How to Make Potion of Fire Resistance in Minecraft

Whether it’s a burning forest or the lava ocean of the Nether dimension, there are a lot of ways your character can burn and die in Minecraft. Fortunately, the solution to this tricky situation is quite simple. All you need is a Potion of Fire Resistance in Minecraft to avoid any type of fire damage. The potion’s effect, like all other potions, is only temporary. But they give you enough time to freely explore some dangerous areas. Ever thought of looking under the Nether’s lava ocean? Now you can. But do make a Potion of Night Vision for better visibility. Coming back to the Fire Resistance potion, this recipe works the same on both Minecraft Java and Bedrock Editions. With that out of the way, learn how to make a Potion of Fire Resistance in Minecraft.

Make Potion of Fire Resistance in Minecraft (2022)

Before we jump to the brewing process for the potion, we need to collect the ingredients to make a Potion of Fire Resistance. You can use the table below to discover these specific ingredients. Also, if you are here just for the recipe, you can skip right to the brewing process.

What is a Potion of Fire Resistance in Minecraft

As you might have guessed, this potion provides resistance from fire damage to players of this sandbox game. That means you can be standing in lava or regular fire in the game, and it will cause you no damage at all. The players usually use this potion to explore the Nether, which is home to a variety of fire-based challenges. But you can even use it in the overworld to avoid accidental fire-based situations.

If we go into the specifics, this potion helps you avoid damage from lava, fire, magma blocks, fire charges, and fireballs. However, you will still get hurt from ghast fireball attacks and touching blazes. An additional benefit to this potion is improved visibility under lava. It’s not as good as using the night vision effect but can definitely help you explore lava easily.

Items Required to Make Potion of Fire Resistance

To make Potion of Fire Resistance in Minecraft, you will require the following items to complete the recipe:

  • Magma Cream
  • Awkward Potion
  • Brewing Stand
  • Blaze Powder

To keep the process straightforward, we already have a dedicated guide in place to create a Brewing Stand in Minecraft. It’s one of the main pieces of equipment you need to create and modify all potions in the game. But if you are already familiar with that, you can then learn how to make an Awkward Potion. It’s a base potion created by brewing nether warts in water.

You will require an Awkward Potion to create a majority of the best Minecraft potions, including our Potion of Fire Resistance in Minecraft. With that said, let’s figure out how to get the rest of the ingredients for our potion.

How to Get Blaze Powder in Minecraft

Blaze Powder is the fuel for our Brewing Stand, and getting it isn’t easy. To get it, you first need to make a Nether portal in Minecraft. Then, you have to use that portal to visit the Nether dimension and look for a Nether Fortress. This is where you will find blazes in the Nether.

Blaze powder recipe

Once you are able to fight and kill the blazes, you can get blaze rods. These blaze rods can be converted into blaze powder by putting them in any cell of a Crafting table in Minecraft. There’s no specific recipe for it, so we would like to repeat that you are free to place blaze rods anywhere in the crafting area.

How to Get Magma Cream in Minecraft

Magma Cream is the main ingredient needed to make a Potion of Fire Resistance in Minecraft. The easiest way to get it is from chests that spawn in bastion remanents of the Nether dimension. But, if you do not want to risk getting attacked by its mobs, we can also craft magma cream. And here’s how to do that.

1. The first ingredient you need to create magma cream is blaze powder. You can follow the steps in the above section to learn how to get it.

Blaze and Blaze Powder in Minecraft

2. Once you have blaze powder, you need to look for slime balls. The easiest way to get them is by killing slimes, which are hostile mobs that either spawn underground or in the swamp biome. You can also get slime balls from wandering traders or sneezing baby pandas. But let’s focus only on slimes in this guide.

Slime Mobs in Minecraft

3. Once you have both slime balls and blaze powder, all you need to do is combine them. To do that, you need to put them next to each other on a Crafting table. Doing so will get you magma cream in Minecraft.

Magma Cream Recipe in Minecraft for Potion of Fire Resistance

How to Make Potion of Fire Resistance in Minecraft

Once you have collected the ingredients, making the potion doesn’t take as long. Open your Brewing stand, and let’s get started:

1. First, place the blaze powder in the left cell of the brewing stand. It will automatically turn into fuel for the stand.

Blaze Powder in Brewing Stand Minecraft

2. Then, place the Awkward Potion bottles in the bottom 3 cells of the Brewing stand. You can use one magma cream to make up to 3 Potions of Fire Resistance.

Awkward Potion in Minecraft Brewing Stand

3. Finally, place the magma cream in the middle cell of the brewing stand, next to the arrow. Then, your Awkward Potions will turn into Potion of Fire Resistance within seconds.

Brewing Potion of Fire Resistance

Make Splash Potion of Fire Resistance in Minecraft

If you are playing the game by yourself, you can directly drink the potion to use it. Any potion in Minecraft can be used by drinking using right-click or pressing the secondary action key on it. But if you want to make your friends or in-game pets fire-resistant, you need to make a throwable splash fire resistance potion.

To create it, you require gun powder. You can obtain it by finding a creeper and killing it. If it dies before exploding, it drops gunpowder, and you can use it to make a splash potion.

How to Make Potion of Fire Resistance in Minecraft

Similar to how we brewed magma cream with Awkward Potion, you now need to brew gunpowder with the Potion of Fire Resistance. To do so, place the potion bottles in the bottom 3 cells and the gunpowder in the middle cell at the top of the Brewing stand. Then, you will have a throwable splash Potion of Fire Resistance ready to use in no time.

How to Make an 8 Minute Fire Resistance Potion in Minecraft

Normally, the Potion of Fire Resistance in Minecraft lasts for only three minutes. Now, three minutes might be enough to survive a tricky situation but not enough to explore a place like the Nether dimension. That’s why you can extend the potion’s duration by brewing it with Redstone dust. It can be found while mining near the bedrock or the bottommost level of your world.

Redstone Dust in Brewing Stand in Minecraft

Once you get Redstone dust, put it in the main cell of the Brewing Stand with the potion bottles at the bottom. Then, within a few seconds, you will have an 8-minute Potion of Fire Resistance in Minecraft. With Redstone dust in it, the potion’s effects last for 8 minutes instead of just three. It gives you enough time to avoid multiple fire-related situations in the game.

Easiest Way to Brew Potion of Fire Resistance in Minecraft

With that, you are ready to explore the depths of the Nether without worrying about falling into the lava ocean. Whether it is fire attacks or actual fire, the Potion of Fire Resistance in Minecraft will keep you safe. Just make sure to play it safe until you have collected the resources to make it. However, if you are struggling to find the resources for your potions, you can try our best Minecraft 1.18 seeds. Each of them is loaded with unique features and resources. If these aren’t enough, you can install Forge in Minecraft to upgrade your game using the best Minecraft modpacks. Though, potions like the Potion of Invisibility can make you feel like you are using special upgrades even in a vanilla world. But that’s for you to choose. And if you come across other amazing potions, don’t forget to share them in the comments section for our readers.

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