Minecraft Potions: Complete List and Brewing Guide

In Short
  • There are base, positive, negative, special and unobtainable potions in Minecraft. You may produce potions in the brewing stand by combining different ingredients.
  • Positive potions can increase speed, strength and provide special effects. Negative potions can decrease speed, strength and provide negative effects.
  • Special potions provide both negative and positive effects. They can summon mobs or unusual effects.

Minecraft is filled with all sorts of difficult challenges, such as strong mobs, dangerous structures and one entire terrifying dimension. The game provides various ways you can more easily overcome them and one of those is the potions. They are consumable items that offer different status effects. Potions are extremely important in Minecraft and this guide will help you understand them fully. That said, let’s not waste any more time and figure out what they are all about.

Last updated on May 6, 2024, at 6:00 AM PST to include four new Minecraft 1.21 potions.

What Is a Potion in Minecraft

Potions are bottled liquids in Minecraft that apply a magic-like effect to the user for a limited time. There are a variety of potions in the game, each with its own unique effects. Some are negative, some are neutral, and most other potions have positive effects.

We will go over each type of potion later in the guide individually. Furthermore, beside all the potion descriptions, we’ll show you what they look like and what colors are associated with each of them.

How to Brew a Potion in Minecraft

In Minecraft, all the potions are made by adding different items to a water bottle using a brewing stand. It’s a utility block that uses blaze powder as fuel and can create up to three potion bottles at once using a single ingredient.

Brewing stand

Alternatively, you can also get potions by bartering with piglins in the Nether or by fishing in the Overworld. Also, killing witches and wandering traders is another way to obtain potions, but you have to kill them while they are drinking the potion for them to drop it.

If nothing else proves to be fruitful, you can still get some potions in a chest loot of Ancient cities, end cities, igloo basements, and buried treasure.

Minecraft Potion Chart with Effects

Before we dive deeper into individual potions, here’s a complete list of potions that Minecraft has to offer. Check it out:

Potion NameEffectRecipe
Awkward PotionNo effectNether Warts + Water Bottle
Mundane PotionNo effectCommon Potion Ingredient + Water Bottle
Thick PotionNo effectGlowstone Dust + Water Bottle
Potion of HealingInstantly heals the userGlistering Melon Slice + Awkward Potion
Potion of RegenerationRegenerates health of the user over timeGhast Tear + Awkward Potion
Potion of Slow FallingDecreases the speed by which the mob is fallingPhantom Membrane + Awkward Potion
Potion of Fire ResistanceCancels out all damage from fire and lavaMagma Cream + Awkward Potion
Potion of SwiftnessIncreases movement speedSugar + Awkward Potion
Potion of StrengthMakes the damage dealt by direct combat higherBlaze Poweder + Awkward Potion
Potion of LeapingRaises the jump height and decreases the fall damageRabbit's Foot + Awkward Potion
Potion of LuckImproves quality and chances of getting rare lootNA
Potion of Water BreathingAllows you to breathe underwaterPufferfish + Awkward Potion
Potion of Night VisionAllows players to see clearly in dark areasGolden Carrot + Awkward Potion
Potion of InvisibilityTurns the user invisibleFermented Spider Eye + Potion of Invisibility
Potion of WeaknessDecreases the damage dealt by direct combatFermented Spider Eye + Water Bottle
Potion of PoisonReduces health to upto 1 heart but doesn't killFermented Spider Eye + Awkward Potion
Potion of SlownessDecreases movement speedFermented Spider Eye + Potion of Swiftness
Potion of HarmingCauses instant damage and can even kill the targetFermented Spider Eye + Potion of Poison
Potion of DecayImposes Wither effect on the targetNA
Splash Potions*Throwable potions that leaves instant impactGunpowder + Regular Potion
Lingering Potions*Throwable potions that forms a cloud whose particles can activate potion effectsDragon's Breath + Regular Potion
Extended Potions*Regular potions whose effects lasts for a longer timeRedstone Dust + Regular Potion
Levelled-up Potions*Potions whose effects are more powerful than usualGlowstone Dust + Regular Potion
Uncraftable PotionNo effectNA
Custom Potion (s)*Can have any in-game effectNA

*variants of Potions

Base Potions

Base potions have no real effect when used. They are mostly used to brew other more advanced potions.

