New AMD Zen 5 CPUs Support Added with Latest PMC Linux Driver

In Short
  • As per the company's roadmap, AMD Zen 5 release date is next year in 2024.
  • A new AMD PMC Driver has been pushed for Linux OS. This includes notes on 'Family 26 (1Ah) processors'.
  • Reportedly, 1Ah is highly expected to be the codename for new AMD Zen 5 processors.

The AMD PMC Driver for Linux is an essential component, and recently, it has been updated. With the latest AMD PMC Driver, support for additional AMD Zen 5 CPUs is being added. Reportedly, the Linux engineers of AMD have been gearing up to support their next-gen processors and have been pushing several patch updates.

In Linux, the PMC Driver is responsible for the processor’s power management. New Linux patches were released quite recently, and these updated the AMD PMC Driver. You can find the new drivers here on, where the notes are also present.

latest amd zen 5 cpu support added in amd pmc linux driver

According to Phoronix, these notes include details on Family 26 (1Ah) processors. You can see in the highlighted sections above where ‘1ah‘ has been mentioned. Reportedly, this should be a codename for upcoming next-generation AMD Zen 5 processors. Previously, a Linux update brought initial support for Wi-Fi 7 networking, too.

amd zen 5 architecture features and zen 5 release date
Image Courtesy: AMD

The new AMD CPUs coming in 2024 will feature Zen 5 architecture. With the new generation, AMD will set a new bar for efficiency & performance. More details on Zen 5 should come soon, as it is supposed to launch in 2024 to compete against Intel’s Core Ultra and Raptor Lake Refresh (14th Gen) processors, too.

With the ever-increasing dependence on artificial intelligence, new CPUs from both AMD and Intel will have integrated features for superior AI processing. Speaking of new AMD Zen 5 CPUs for desktops, the company has already confirmed support on existing AM5 socket motherboards.

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