10 Best Ways to Avoid Fall Damage in Minecraft

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran in Minecraft, fall damage can be scary for any player. As one of the leading causes of in-game deaths, falling in Minecraft is no joke. And thanks to the Minecraft 1.18 Caves and Cliffs update, the risks of fall damage are higher than ever. But, hopefully, some of our best creative ways to avoid fall damage in Minecraft will help you avoid a deadly fall. You can use the methods described below on both Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions. We will go over official ways, alongside popular tricks that work the best to reduce fall damage in Minecraft. There are even many Minecraft mods that you can use to save yourself from a deadly fall, but that’s a whole different story. For now, whether it is from a tall mountain or your extra-tall base, let’s learn how to avoid fall damage in Minecraft.

Avoid Fall Damage in Minecraft (2022)

The fall damage, after a certain height, can be deadly to most mobs and players in this sandbox game. And, of course, it doesn’t affect mobs that can fly. Since players aren’t that powerful in every mode of Minecraft, we will focus on the methods you can use to reduce fall damage in vanilla Survival Minecraft. So let’s get started.

1. Potion of Slow Falling

We will start with the ways that Minecraft wants to avoid Fall Damage. As one of the most useful potions, Potion of Slow Falling can help you get out of sticky situations. It reduces the speed by which you are falling, thus, giving you no fall damage. It also provides you enough time to plan if there’s something dangerous at the spot you are landing.

Potion of Slow Falling in Minecraft - Fall Damage in Minecraft

Players use it often to avoid falling into the lava in the Nether. To make a potion of Slow Falling, you need to brew an Awkward potion with Phantom Membranes. It will require you to make a brewing stand and many other items as well.

2. Feather Falling Boots

As a Minecraft player, you might know that potions in-game have a short duration. A familiar solution, however, comes in the form of one of the best Minecraft enchantments. You can apply the Feather Falling enchantment to your boots to reduce fall damage and save yourself during accidental falls. Unlike slow falling, it doesn’t reduce your speed of falling.

Feather Falling on Boots - Fall Damage in Minecraft

The Feather Falling boots won’t make you immune to fall damage but will reduce it up to 48%. Then, there are other armor enchantments like projectile protection, protection, and blast protection. If you are wearing a combination of them, you can bring protection against fall damage up to 80% with ease.

3. Sneaking or Flying

This isn’t exactly a way to avoid fall damage but more on the lines of not falling at all. You can press and hold the “Shift” key on Minecraft PC to sneak on edges to prevent falling off any and all types of edges. Though, sneaking is ineffective if you are pushed by a mob, water, or a blast.

Sneaking and Flying in MC

Similar to sneaking is the option of flying if you slip off the edge. With an “Elytra” equipped, you can fly when you fall from a high enough place. It gives you additional control to land away from any danger below you. Though, it’s only effective after you have collected the Elytra from the End dimension, where we finish the game.

4. Fall on Soft Blocks

Let’s assume you can’t control how you fall or avoid falling. The only option in your control now is to choose where you land. Fortunately, Minecraft has a set of blocks that can reduce or even get rid of fall damage. The best option here is sweet berry bushes or powder snow, falling on which causes zero fall damage. Though, moving through sweet berry bushes causes slight damage to you.

Then, there are honey blocks and hay bales that can reduce the effect by 80%. Finally, you can land on beds too, which reduces fall damage to 50%, but they cause the players to bounce a little.

Soft Blocks in Minecraft

Another popular block you can use is the slime block. The only problem is that it makes you bounce a lot. So, you might avoid the initial fall damage by falling on top of it. But, you will then have to worry about avoiding fall damage from the bounce that it causes. Some players quickly press the sneaking key to avoid the bounce, but that is not easy to time.

5. Use Water Buckets

This is probably the most popular way to avoid fall damage in survival game mode. Almost every professional player uses water buckets to avoid fall damage. If you time it right, it is definitely effective. To make it work, you must have a water bucket equipped while you fall.

10 Best Ways to Avoid Fall Damage in Minecraft

Then, when you are about to fall, you need to release the water before you touch the ground. It requires practice before you can start doing it without dying. In other cases, where you see water at the surface you are landing, you can try landing in the water. The water will negate the fall damage, even if it’s a single block of water.

6. Use Cobwebs

Once you master the usage of water to avoid fall damage, you can use other similar blocks too. Another one of the majorly used options is the cobweb. If you quickly place a cobweb before you fall, it will reset the fall height. Thus, you will get no damage when falling on top of it.

10 Best Ways to Avoid Fall Damage in Minecraft

You can achieve a similar result by placing hay bales and other blocks, but they won’t completely remove the fall damage. Most players stick to water buckets because they are easier to create. Also, cobwebs can be a little annoying to get out of.

7. Use Boats

As weird as it might sound, boats can be a reliable way to avoid fall damage in Minecraft. All you need to do is make a boat in Minecraft to avoid fall damage. You can use it while falling, but a boat is also useful if you need to get down from a high place.

10 Best Ways to Avoid Fall Damage in Minecraft

Get into the boat and push it over the edge to get down. As long as you keep using the movement keys to row the boat, you will not receive any fall damage. If you don’t row the boat while it falls, the fatal fall damage remains active and can kill you.

8. Ender Pearls

A wise way to avoid getting fall damage is to change your landing location. If you have Ender pearls, collected by killing Endermen, they are a great tool for teleportation. With an Ender pearl equipped, you can teleport while falling to avoid fall damage in Minecraft. To use it, you need to throw an ender pearl towards the spot wherever you want to teleport. When it lands, you will be teleported to that location.

Ender Pearls in MC

It can help you avoid fall damage but causes slight damage of its own too. You will lose around two hearts of health after using an Ender pearl. Also, if you throw it towards a location with a certain height, you might get fall damage there.

9. Craft and Use Ladders

So this next method to avoid fall damage in Minecraft is a tricky one. Unlike other blocks, you can place ladders directly beneath you. But what you can also do is place ladders on the side of a block. So, in scenarios like falling off a mountain, you can place a ladder on its side to avoid fall damage.

Crafting Recipe of Ladders in MC - Fall Damage in Minecraft

You would still have to figure out a way to get down, but at least you will not receive immediate damage. Ladders require a level of practice before you can master them, but they can be reliable in many situations. Additionally, they are one of the easiest items to create on our list. All you need are 7 sticks to make 3 ladders in Minecraft.

10. Use Scaffolding Blocks

Scaffolding Recipe

The final and least popular way to avoid fall damage in Minecraft is scaffolding. Due to its complex usage, people directly avoid scaffolding. The whole purpose of this block is to help players get down with no fall damage. Keep in mind that you can only place 5 scaffolding blocks next to each other. Then, you can jump on the scaffolding and slowly climb down using it. Much like water, it can prevent fall damage from any possible in-game height.

Nifty Tricks to Reduce Fall Damage in Minecraft

These are the tips and tricks you need to know to avoid fall damage in Minecraft. You can use them in various Minecraft biomes with high structures and mountains. These ways can be used in Minecraft survival and even multiplayer mods. You can further negate fall damage by installing Forge to use Minecraft mods and getting new solutions in-game. Then, you can also install Optifine in Minecraft to improve in-game performance for quicker block placement to reduce fall damage. So now, you can explore the highest of cliffs and structures in the best Minecraft 1.18 mountain seeds with no worries of fall damage. Happy exploring!

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