1. Awkward Potion

  • Items Required– Nether wart, water bottles, and blaze powder
  • Effects– No effects
  • Purpose– To make other potions

The awkward potion in Minecraft is the most common base potion, which is used in most potion recipes. It doesn’t have any effects of its own. To make an awkward potion, you need to use Nether warts as the main ingredient with water bottles.

2. Mundane Potion

  • Items Required– Magma cream/ rabbit’s foot/ sugar/ glistering melon/ spider eye/ ghast tear, water bottles, and blaze powder
  • Effects– No effects
  • Purpose– To make a Potion of Weakness in Bedrock Edition

Just like other base potions, the mundane potion doesn’t have any effects either. Its sole purpose is to serve as the main ingredient to brew the Potion of Weakness in Bedrock edition. If you want to craft it, you can do so by brewing water bottles with magma cream, rabbit’s foot, sugar, glistering melon, spider eye, or ghast tear. Irrespective of the main ingredient, all mundane potions are ineffective.

3. Thick Potion

  • Items Required– Glowstone dust, water bottles, and blaze powder
  • Effects– No effects

As you might expect, even the thick potion has no effects. But to make things worse, it can’t even be used to make advanced potions in Minecraft. This potion doesn’t serve any purpose other than for probable decoration. You can make it by brewing water bottles with glowstone dust.

Positive Potions

Positive potions have a positive effect on the mob or player. They can increase the movement speed, strength or provide immunity to fire damage, drowning and more.

4. Potion of Healing

  • Items Required– Glistering melon slice, awkward potion, and blaze powder
  • Effects– Instant health
  • Duration– Instant

The Potion of Healing instantly heals its user and can add up to 4 hearts to your health bar. You can make it by brewing a glistering melon slice with an awkward potion. You can also obtain this potion by killing a witch while it’s drinking this potion.

5. Potion of Regeneration

  • Items Required– A ghast tear, awkward potion, and blaze powder
  • Effects– Health regeneration
  • Duration 45 seconds

Instead of instant healing, the Potion of Regeneration restores the player’s health over a period of time. It is faster than the regular regeneration and isn’t affected by the hunger bar of the player. You can brew it by combining an awkward potion with a ghast tear.

6. Potion of Slow Falling

  • Items Required– Phantom membrane, awkward potion, and blaze powder
  • Effects– Reduced speed of falling
  • Duration 1 minute 30 seconds

One of the best ways to avoid fall damage in Minecraft is by using a Potion of Slow Falling. It reduces the speed by which you fall from any in-game height, thus, eliminating the damage that comes with it. To brew this potion, you need to combine a phantom membrane with a bottle of awkward potion. You can get the membrane by killing phantoms that spawn if you don’t sleep for multiple days in the game.

7. Potion of Fire Resistance

  • Items Required– Magma cream, awkward potion, and blaze powder
  • Effects– Immunity to lava and fire-based damage
  • Duration 3 minutes

If you plan to make a Nether portal to explore the Nether dimension, it’s almost a necessity to brew a Potion of Fire Resistance. It makes you immune to fire and lava-based damage. You can brew magma cream with bottles of awkward potion to make this potion in Minecraft. Alternatively, you can also barter with piglins to obtain the Potion of Fire Resistance in Minecraft.

8. Potion of Swiftness

  • Items Required– Sugar, awkward potion, and blaze powder
  • Effects– Increased movement speed and jump height
  • Duration 3 minutes

Working like a boost, the Potion of Swiftness allows you to jump higher and move at a much faster pace than usual. And since you only need to add sugar to awkward potions to make it, you can collect multiple copies of it easily. Make sure to follow our guide on how to make a sugar cane farm to make infinite potions of swiftness.

