How to Make a Glass Bottle in Minecraft

In Short
  • To make a glass bottle in Minecraft, you will need at least three glass blocks and a crafting table.
  • The glass bottle crafting recipe sees you place three glass blocks in a V shape inside the crafting grid.
  • You can sell glass bottles to clerics, scoop up various liquids, or make honey bottles in a crafting table.

As you probably know, you need glass bottles to make potions in Minecraft. However, that’s not the only liquid they can hold, glass bottles can also be used to store water, honey, and dragon’s breath in Minecraft. So, because of that, these items are fairly useful and become a necessity when you reach the brewing potions stage. So, with that said, let’s see how to make glass bottles in Minecraft right now.

What You Need to Make a Glass Bottle

The glass bottle crafting recipe gives you at least three glass bottles in one go, and you require the following items:

  • 3 Glass Blocks
  • Crafting Table

Glass blocks are basic blocks you can make by smelting sand in a furnace. You can also purchase it from librarian villagers, which would save some time, especially if you have an emerald farm. Feel free to check out our linked guide on how to make glass for more details.

The crafting table is the primary utility block of Minecraft and can be crafted with four wooden planks. You can also automate the process using a crafter, which is a little more expensive than its counterpart. However, it’s one of the most useful blocks to have in the late game. To make a crafting table or a crafter, check out the dedicated linked guides.

Minecraft Glass Bottle: Crafting Recipe

Once you collect some glass and make a crafting block of your choice, follow the steps below to make glass bottles in Minecraft.

  • First, place a crafting table or a crafter in your world and right-click to open its UI.
Crafting table and the crafter side by side
  • Then, place the first glass block in the center slot of the middle or bottom row of the crafting grid.
  • After that, take the other two glass blocks and place them diagonally upwards from the first glass block on both sides (see image below). So, the glass blocks will make a V shape.
  • You will now see three empty glass bottles appear on the right. Drag them to your inventory.
Completed glass bottle crafting recipe in Minecraft

If you’re using a crafter, however, you will need to power it with redstone signal. You can activate a button or a lever attached to this block to power it.

You may also get glass bottles by fishing, though they will be filled with water. Furthermore, witches have a chance of dropping up to 6 glass bottles after they’ve been slayed, so it is also possible to farm them.

To scoop up liquid in a glass bottle, right-click or use the secondary action button on its source, like a water source block, full bee nest of a beehive, purple dragon’s breath cloud, or in Bedrock edition, cauldron with a potion inside.

You can also use the glass bottles to make emeralds in Minecraft, as cleric villagers have a chance to buy nine of them for one emerald. Finally, you can combine four glass bottles and a honey block in a 3 x 3 crafting grid to make four honey bottles at once.

Crafting recipe for honey bottles utilizing glass bottles and a honey block

That’s all we can say about glass bottles. Thankfully, these items are fairly easy to make, as you will need lots of different potions for various adventures across your world. With that, don’t waste any more time, and craft the glass bottles right away!

How do you put milk in a glass bottle in Minecraft?

Milk is one of the liquids that cannot go inside a glass bottle in the vanilla game. Though some mods make this a reality.

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