Razer’s New Line of Peripherals Are Designed for Work

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Razer, the Irvine-based company is best known for developing accessories and peripherals dedicated to gaming. We have seen the company launch a gaming controller for mobile devices, the “Razer Kishi” and a humongous mouse pad earlier this year. However, the company recently took a step back from manufacturing gaming accessories to develop a new line of “office” products.

As the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has made working from home a new norm, Razer apparently does not wish to miss out on this opportunity to sell some “basic” computer accessories to its consumers. So now, the company has unveiled a new line of products which includes a mouse, a keyboard, and a mouse pad.

So, Razer’s new “Pro Click” mouse, “Pro Type” keyboard, and the “Pro Glide” mouse pad are essentially for office use. The whole line has a white color theme, probably to match “office aesthetics” and are built to deliver optimal performance to carry out the tasks given by your senior executive.

The Razer “Pro Click”

Now, the new Razer “Pro Click” is a mouse that aims to deliver all-day comfort to the users. The company developed the design and the shape of the mouse by working with “Humanscale“, a company that makes ergonomic devices for offices. So, according to the company, the mouse is “based entirely on the latest human factors research”.

Razer pro click

Coming to the specifics, the “Pro Click” has 8 programmable buttons and support for multi-host Bluetooth connectivity for up to four devices. You can use the mouse with a wire or wirelessly by using the built-in battery. Razer says that the mouse can run for over 400 hours on a single charge and it will sustain over 50 million clicks.

The “Pro Click” retails for $100 on Razer’s official online store.

The Razer “Pro Type”

Next in line is the new “Pro Type” keyboard from Razer. This one uses the company’s orange mechanical switches which give users a “clickety-click” feel while typing. However, unlike other mechanical gaming keyboards, these switches make much less noise.

Razer pro type

According to Razer, the new keyboard can sustain up to 80 million keystrokes and comes with white backlit keys. The company also added a soft-touch coating on the keys to provide “all-day typing comfort” to the users.

The “Pro Type” keyboard retails for around $140 on Razer’s official online store.

The Razer “Pro Glide”

Along with the above two peripherals, Razer also launched a new “Pro Glide” mouse-pad as a part of the bundle. It comes with a high-density rubber foam on the top. And also features a micro-weave cloth surface with an anti-slip rubber base. Although it has a plain white color to match the other products, the “Pro Glide” still looks pretty cool.

Razer pro glide

The “Pro Glide” mouse retails for around $10 on Razer’s official online store.

So, these products from Razer are specifically for the office goers who are also casual gamers. Although playing FPS or MOBA games with these peripherals can be difficult, users can easily play games like the Microsoft Flight Simulator with the accessories. 

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