9. Potion of Strength

  • Items Required– Awkward potion, and blaze powder
  • Effects– Increased attack damage
  • Duration 3 minutes

Minecraft, most of the time, is a game based on close combat. Because of that, the Potion of Strength can easily topple fights toward one side. It increases the damage dealt with each hit by the player. And unlike any other potion, it uses the fuel of brewing, blaze powder, as its main ingredient.

10. Potion of Leaping

  • Items Required– Rabbit’s foot, awkward potion, and blaze powder
  • Effects– Increased jump height
  • Duration 3 minutes

This potion allows you to jump higher than usual, just like a rabbit in the game. But you still can’t jump as high as the Minecraft 1.19 frogs. If you are fine with the compromise, brew a rabbit’s foot with an awkward potion to obtain a Potion of Leaping.

11. Potion of Water Breathing

  • Items Required– Pufferfish, awkward potion, and blaze powder
  • Effects– Underwater breathing
  • Duration 3 minutes

The oceans of Minecraft are brutal. You have to struggle to breathe, fight hostile mobs and keep swimming. Fortunately, the Potion of Water Breathing can make your life easier by allowing you to breathe underwater. You can create it by brewing a pufferfish with an awkward potion.

12. Potion of Night Vision

  • Items Required– Golden carrot, awkward potion, and blaze powder
  • Effects– See in the dark
  • Duration 3 minutes

Since the arrival of Warden in Minecraft 1.19, the game has gotten a bit darker – both literally and figuratively. Fortunately, to counter that, all you need is the Potion of Night Vision. It allows you to see clearly in dark areas and even somewhat counter the Warden’s darkness effect. You simply need to add a golden carrot to an awkward potion to obtain this potion.

13. Potion of Invisibility

  • Items Required– Fermented spider eye, Potion of Night Vision, and blaze powder
  • Effects– Invisibility
  • Duration 3 minutes

As the name reveals, the Potion of Invisibility allows you to turn invisible. Doing so will make almost all the mobs in the game ignore you. But this doesn’t work with the Warden, which is a blind mob that relies upon vibrations.

To make this potion, you need to corrupt a Potion of Night Vision by brewing a fermented spider eye in it. Alternatively, you can also kill a wandering trader while it’s drinking the Potion of Invisibility to obtain it.

Negative Potions

Negative potions provide a negative effect to the player or mob. They can decrease strength, movement speed, slowly damage an entity over time and more.

14. Potion of Weakness

  • Items Required– Fermented spider eye, water bottle, and blaze powder
  • Effects– Reduced attack damage
  • Duration 1 minute 30 seconds

A Potion of Weakness reduces the attack damage of the user who consumes it, making their each attack weaker than usual. It is a great potion to counter powerful enemies and also well-geared players. To brew this, you only need to add a fermented spider eye to a water bottle, so it’s a rather cheap potion.

15. Potion of Poison

  • Items Required– Spider eye, awkward potion, and blaze powder
  • Effects– Health of the target slowly decreases over time
  • Duration 45 seconds

You can use the Potion of Poison to give a poison effect to your target. It causes the consumer’s health to slowly degrade until it reaches one heart. But keep in mind that this potion can’t kill another player or mob. You can craft it by brewing a regular spider eye with awkward potion in Minecraft.

16. Potion of Slowness

  • Items Required– Fermented spider eye, Potion of Swiftness, and blaze powder
  • Effects– Reduced movement speed
  • Duration 1 minute 30 seconds

Many Minecraft fights – in PvP or against mobs – are based on the opponent’s speed. To counter that, the Potion of Slowness reduces the movement speed of its target by 15%. It slows down their attacks as well as general movement. So, to create it, you need to corrupt a Potion of Swiftness or a Potion of Leaping by adding a fermented spider eye in the brewing station.

