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Best Linux Distros for Older Computers

10 Best Lightweight Linux Distros for Old Computers and Low-Power Systems

Compared to Windows, most Linux distros are generally lighter on system resources, making them better suited for computers with older-gen hardware. However, the latest...

How to Run Multiple Distros Simultaneosly Using Linux Containers

Linux Containers (LXC) are a lightweight virtualization technology and they have various uses. It is part of the Linux kernel, and can let you...

10 Linux Distros You Should Know About

It seems easy to create Linux distributions these days. Take your favorite distro, change the desktop environment, add a set of apps you find...
Ubuntu vs. Fedora

What’s the Difference Between Ubuntu and Fedora?

New Linux distributions just keep appearing, and for some users it's becoming tedious trying to keep up. You've probably heard someone ask "What's the...

15 Best Linux Distributions For 2016

Linux stopped being an OS reserved for "geeks" a long time ago. While the command-line is still indispensable, all popular Linux distributions offer a...