advantage, or any harm, or what:

    • Level3 is pretty solid. The more entries the better, but 7 may be overkill. If you are going to use multiple DNS servers, I recommend using (2) from Level3 and then (2) from a different provider. I like Securolytics.

  3. “Depending upon distance between your place and DNS server, there will be speed improvements” this is totally inappropriate!

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