17. Potion of Harming

  • Items Required– Fermented spider eye, Potion of Poison/Potion of Healing, and blaze powder
  • Effects– Deals Instant Damage
  • Duration Instant

Instead of slow decay like the poison effect, the Potion of Harming instantly decreases 6 health points on impact. You can obtain it by corrupting the Potion of Poison or Potion of Healing with a fermented spider eye. Not to forget, Potion of Harming is the only potion that can kill its target, thus, making it the most dangerous potion in Minecraft.

Special Potions

Special potions can have a bad and a good effect at once. They are different than all other potions and can allow you to farm resources.

18. Potion of Oozing

  • Items Required– Slime block, awkward potion and blaze powder
  • Effects– Summons two slimes when a mob or player dies
  • Duration 3 minutes

Potion of oozing is a special Minecraft 1.21 potion that provides a mob effect. When a mob or player dies with the oozing effect, two medium slimes will spawn around their position. This means the potion of oozing is only useful when an entity dies.

This potion in particular is extremely useful, as it allows you to farm slimes and slime balls rather quickly. To make an oozing potion, you’ll need to combine an awkward potion with a slime block inside a brewing stand. The mob affected can be any mob including easy-to-kill passive mobs like chickens.

So, if you use one slime block to make three potions of oozing, you could get stacks upon stacks of slime balls if you splash and kill lots of chickens.

19. Potion of Infestation

  • Items Required– Stone block, awkward potion and blaze powder
  • Effects– Grants 10% chance to summon 1-3 silverfish every time a mob or player gets hurt
  • Duration 3 minutes

Potion of infestation is the second mob effect potion. It grants a 10% chance of spawning 1-3 silverfish once a mob or player with this effect is hurt. This particular potion doesn’t have practical uses, as silverfish don’t drop anything useful and are mostly annoying to deal with. You could however prank your server mates with it. To make a potion of infestation, you’ll need to combine a stone block with an awkward potion in a brewing stand.

20. Potion of Weaving

  • Items Required– Cobweb, awkward potion and blaze powder
  • Effects– Generates several cobwebs on the spot mob or player dies
  • Duration 3 minutes

The weaving potion is a fairly useful potion that causes couple of cobwebs to generate around the spot where a mob or player affected with weaving dies. To make it you’ll need one cobweb and an awkward potion. So, with the cost of only one cobweb, you could potentially get a lot more if you splash and kill lots of easy targets.

21. Potion of Wind Charging

  • Items Required– Breeze rod, awkward potion and blaze powder
  • Effects– Creates a wind burst effect where mob or player dies
  • Duration 3 minutes

Potion of wind charging is the last mob effect potion that summons a wind burst effect on the spot where a player or mob affected dies. This potion yields no materials, but can be useful when combined with an elytra or when making a silly prank. This effect also stacks, so if you kill lots of affected chickens at once, you’ll be able to launch yourself very high up very quickly. To make this potion, you’ll need to combine a breeze rod with an awkward potion.

22. Potion of Turtle Master

  • Items Required–Turtle shell, awkward potion, and blaze powder
  • Effects– Invulnerability and reduced movement speed
  • Duration 20 seconds

Unlike any other potion, the Potion of the Turtle Master has both negative and positive effects. It makes you immune to all types of damage in the game, but while doing so it also heavily reduces your movement speed. Depending upon the situation, it can be a lifesaver as well as a reliable weapon. You can craft it by brewing a turtle shell with an awkward potion.

Unobtainable Potions

The last two potions are not obtainable in survival game, but we still included them for you.

23. Potion of Luck 

The Potion of Luck is a Minecraft Java-exclusive potion that is not obtainable in the survival mode without commands. It increases the quantity of general loot as well as the chances for the players to obtain rarer loot. You can get this potion from the creative inventory.

