How to Get Flexwood in LEGO Fortnite

In Short
  • Flexwood is a crucial resource to upgrade items such as rare pickaxes, rare recurve crossbows, and uncommon knight shields.
  • You will need to find cactus plants in the dry valley area (desert biome) of LEGO Fortnite and break them to get flexwood.
  • To break cacti and get flexwood, you need to make a rare forest axe using 5-cut amber and 3 knotroot rods in a crafting bench.

Flexwood is an essential resource in LEGO Fortnite, as you will need it for weapon upgrades and crafting new tools. Flexwood is a rare resource so it is hard to find this wood type in the game. There are multiple things you will have to keep in mind when going out in the wild to get flexwood. To help you with that, we have compiled this guide explaining the steps to find flexwood in LEGO Fortnite.

How to Find Flexwood in LEGO Fortnite

Flexwood is one of the easiest resources to locate in the massive open world of LEGO Fortnite. You can find flexwood logs from the cactus plant in the desert biome (dry valley).

The cacti are scattered across the desert, so you will not have any difficulty spotting them. Although you do not have to enter caves for this resource, visiting the desert biome can be a bit challenging. It is a hot place with new dangers.

Flexwood cactus in LEGO Fortnite

That is why we recommend you bring along Frost Berries or a cool-headed charm to combat the extremely warm weather. You can get a cool-headed charm using 3 silk threads, 1 marble, and 3 sand shells.

You will find tons of cacti around the dry valley biome. This means once you enter the deserts, you will have your inventory filled with a lot of flexwood logs. The destroyed cacti will regenerate much like the grassland trees. So, visit the same place again after some time if you need more flexwood.

Make Rare Forest Axe to Farm Flexwood

Now that you have found the location of the cactuses, you will need a Rare Forest Axe to break the flexwood. A forest axe below the rare rarity won’t do the trick.

To make a rare forest axe, you will need 5 cut amber and 3 knotroot rods. You will need some additional resources to craft or obtain these ingredients. Learn how to get these resources and craft the required tools using the steps below:

1. Build a Lumber Mill and Get Knotroot Rod

To get knotroot rod for the Rare Forest Axe, you will need a Lumber Mill. Build a Lumber Mill using 8 wood and 15 granite. Then, press the build button (Q on PC, Circle on PS, and B on Xbox) and place the Lumber Mill on the ground.

You can gather knotroots from the caves of LEGO Fortnite and place them within the Lumber Mill. Adjust the number of knotroot rods you will need. Once the processing is done, collect the knotroot rods using the Take option (W on PC, Y on Xbox, and Triangle on PS4/5).

  • Building Lumber Mill in LEGO Fortnite
  • Assign recipe for knotroot rod in Lumber mill
  • Take knotroot rods from lumber mill

2. Build a Gem Cutter Bench and Get Cut Amber

The second resource you need to craft the rare forest axe is cut amber. However, to get cut amber, you will have to find rough amber from the desert biome.

  • Once you have rough amber, build a Gem Cutter Bench using 20 marble slabs, 5 rough ambers, 5 sand claws, and 3 sand shells.
  • Now, look at the Gem Cutter Bench and click the interact button (E on PC, Square on PS, and X on consoles).
  • Select the “Cut Amber” recipe and click on quick deposit to input the ingredients. Do remember that one rough amber gives one cut amber.
  • Finally, after the processing is complete, click the Take option (W on PC, Y on Xbox, Triangle on PS).
  • Build Gem Cutter in LEGO Fortnite
  • Use Gem Cutter
  • Assign Cut Amber recipe
  • Increase rough amber count
  • Take Cut amber from Gem Cutter

3. Craft Rare Forest Axe in LEGO Fortnite

Once you have cut amber and knotroot rods, open the crafting bench, select the Rare Forest Axe, and click the Craft button at the bottom right (F key on PC, X on Xbox, Square on PS, and Y on Switch).

Grab as many Rare Forest Axe before going into the wild west of the dry valley. We’d recommend carrying multiple rare axes in case you want to keep copping cacti in the deserts.

Note: To Unlock the Rare Forest Axe recipe, you need to upgrade to a rare crafting bench. You will need 12 knotroot rod, 15 marble slab, 6 sand claw, and 3 sand shell to upgrade your uncommon crafting bench.

Craft Rare Forest Axe

Importance of Flexwood in LEGO Fortnite

Flexwood is an essential mid-game resource in LEGO Fortnite. Once you make flexwood rods using the Lumber Mill, you will also unlock a lot of weapon upgrades. Flexwood rods can be used to make rare pickaxes, rare recurve crossbows, and uncommon knight shields.

Along with certain crafting and weapon upgrades, flexwood will enable you to upgrade your village. You can upgrade your village to level 9 using flexwood and to level 10 using the flexwood rods. Flexwood will also unlock exciting vehicle recipes for you, and we are already working on a guide to make a boat in LEGO Fortnite. So stay tuned.

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