Razer’s “Gigantus V2” Mouse Mat Takes Up an Entire Desk

Razer Gigantus V2 feat.

Apart from manufacturing high-end, modular gaming PCs, and unique gaming peripherals, Razer is also known as one of the best manufacturers of mouse pads and mouse mats. Now, the gaming accessories-makers have come up with a ridiculously sized mouse mat that can probably also be used as a bedsheet (just kidding)!

Razer recently announced the appropriately named “Gigantus V2” mouse mat for gamers. The new mouse mats come in four different sizes, ranging from standard size of 360 x 275 x 3mm to a massive 1,200 x 550x 4mm 3XL size. It is so huge that it can easily cover up an entire desk and still hang from the edges.

The mouse mats are specially designed for gamers and come with an “upgraded surface with a higher thread count weave”. This enables gamers to attain those “fluid swipes and pixel-precise aim”.

Now, to get an idea of how big it actually is, check out the image below that features the 3XL size of the Gigantus V2. In the picture, we can see that only half of the Gigantus V2 3XL can contain one 15″ Surface Book 3, a Nikon DSLR, an Xbox Controller, and a Razer mouse. I repeat, these four items cover only one half of the mat!

Razer gigantus V2 1
Image Courtesy: Windows Central

The price of the Gigantus V2 starts at only $9.99 (~Rs 750) for the small size and goes up to $49.99 (~Rs 3,790) for the 3XL version. You can get the Gigantus V2 from the official website. Additionally, you also have the option to customise the mats with licensed images of popular game publishers or write your gamer tag on it. However, customisation will add an extra $10 (~Rs 750) to the actual price.

SOURCE Windows Central
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  • Bob says:

    Just make sure you only use a razer mouse on it, as the warranty terms only allow for their own branded parts to be used together.

    Ok, I’m being facetious, but that warranty stands for mice connected via USB, as I found out when the green centre of by razer blade laptop came out, rendering the one USB port it has unusable.


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