How to Make a Banner in Minecraft

In Short
  • You can make a banner in Minecraft with one stick, six wool blocks of the same color, and a crafting table.
  • To craft a banner, fill the topmost and center rows with wool and place a stick in the center of the bottommost row.
  • You may also find different banners in end cities, pillager outposts, woodland mansions, and savanna villages.

With so many new decorative block additions in recent Minecraft updates, players may forget some of the blocks already present in-game. This is why we’re making this special guide about banners in Minecraft. It’s a highly customizable aesthetic block with numerous useful functions in building and other gameplay-related situations. If you’re not sure how to craft a banner, you’ve come to the right place. We will walk you through the step-by-step process of making banners in Minecraft.

Resources You Need to Make a Banner

In order to craft a single Minecraft banner, you will need the following items:

Wool can be found in several naturally generated structures in Minecraft, but the best way you can get it is through shearing sheep. We have a dedicated guide that explains how you can get wool in Minecraft.

When it comes to dying wool in different colors, we’ve prepared yet another handy guide about that topic. You can craft sticks from wooden planks.

Crafting Recipe for a Minecraft Banner

Once you have collected the required items, follow the steps below:

  • Place the crafting table in your world and right-click to open its UI.
  • Now, fill the topmost and center rows of the grid with wool blocks of the same color.
  • Then, place a stick in the central slot of the bottommost row of the grid.
  • And voila! You have successfully crafted a banner for your house builds in Minecraft.
  • Crafting recipe for a magenta banner in Minecraft
  • Crafting recipe for a brown banner

Furthermore, you can use a crafter in Minecraft 1.21 as well, but you will need to power it with a redstone signal to craft the banner.

Where Can You Find Banners in Minecraft

Banners also generate naturally in certain locations in your Minecraft world. Some of these banners contain patterns, while others are fully one-colored and plain, ready to be experimented on. So, you will find the following banners in the locations mentioned below:

Banner TypeLocation
Magenta Banner with Black Chevron PatternsEnd Cities
Gray BannerBanner room in woodland mansions
Light Gray Banner with White Flower Charge PatternMaster bedrooms of woodland mansions
Ominous Banner or Illager Bannerpillager outposts; carried by patrol and raid captains
Brown BannerSavanna villages
Black BannerAltar rooms of woodland mansions

Alternatively, you can buy banners from shepherd and cartographer Minecraft villagers for as low as three emeralds. Furthermore, by killing the illagers that carry the ominous banner (Java edition) or illager banner (Bedrock edition), the drop rate for the banner is 100%.

So that’s all you need to know about making a banner in Minecraft. If you would like to know which ways you can use this block in, feel free to check our guide on the best banner uses. That’s it for this guide. So, now that you have the knowledge of crafting a banner, stop wasting time, claim your fort, and make your world more epic!

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