Zorin OS 16.3 is Here With New Features and Improvements

Zorin OS 16.3 Released

Zorin OS is considered to be a great GNU/Linux alternative OS for Windows, and sure enough, like Windows, it’s pretty straightforward and easy to use. The folks working on Zorin have finally released Zorin 16.3, which brings one of the most requested features, followed by a few additions and improvements here and there. Here’s everything new in Zorin OS 16.3.

Zorin OS Upgrader

Believe it or not, major Zorin releases required Zorin users to reinstall the system image and restore their data, which is a tedious task. The Zorin developers created the Zorin OS upgrader which would allow you to jump from, say, Zorin OS 15 to Zorin OS 16.

Zorin OS upgrader

The upgrade is not limited to Zorin OS 16 but is also available on Zorin OS 15. If you’re using a version prior to Zorin OS 15, all you need is one last reinstallation and upgrade to Zorin 16.3.

Zorin Connect Improvements

Zorin Connect is a fork of KDE Connect and works great with both Android and iOS. It allows you to Sync notifications with your computer, browse your phone’s photos, reply to messages, share files, clipboard, and links, and use your phone as a remote control for your computer.

Zorin OS Connect

The latest Zorin Connect adds the ability to run commands on your installation from the power menu (Android 11+ only) and brings more playback controls when playing music on Spotify on your computer. There’s also a new themed monochrome icon for Android 13 and later devices, improved translations, and other QoL improvements.

Improved Compatability

Zorin OS 16.3 is based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS compared to Zorin 16, which was based on Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS. The transition to the latest LTS means improved compatibility with more recent hardware such as the latest NVIDIA GPUs (4000 series) and newer security patches come preinstalled. Besides, Zorin OS 16.3 is supported until April 2025.

Other New Additions

LibreOffice has been updated to the latest version 7.5 and it brings the following changes:

  • Better compatibility with Microsoft Office documents.
  • Revamped design, improvements in dark mode, and revamped tabbed navigation interface.
  • LibreOffice now supports Data tables in Charts.
  • Users can filter documents by type.
  • The latest release also improves visibility for in-document bookmarks

Other than LibreOffice, many system and third-party apps have been upgraded to their latest versions, which include package managers such as Flatpak and Snap.

How to Upgrade to Zorin OS 16.3

Regardless of whether you have Zorin OS 15 or 16 installed on your system, all you need to do is launch the store and ensure everything’s up-to-date. Once done, go to the applications section and find the Upgrade Zorin OS option. Then, you just need to follow the on-screen instructions to upgrade to Zorin OS 16.3.

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  • Jamie says:

    Zorin 16.3 is still using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS as its base. It’s only using the kernel from 22.04.

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