All Banner Patterns in Minecraft and How to Get Them

In Short
  • Banner patterns are items that apply a complete design to a Minecraft banner. Some are rarer than others.
  • To apply them to a banner, place a banner, dye and a pattern in the loom, and craft the banner with a new design.
  • There are Flower Charge, Globe, Snout, Flow, Guster, Thing, Skull Charge, and Creeper Charge patterns on both editions.

If you love collecting rare items in Minecraft or just love playing around with different banner designs, then you must already know banner patterns. Often used to express yourself, banner patterns in Minecraft add a detailed and completely different design to your banner. However, knowing all the banner patterns and how to make them in Minecraft can get difficult. For all those cases and more, keep reading our guide to learn how.

Common Banner Patterns

Common banner patterns in Minecraft can be obtained easily or crafted from simple common items in your world. These are the Flower Charge and Globe banner patterns on both editions and the Field Masoned and Bordure Indented patterns exclusive to the Bedrock edition.

1. Flower Charge

Crafting recipe for the Flower Charge banner pattern in Minecraft and that pattern applied onto a banner on the right

The Flower Charge pattern can be obtained by combining a piece of paper with an oxeye daisy flower. This flower is generated on top of grass or dirt blocks in plains, sunflower plains, flower forests, and meadows. Minecraft biomes it is fairly common. This pattern creates a large flower design on a banner that also looks like the Sun.

2. Globe

The globe banner pattern is sold by a master-level cartographer villager for 8 emeralds. Thankfully, it’s easy to learn how to find a village and the best villager trades to get started. The guides above will also help you in locating this structure and obtaining the emeralds needed for leveling up a cartographer. To stay consistent with the blocky world of Minecraft, the Globe pattern adds a cube Earth design to your banner.

3. Field Masoned (Bedrock Edition Only)

The Field Masoned banner pattern is only available in the Bedrock edition and can be obtained by placing a piece of paper and a brick block in the crafting grid. As you would expect, it adds a brick design to your banner.

4. Bordure Indented (Bedrock Edition Only)

The Bordure Indented pattern can be crafted with a piece of paper and a single regular vine item. This block commonly generates on trees in jungle and swamp biomes, as well as in lush caves. This Bedrock-exclusive banner pattern adds a zig-zag border to your banner.

Rare Banner Patterns

Rare banner patterns include items with slim chances of generating in chests or that require difficult-to-get items to craft. These patterns are Snout, Creeper Charge, and Skull Charge.

5. Snout

The snout banner pattern is one of the possible loot items in bastion remnants in the Nether dimension. There is a 10% chance of you finding it, so approximately 1 in 10 chests should have it. As the name suggests, this pattern adds a snout of a piglin mob to your banner. So, while you cannot craft this banner, I still found the search to find it worth it.

6. Creeper Charge

The Creeper Charge banner pattern is probably the most difficult-to-get pattern in the game. It requires you to complete multiple steps before getting it. First, you need a charged creeper. You can make it by striking a normal creeper with lightning.

For that, you need a trident with channeling enchantment. Once you create a charged creeper, it needs to blow up and kill a regular creeper, which will cause it to drop its head. We will now combine this head with a piece of paper in a crafting grid to make the Creeper Charge pattern. This design adds a creeper face to the banner. While not preferable by all, I quite liked it.

7. Skull Charge

The Skull Charge banner pattern is made using a crafting recipe that includes a wither skeleton skull and a piece of paper. The wither skeleton skull is a rare drop from wither skeleton mobs in the Nether fortresses, but the looting Minecraft enchantment makes it more likely to drop. This pattern creates a skull and two crossed bones, which is a familiar pirate design all of you One Piece lovers will enjoy.

Very Rare Banner Patterns

While the very rare or epic banner patterns are not difficult to get, the overall process can be time-consuming. This is because they either require a very rare item to be crafted or they are very rare themselves.

8. Thing

The Thing pattern is crafted by combining a piece of paper with the enchanted golden apple. Yes, you read that right, enchanted golden apple! This rare item is viewed as one of the biggest treasures in the blocky world of Minecraft, so it can be difficult to spend it on making a banner pattern.

But, thanks to the ancient city and trial chambers, the enchanted golden apple is not that difficult to find. The Thing banner pattern adds the Mojang logo to the banner. So, if you want to add a touch of exclusivity to your Minecraft banner, get The Thing.

9. Flow

The Flow banner pattern can only be found in trial chambers. Together with the heavy core item, it is one of the rarest loot items you can get from the Minecraft 1.21 vault block. There is only a 2.1% chance of it being ejected from the vault.

This means you will most likely need to find three or more trial chambers to get this banner pattern. Since it’s the vault block’s loot, you’ll need to get the trial key to unlock it. The Flow pattern inserts a spiral image to the banner, similar to the one on the top side of chiseled tuff blocks.

10. Guster

The Guster banner pattern is very similar to the Flow pattern. You can also get it just from the vaults inside trial chambers with a 2.1% chance. It adds a silhouette of the Breeze mob, with a swirling tornado and angry eyebrows.

How to Apply Banner Patterns to Banners in Minecraft

In order to utilize banner patterns, you’ll need a banner of any color, the loom block, and any color dye. Once you have all the materials, follow the steps below:

  • Place the loom in your world and interact with it to open its UI.
  • Now, place the banner with or without a design in the banner slot in the top left-hand corner.
  • Add a dye in the slot next to it and place the banner pattern in the bottom slot on the left side of the loom’s interface.
  • You’ll now see a preview of the design appear on the right. The design will be colored to match the dye you chose. Click on the banner on the right, craft it, and apply the pattern.

You now know how to get all the banner patterns and how they look on banners in Minecraft. The best part is that the banner pattern won’t get used up in the process, so you can reuse it as many times as you want. The Banner patterns in Minecraft not only look cool but are also very helpful in creating various other custom designs using the loom.

And the best part is they don’t even get consumed, so your enchanted golden apple hasn’t gone to waste. With that, what is your favorite banner pattern design? Share with us in the comments below!

Are banner patterns stackable?

No, only one of these items can occupy one inventory slot.

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