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Robot Judges Were Used at the 2019 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships

The World Artistic Gymnastics Championships took place in Stuttgart, Germany last week, and for the first time, robots developed in collaboration with Japanese company...

This Robotics Startup Offers 78 Lakhs for Your Face

Have you ever wondered how much your face is worth? Well, a robotics startup is offering approximately 78 lakhs (£100,000) to own rights for...

China Now Has a Robot Traffic Police Force

China has taken its expertise in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence to the next level by deploying traffic robots in the real world. Yes, if...

Toyota Partners with Preferred Networks to Build Helper Robots

Toyota has joined hands with Preferred Networks, an AI-based startup from Japan. The partnership is for developing service robots which are capable of assisting...

Ahmedabad Doctor Claims World’s First Telerobotic Heart Surgery on Patient 32 KM Away

Dr Tejas Patel, an internationally renowned cardiologist, claims to have performed the world's first cardiovascular stent surgery in a female patient, operating from a...
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MIT has Created an AI-based Robot Carpenter with Old Robots and a Roomba

After robots taking over cleaning our houses, assembling cars, performing surgeries and so much more, MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) recently...

Scientists Have Succeeded in Creating an Artificial Brain for a Robot

Scientists have been trying to digitize a living brain for quite some time, and why not. After all, a digital brain might be able...
India's Robotix Launches Programmable Smart Toys for Toddlers at CES 2018

India’s Robotix Launches Programmable Smart Toys for Toddlers at CES 2018

Teenagers these days have access to an unimaginably large collection of tech toys, so why should toddlers stay behind? With this idea in mind,...
12 Robot Kits to Help You Build Your First Robot

12 Robot Kits to Help You Build Your First Robot

Robotics is a really fun field that can help you learn a lot about electronics, mechanics, and programming—and with more and more robot kits...

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