CES 2024: Feel the Game with Razer Project Esther Haptic Gaming Cushions

razer project esther unveiled at ces 2024 with haptic gaming cushion technology for immersive gaming experiences
Image Courtesy: Razer
In Short
  • Razer Project Esther is a haptic gaming cushion with wide compatibility across office or gaming chairs.
  • It has 16 haptic actuators, delivering a precise feeling of in-game action powered by Razer's Sensa haptics technology.
  • Project Esther is just a concept shown off by Razer at CES 2024. There are no pricing or availability details just yet.

At CES 2024, Razer today unveiled their Project Esther as the “world’s first HD haptics gaming cushions.” While some may say the existence of this super-cool vibration tech is not useful, the tech behind it is quite impressive. You can enhance the immersion of gaming experiences with this new Razer creation.

If this does launch (for now, it is just a concept by Razer), the gaming cushion could empower several games to include support for it. Razer says that a “fully integrated haptics experience” is only possible in supported games. These cushions have adjustable straps, and Razer says it will be compatible with most office chairs as well as gaming chairs.

Razer Hyperspeed wireless is also a feature on the Project Esther gaming cushion. This is Razer’s proprietary 2.4GHz wireless connection to bring low-latency data transmission.

There are 16 haptic actuators present on the gaming cushions. You sit on some of them, feeling your butt vibrate as you get shot in the back, and feel the others in your back when you sit down on Project Esther gaming cushions.

Haptic sensations can even “travel from one area to another” delivering an impressive feeling of being in the game. I didn’t want to say it, but yes, some people who tried out this cushion at CES 2024 reportedly felt a kick up their butt from Razer’s gaming cushions.

razer project esther has 16 haptic actuators for precise haptic feedback
Image Courtesy: Razer

According to Razer, the Esther gaming cushions deliver high-definition haptics that dynamically adapt to the ongoing action in your game. The sensations vary in duration, speed, and intensity.

Project Esther is powered by Razer Sensa. This is a new technology for gamers introduced so they can “feel the future of gaming immersion“. Sony debuted highly immersive, evolved haptics with the PS5 DualSense controllers.

Immersive Haptics Should Be a Thing in PC Gaming!

Honestly, I would love for this technology to come out and become prevalent among games. Sony’s PlayStation VR 2 features unique immersive gaming experiences. It is possible due to the haptic technology present on the VR headset itself and the controllers. Imagine having a haptic body suit, or a sit-down gaming experience with haptics all around your body to put you in the game.

It’s quite amazing on PSVR 2 because you can literally touch grass with your hands, or even feel the hands of a ghost on your head, dragging you in Resident Evil: Village as they carry you through the floor. It will be interesting to see how haptic technology in PC gaming evolves. Razer Project Esther is a great step in that direction. Hopefully, immersive haptics will become a standard in PC gaming too.

What are your thoughts on Razer’s Project Esther? What do you think of haptic gaming technology in PC games? Let us know in the comments below.

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