Razer’s New Pikachu Wireless Earbuds Come Inside a Poke Ball Charging Case

Pikachu wireless buds feat.

Since Apple launched the AirPods back in 2016, truly wireless earbuds have been booming in the industry. There are many versions of wireless earbuds from different manufacturers. However, not one of them comes inside a Poke Ball charging case, like Razer’s new offering.

Razer, the Irvine-based gaming hardware makers, recently came up with the ultimate wireless earbuds for Pokemon fans around the world. If the shiny yellow Pikachu stamped earbuds does not compel you to buy these, I am sure the Poke Ball charging case will make you go, “Gah! I want these, RIGHT NOW!”.

Earbuds…I Choose You! (To Wipe Out the Competition)

The truly wireless earbuds from Razer does not even come close to the competing earbuds like Apple’s AirPods Pro or Samsung’s Galaxy Buds, however, the design will make every Pokemon fan go for these, instead of the competitions’ offerings.

Now, the buds come in the shape of previous-gen AirPods. The only things that won’t make you look like an AirPods fanboy are the shiny yellow paint job and the Pikachu stamps at the back of each bud.

Pikachu wireless buds 2
Image: ZingGadget

Now, apart from the design, Razer is offering the bare minimum specs for the buds. Unlike any other modern wireless earbuds, the Pikachu wireless earbuds come with only passive noise cancelling. Although the 13mm driver is expected to deliver some good base in the sound, the battery life gets a compromised 3-hour span in a single charge.

Now, the charging case is the USP of this product. I mean, who wouldn’t want to carry their earbuds inside a Poke Ball? I know, I surely will. Keeping its design aside, the Poke Ball case can juice up the buds for up to 15 hours and has an LED indicator that will show different coloured lights to indicate the battery life.

Apart from these features, the buds come with an IPX4 anti-splashing rating. This means that you can use these for your workouts as it can easily bear tough sweats. It also supports Bluetooth 5.0 for a reliable and low-latency connection.

Pikachu wireless buds 1
Image: ZingGadget

Currently, the Pikachu buds are up for sale in China for a price tag of 999 Yuan (~Rs 10,760). Razer announced the launch in Weibo and are currently taking orders for these unique niche wireless earbuds.

You can check it out here.

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