How to Get Frostpine in LEGO Fortnite

In Short
  • Frostpine is a crucial resource for making large advanced buildings and epic pickaxes.
  • You will need to find frostpine trees in the Frostland area of LEGO Fortnite and break them to get frostpine.
  • To get frostpine, you need to make an epic forest axe using 3 copper Bars and 3 knotroot rods in a crafting bench.

Wood is one of the most important resources in any survival game, and LEGO Fortnite has taken it to another level with different wood types available in different regions. Minecraft does that too, you say, so how is this different? Well, different wood types in LEGO Fortnite are essential to get access to various new tools and recipes. Frostpine is a wood resource you get in the advanced stages of the game. Even though Frostpine is common to spot, it’s quite hard to chop or obtain. To help you with that, we have compiled this guide explaining the steps to find frostpine in LEGO Fortnite.

Where to Find Frostpine in LEGO Fortnite

Similar to flexwood, Frostpine is also one of the easiest resources to locate in the huge open world of LEGO Fortnite. You can easily find frostpine trees in Frostlands (winter biome). They look like normal pine trees with dark brown bark.

These pines are scattered across the snowy mountains and cold areas, so you will not have difficulty spotting them. Although you do not have to enter caves for this resource, visiting the winter biome can be challenging. The Arctic adventure will be spine-chilling.

Frostpine trees in frostland of LEGO fortnite

That is why learning how to survive cold temperatures is crucial in LEGO Fortnite. We recommend you bring along a spicy chili pepper, a spicy burger, or an inner-fire charm to combat the extreme cold weather. You can get a rare inner-fire charm using 3 wool threads, 8 brightcore, 5 cut ruby, and 3 blast cores to survive the normal cold.


Collecting sticks, woods, and logs in the Frostlands will not get you frostpine. You can only get it by chopping the frostpine trees.

You can find frostpine trees closer to grassland, which will allow you to make a quick trip to collect some frostpine woods. The destroyed pine trees will regenerate much like the grassland trees and dry valley cacti. So, visit the same place again after some time if you need more of this handy wood resource.

Make the Epic Forest Axe to Farm Frostpine

Now that you have found the location of the frostpines, you will need an Epic Forest Axe to break it. You need at least a forest axe with epic rarity or higher for it to work.

To make an epic forest axe, you will need 3 copper bars and 3 knotroot rods. You will also need some additional resources to craft or obtain these ingredients. Get them and craft the required tools using the steps below:

1. Build a Lumber Mill and Get Knotroot Rod

To get knotroot rod for the Epic Forest Axe, you will need a Lumber Mill. Build a Lumber Mill using 8 wood and 15 granite. Then, press the Build button (Q on PC, Circle on PS, and B on Xbox) and place the Lumber Mill on the ground.

You can gather knotroots from the caves of LEGO Fortnite and place them within the Lumber Mill. Once the processing is done, collect the knotroot rods using the Take option (W on PC, Y on Xbox, and Triangle on PS4/5).

  • Building Lumber Mill in LEGO Fortnite
  • Open lumber mill option
  • Assign recipe for knotroot rod in Lumber mill
  • Increase knotroots in lumber mill
  • Take knotroot rods from lumber mill

2. Build a Metal Smelter and Get Copper Bar

The second resource you need to craft the epic forest axe is the copper bar. However, to get a copper bar, you have to find copper and brightcores from the lava caves of the Dry Valley (desert biome).

  • Now, build a Metal Smelter using 15 brightcores, 35 obsidian slabs, and 3 blast cores.
  • Now, look at the Metal Smelter and click the Interact button (E on PC, Square on PS, and X on consoles).
  • Select the Copper Bar recipe and click on quick deposit to input the ingredients. Remember that one copper and two brightcore will give you one copper bar.
  • Finally, after the processing is complete, click the Take option (W on PC, Y on Xbox, Triangle on PS).
  • Build Metal Smelter in LEGO Fortnite
  • Use Metal Smelter in LEGO Fortnite
  • Assign Copper Bar recipe in Metal Smelter
  • Deposit Copper bar ingredients
  • Take copper bar from metal smelter

Note: To unlock the Epic Forest Axe recipe, you need to upgrade to a epic crafting bench. You will need 15 Copper Bar, 25 Obsidian Slab and 1 Brute Scale to upgrade your rare crafting bench.

3. Craft the Epic Forest Axe in LEGO Fortnite

Once you have copper bars and knotroot rods, open the crafting bench, select the Epic Forest Axe, and click the Craft button on the bottom right (F key on PC, X on Xbox, Square on PS, and Y on Switch).

Craft Epic Forest Axe

Grab as many Epic Forest axes before going into the winter wonderland. We recommend carrying multiple epic axes in case you want to keep chopping frostpine trees in the snowy mountains, thus, bulking up your repository. You can craft a medium chest early in the game to store them.

Importance of Frostpine in LEGO Fortnite

Frostpine comes with a lot of uses in LEGO Fortnite. With the normal frostpine, you will unlock recipes for advanced buildings like the shogun palace builds, ancient shelves, and palatial shelves. These buildings are sturdy and look better than the basic buildings in LEGO Fortnite.

However, you can even utilize frostpine mostly by turning them into frostpine rods. Frostpine rod will allow you to unlock the epic pickaxe with a lot of other LEGO Fortnite weapons and tools.

So, ready to make a trip to the snowy side of your map to grab some frostpine? What is your favorite wood resource in LEGO Fortnite? Tell us in the comments below!

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