Razer Axon Create Unveiled; Make AI Wallpapers That Sync with Chroma RGB!

Razer Axon Create AI Technology Announced

Razer has announced its new AI-powered software at RazerCon 2023, and it looks to innovate upon creative gaming visuals and the overall aesthetics of your gaming setup. Moreover, the Chroma RGB lighting is getting even more immersive with some help from AI! Here are all the details on the new Razer Axon Create feature as well as the new, overhauled Synapse app.

Razer Axon Create Brings AI-Created Wallpapers

Razer Axon is the company’s wallpaper app (download) that features numerous high-quality Chroma RGB-synced wallpapers. So, Razer’s gaming peripherals such as the Huntsman keyboard, Viper mice, etc., can sync with the wallpapers available to select within the app.

Now, the company has unveiled the latest Razer Axon Create feature that’s coming soon and is powered by artificial intelligence. By harnessing the power of AI, Axon Create lets users make their own personalized wallpapers. Here are the features of Axon Create:

  • Using word prompts, you can enter a text prompt to make an AIgenerated HD wallpaper image.
  • This AI tool is designed to understand gaming references and even ‘gamer language’ in prompts.

Moreover, using Chroma Generate, users can elevate the Razer Chroma RGB experience. The technology scans the wallpaper to detect dominant colors in the wallpaper. Then, it can create your own matching Chroma effects that you can then apply as profiles across your entire suite of gaming peripherals from the company. Check out how it works below:

  • Razer Axon Create
  • Razer Axon Create

After creating your own wallpaper, you can basically watch its colors flow through your Chroma RGB-powered gaming PC case, keyboard, mouse, headphones, and other peripherals. In fact, there are also Chroma RGB-powered headphone stands, mousepads, & speakers which can sync to your wallpaper made with the Razer Axon Create AI technology. By the way, users will have to use Razer tokens to pay on a per-image basis. The cost per image is 8 tokens, so one top-up should last for a long time.

Razer Synapse Software Updated with New Features

Furthermore, Razer is updating its Synapse software with much-needed optimizations and new features. The app will now be much faster and become more stable. It is now using a multi-threaded architecture. This results in reduced latency, faster installs, and quicker changes to different Razer settings.

Updates will now happen on-the-fly, and no longer require the software to restart! This is now much more convenient to use. The UI has been overhauled. A sleek dashboard includes all your connected Razer devices and there are different tabs for software such as Macro.

new razer synapse software user interface

The new and improved Synapse app is currently in beta stage and will roll out to users soon. That said, what are your thoughts on the new Razer Synapse app and Razer Axon Create AI-powered wallpaper technology? Let us know in the comments below.

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