24. Potion of Decay

The Potion of Decay is a Bedrock exclusive potion that applies the Wither effect on its target. When it’s active, the target will continuously take damage until the effect ends. But, just like Minecraft Java’s Potion of Luck, you can’t brew this in survival mode. Instead, you have to use the following command to obtain it:

/give @p potion 1 36

Types of Potions in Minecraft

Potions are a powerful resource even in their basic form. But by brewing them with the right ingredient, you can push them a step further. Here are all the ways you can modify your potions:

  • Gunpowder: Turn a potion into a splash potion
  • Dragon’s Breath: Turn a splash potion into a lingering potion
  • Redstone dust: Increase the duration of time-bound potions
  • Glowstone dust: Improve the strength of a potion while decreasing its duration

1. Splash Potions

By default, the only way to use a potion in Minecraft is by consuming it. But that becomes a fatal flow when negative potions come into the picture. So, to make them more useful, you first have to convert them into throwable splash potions.

To do so, add gunpowder to a regular potion using a brewing stand. When the brewing finishes, your potion bottle will have its head bent, giving you a visual indicator of its throwable nature.

If thrown at the right time and angle, a splash potion can affect all entities with a maximum range of 8 blocks. Though, the effect of the potion weakens with the increase in the mob’s distance from the center of impact.

Moreover, if you want the splash potion to last its full duration, throw it in the air right above you. When it hits the ground it’ll give you the full lasting effect, whereas if you throw it directly towards the ground, it’ll loose some precious time of providing you with the certain effect.

2. Lingering Potions

The splash potions are a great weapon, but only if you have good aim or if your target isn’t moving around too much. Fortunately, if you add dragon’s breath to the splash potion, it will become a lingering potion.

You can get dragon’s breath by right clicking on the Ender Dragon’s purple clouds with an empty glass bottle selected. It is also a throwable potion but instead of having a direct impact, it leaves a smoke cloud at the area of impact.

Then whenever an entity comes in contact with the cloud, it gets affected by the potion’s effect. This cloud starts with a radius of 3 blocks but slowly becomes smaller and vanishes after 30 seconds. Though, the size of the cloud doesn’t affect the strength of the potion effect. If you use instant lingering potions, you can easily harm or heal the target more effectively than direct consumption.

3. Extended Potions

More than half of Minecraft’s potions listed above are time-bound. Their effects wear off after a few seconds or minutes. But if you add Redstone dust to your potion, you can make the potion last for a longer duration. However, it doesn’t affect the potions that have instant effects like the potion of healing.

How to Level Up Potions to Increase Strength

One of the best ways to improve your potions is by leveling them up. You can do so by adding glowstone dust to the potion. This will cause the potion’s strength to increase, making its effects more powerful. However, to avoid making them overpowered, the game reduces the duration of the time-bound potions. Not to forget, glowstone dust doesn’t impact several different potions.

With that, you know everything about all the potions in Minecraft. Whether you want to make your adventures safer or your weapons more diverse, these potions are perfect for you. But there is no need to stop here.

You can also use the best Minecraft commands to make yourself even stronger than Minecraft’s bosses. However, if you’re overwhelmed by the huge variety of potions, you should refer to our list of the best Minecraft potions to brew and use the most important ones. With that said, which is your favorite Minecraft potion? Tell us in the comments below!

What are the 3 types of potions?

Minecraft has three types of potions – regular potions that the players can consume, splash potions that are throwable, and lingering potions that leave a cloud of effects when thrown.

Which is the most powerful potion?

A splash Potion of Harming is the most powerful potion in Minecraft. It instantly depletes the health of the target, and it is the only potion that can kill another mob.

How to remove the effects of a potion?

To remove the effects of any potion or status effect, you just have to drink a bucket of milk in Minecraft. You can get it by using an empty bucket on a cow or a goat in Minecraft.

What is the Uncraftable Potion?

Exclusive to the Java edition, the Uncraftable Potion is a base potion that causes no effects on its consumer. You can’t obtain it in the survival game mode without any cheats.

What is a custom potion?

Minecraft has more in-game effects than the actual number of potions. Because of that, the game allows you to create custom potions for all the in-game effects using Minecraft commands. You can find data values to obtain your own custom potions from Minecraft Wiki.

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