How to Survive Hot and Cold Temperatures in LEGO Fortnite

In Short
  • In LEGO Fortnite, extremely cold or hot temperatures deal damage if you stay in an affected area for too long.
  • To safeguard the player against cold temperatures, use a campfire, torch, spicy pepper, spicy burger, or an inner fire charm.
  • To avoid being burned in hot temperatures, use snowberry, snowberry juice, or a cool-headed charm in the game.

One of the toughest jobs in LEGO Fortnite is to survive in the extreme temperatures that the game can throw at you. High cold or scorching heat leads to damage to the player if they stay in too long. While it is easy to find out the degrees using the temperature bar on the top left side of your screen, it’s difficult to know how to deal with it. But we are here to help with that. So, without wasting any time, let’s learn how to survive both cold and hot temperatures in LEGO Fortnite.

How to Survive Cold Temperatures

The cold temperature in LEGO Fortnite affects you when you are out at night, when it is raining, or when venturing through the Frostland biomes. When you get closer to the Frostlands, you will see a ‘You are cold‘ warning, which will slowly turn into a freezing effect.

Freezing will deal more damage and cause you to walk slower in-game. There are different ways to deal with both cold and freezing conditions. Use the methods below to deal with the cold in LEGO Fortnite:

1. Campfire & Torch

When you start LEGO Fortnite, you will learn how to make a campfire right away. Thankfully, the campfire is also one of the easiest ways to keep you warm at night. You can craft a campfire using just 3 wood. But do note that the warm effect will be lower if the campfire is not under a roof.

Campfire and Torch LEGO Fortnite

Another way to stay warm during the night or inside a cave is to craft a torch. You can craft a torch using 3 wood and 5 vines but will need a Crafting Bench for it. Unfortunately, the torch does not provide enough warmth to remove the freezing effect. Nonetheless, they are very useful when night falls.

2. Chili Pepper

While the campfire and torch can help during the night, they’ll not be able to protect you in actual winter when it snows. Once you leave Grasslands and venture towards the freezing Frostlands, you will need better ways to deal with that provide cold resistance. One of the quickest solutions you can use is the spicy chili pepper.

Spicy Chili Pepper

You can go to the Dry Valley or salvage some treasure chests around the map to find the spicy chili pepper or pepper seed. When you eat a raw chili pepper, you get +2 Minutes of Cold Resistance. However, note that the effect doesn’t stack up, so eating two of them will only give you 2 minutes of effect. But the effect of the pepper can be further increased, so keep reading.

3. Spicy Burger

The Chili pepper is good for early stages in the Frostland but can be amped up to provide even more cold resistance. To do that, you can make yourself a spicy burger that uses the pepper. However, you will need to unlock the grill first.

Spicy Burger in LEGO Fortnite

Once you’ve crafted a grill, make a spicy burger using 1 Flour, 1 Meat, and 1 Spicy Pepper. The spicy burger will grant you +10 Minutes of Cold Resistance.

4. Inner Fire Charm

While the above items will provide you with warmth, a more permanent way to deal with cold in LEGO Fornite is using charms. An inner fire charm, in this case, can be crafted to survive the permanent cold temperatures in LEGO Fortnite.

Inner fire charm to resist cold

Craft a rare inner fire charm using 3 Wool Threads, 5 Cut Rubies, 8 Brightcore, and 3 Blast Core. You can also craft an epic inner fire charm using 3 Heavy Wool Thread, 30 Brightcore, 10 Blast Core, and 1 Frost Brute Scale.

Using these charms in LEGO Fornite will ensure you have a high level of cold resistance and can easily survive cold temperatures.

How to Survive Hot Temperatures

Much like the cold temperature, being too hot in LEGO Fortnite has its disadvantages in the game. Depending on the area you’re in, the player can either see the ‘You are Hot‘ or ‘Burning‘ warning. This can happen in various locations, including the Dry Valley or Lava Caves.

The hot temperature is less effective than the cold but still does damage if you are not using any heat resistance items. Follow the steps below to learn how to survive the heat in LEGO Fortnite:

1. Snow Berry

To deal with temporary heat issues, the snowberry is an ideal resource. You can quickly pick up and eat a snowberry and survive in normal hot temperatures. Before you travel to the Dry Valley, make sure you have a handful of them.

Snow Berry in LEGO Fortnite

To find the snowberry, you can roam on the outskirts of Frostland and look for bushes with a blue glow in them. You can also find snowberry and snowberry seeds in treasure chests scattered around the map.

Chomping one snowberry will grant you +2 Minutes of Heat Resistance. However, just like the chili pepper, the effect won’t stack up, so store additional ones for later.

2. Snowberry Shake

What is better than a mere fruit? Making a shake out of it, of course. To last longer in the scorching heat of Dry Valley, make yourself a bottle of snowberry juice. However, you will first need a juicer.

Snowberry juice to prevent hot temperature

Once you get yourself a juicer, make snowberry juice using 2 Snowberry and 1 Milk. Gulp down the snowberry shake to get +10 Minutes of Heat Resistance. Make sure to make some surplus and carry it with you to survive those hot temperatures in the game.

3. Cool-Headed Charm

Just like the cold temperatures, a more permanent solution for surviving the hot temperatures in LEGO Fortnite also exists. You can craft a cool-headed charm to beat the heat permanently.

Cool-headed charm

Craft uncommon cool-headed charm using 3 Silk Threads, 1 Marble, and 3 Sand shells. You can also craft a rare cool-headed charm using 3 Heavy Wool Threads, 5 Frost Shells, 3 Malachite Slabs, and 1 Sand Brute Scale.

Once done, these charms will provide you with some excellent heat resistance and keep you cold.

And that is how you can easily survive the hot and cold temperatures in LEGO Fortnite. Now that you have this handy guide for the game, maybe it’s time to find the best weapons and conquer the toughest creatures in the game. Still, have any doubts about how to keep warm or cold? Drop your questions in the comments below!

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