How to Make Bricks in Minecraft

With Minecraft being a sandbox game in which you can literally construct your own mountains, building is the key feature. It encourages personal expression, creativity, and produces spectacular creations players will remember forever. There is an abundance of building blocks with different and unique colors and textures, so players are given lots of options. In this guide, we have covered how to make bricks, one of the most frequently used building blocks in Minecraft.

What are Bricks in Minecraft?

All brick block variants in Minecraft

Bricks are building blocks in Minecraft with virtually no other uses. They are beautiful and versatile blocks that can be part of various building block pallets. For the most part, bricks are not too difficult to gather in large quantities, so are frequently used in-game. Currently, there is only one color of the brick block, but hopefully, we will have even more variants of bricks in the future. The brick block also has stair, slab, and wall variants.

How to Get Bricks in Minecraft (3 Ways)

You can obtain bricks in three different ways in Minecraft 1.20 or older versions. Like most other building blocks, you can craft bricks or find them naturally generated in the world.

Minecraft Brick Crafting Recipe

Brick is an item primarily used in crafting recipes for brick blocks, flower pots, and decorated pots. The fastest way to get brick items is through smelting clay balls in a furnace. Here’s what the process looks like:

  • In order to get clay balls, you will need to do some exploring. Clay blocks generate underwater in rivers, lakes, swamps, oceans, or beaches. However, they generate in large quantities in the lush cave biomes, so use our lush cave seeds in Minecraft to locate them easily. Mining clay blocks without a Silk Touch enchantment will drop clay balls.
clay balls
furnace on the ground
  • Now, place the clay balls in the top part of the furnace and fuel in the bottom part to make brick in Minecraft. One clay ball gives you one brick item in Minecraft.
turn clay balls to brick using furnace in minecraft

Trading with Villagers

Although smelting clay balls is the fastest way to obtain brick items, the best way long-term to get bricks is through trading with villagers. Novice-level stone masons sell 16 bricks for an emerald on Bedrock Edition or 10 bricks for an emerald on Java Edition. The workstation for this Minecraft villager job is a stonecutter.

Trades of a novice mason villager

Find Brick Items in Minecraft

You can also find bricks in certain locations in your Minecraft world. The archeology mechanic in Minecraft 1.20 has introduced suspicious sand and gravel blocks, as well as trail ruins structure. You have a chance to unearth brick items with your brush tool from these suspicious blocks in the desert wells and trail ruins.

Moreover, they generate in underwater ocean ruins rarely and plains village armorer houses. Moreover, you’re highly likely to come across these blocks during excavation of the trail ruins in Minecraft 1.20.

Bricks naturally generated as part of trail ruins in Minecraft

How to Make Brick Blocks in Minecraft

The crafting recipe of bricks is fairly straightforward, and you can get an abundance of them in no time. But the next step involves making brick blocks using the bricks. You need to place four pieces of brick in a 2 x 2 configuration in your crafting grid or crafting table. This crafting recipe will give you one brick block.

Crafting recipe for brick blocks in Minecraft

How to Make Brick Block Variants in Minecraft

Similarly to many other decorative blocks, bricks have their stair, slab, and wall variants. You may craft these blocks in a crafting table or in a stonecutter. Check out the crafting recipes of these blocks below.

Crafting recipes of different brick block variants in Minecraft
brick stairs, slab, and wall

It’s highly recommended you use the stonecutter because it converts bricks into the desired variants in 1 : 1 ratio. Which means you can save so many resources by crafting and using this cheap block.

Converting one brick block to one other variant in a stonecutter in Minecraft

Best Use of Brick Blocks in Minecraft

Bricks are used mostly in building decorative structures in your Minecraft world. Furthermore, you can use them to craft a Field Masoned banner pattern in Bedrock Edition.

Crafting recipe of field masoned banner pattern in Bedrock edition

Brick block also has a mechanic related to the note block. If you right click on a note block placed on a brick block, you will hear the bass drum sounds.

Is brick stronger than stone in Minecraft?

Bricks and stone actually have the same blast resistance, so their strengths are the same.

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