How to Make Potion of Slow Falling in Minecraft

In Short
  • You can make a potion of slow falling in Minecraft with basic brewing ingredients and a phantom membrane.
  • To brew a potion of slow falling, add awkward potion bottles and a phantom membrane in the brewing stand.
  • Minecraft also lets you make a potion of slow falling (4:00), extending its duration, and a lingering slow falling potion.

In Minecraft, avoiding fall damage is crucial, especially in the early game. But it is also quite a big problem while fighting the Ender Dragon, thanks to it being able to launch you high in the air. You could perfect your MLG water bucket skills, or just consume a potion of slow falling. The latter will make you fall slowly so you don’t take any unnecessary damage. To help you, we will teach you how to make a potion of slow falling in Minecraft and why it’s important.

Items Required for the Potion of Slow Falling

To make a slow falling potion, you will need regular brewing ingredients, as well as one special item. Those are:

  • Brewing stand
  • Blaze powder
  • Nether wart
  • Water bottle
  • Phantom membrane
  • Redstone dust, gunpowder, or dragon’s breath (optional)

Brewing stand is a block necessary for brewing all the potions in the game. You can find it in villages or craft it with cobblestone and a blaze rod. Blaze powder is an item you can make using blaze rods. Nether wart will naturally generate inside Nether fortresses. You may craft empty bottles with glass blocks and then fill them with water by right-clicking.

On the other hand, phantom membrane is the unique item you’ll need for this brewing recipe. It’s a drop from the phantom mob in Minecraft. They are special flying mobs that spawn during the night when the player hasn’t slept for three days. They will usually spawn in packs of 2-4 but only if you don’t have any blocks directly above you. Phantoms will drop 0-1 phantom membrane upon death, but looting enchantment can increase this number to 4 membranes.

Redstone dust and gunpowder are optional. Redstone dust is used to extend the potion’s duration and gunpowder is used to make the regular drinking potion into a splash potion. Dragon’s breath is a glass bottle filled with Ender Dragon’s purple cloud “breath”. You can obtain it by right-clicking with a glass bottle on one of these clouds the Dragon makes. This item will turn the splash potion into a lingering potion.

Brewing Recipe for the Potion of Slow Falling

When you have gathered the required resources, follow the steps below to make a slow falling potion in Minecraft.

  • Place the brewing stand in your world and right-click it or use the secondary action button.
  • Then, place the blaze powder in the far left slot. It will disappear right away and fuel the brewing stand.
  • Next, put the nether wart in the topmost slot in the middle.
  • Add three water bottles in the slots below, which have an image of the bottle.
Brewing stand's interface with water bottles, blaze powder and nether wart
  • The arrow on the right will start to fill up, and you will have made an awkward potion once it’s full. It has no effects but is necessary for brewing most in-game potions.
Awkward potions in the brewing stand's UI
  • After that, you need to place the phantom membrane in the topmost slot, where you put the nether wart above.
  • The arrow will now start to fill up again, and the bottles will turn into potions of slow falling in the end.
  • Brewing potions of slow falling with the phantom membrane
  • Regular potions of slow falling in the brewing stand

How to Make a Potion of Slow Falling (4:00)

You can then take them out and use them, or place the Redstone dust in the topmost slot to have the potions last for 4 minutes instead of 90 seconds (1 minute 30 seconds). This is known as the Potion of Slow Falling (4:00), which can be very useful.

  • Making potions last longer with redstone dust
  • Extended potions of slow falling in the brewing stand

Make Splash & Lingering Potion of Slow Falling

Adding a piece of gunpowder in the upper slot will then turn this potion into a splash potion in case you need it. Though make sure to throw the splash potion above you toward the sky instead of splashing the ground. This will allow you to utilize all 4 minutes of the splash potion and not lose 30 seconds.

  • Creating a splash potion with gunpowder
  • Splash potions of slow falling in the brewing stand in Minecraft

You can further modify the splash potion by adding the dragon’s breath in the upper slot. This is going to turn the bottles into lingering potion of Slow Falling, which will last for 1 minute.

  • Creating lingering potions with dragon's breath
  • Lingering potions of slow falling in the brewing stand's interface

Why Is the Potion of Slow Falling Useful?

In case you don’t know, the potion of slow falling makes you fall slowly. This way you won’t take any fall damage, no matter what height you fell from. Slow falling potion is not as frequently used as let’s say a fire resistance potion in Minecraft.

But, it will help you out a lot in certain situations. One of them is the fight against the Ender Dragon to beat Minecraft. This boss will occasionally try to catapult you in the air. If you don’t have potions of slow falling and if your water bucket skill are not good, you may very well die from fall damage.

Ender Dragon perching in Minecraft

In fact, on a very rare occasion, you may start to fall towards the void. If you do end up there, all of your equipment and items will get destroyed. Slow falling potion will ensure you have just enough time to react in this situation and save yourself from death.

Apart from the Ender Dragon fight itself, exploring the End is also much safer with the potion of slow falling, simply because of the void all around. So, if you’re going to the End and have never beaten Minecraft before, we strongly recommend you make these useful potions.

And we’ve reached the end of this guide. Congrats! Now you know how to make a potion of slow falling in Minecraft. With this knowledge, you’re ready to tackle tall builds, biomes, and the end-game boss. So, waste no more time and start brewing!

How do you make a slow falling 8 minute potion?

Sadly, there is no potion of slow falling that lasts for 8 minutes. The longest it can last is four minutes that you can make by adding redstone dust. Most potions can last for 8 minutes, but this is not the case with the slow falling potion.

Is there slow falling 2 potion?

No, you cannot add glowstone dust to create a slow falling II potion. Only the base slow falling potion exists in the vanilla game.

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