How to Get Brightcore in LEGO Fortnite

In Short
  • In LEGO Fortnite, brightcore ores are located inside the lava caves of the Dry Valley (desert biome).
  • Craft a rare pickaxe using 3x Sand Claw and 3x Flexwood Rods to mine the brightcore in caves.
  • Mining the brightcore ore helps you unlock new recipes, make a metal smelter, and create copper bars.

Brightcore is a unique resource in LEGO Fortnite that is distinguishable from any other resource in a survival game. It helps you advance into the game by unlocking several recipes for tools and utility items. As a rare resource, finding and obtaining brightcore can be a struggle. If you are unable to get brightcore in LEGO Fortnite, this guide is exactly what you need. So keep reading as we dig into the caves to find brightcore.

Where to Get Brightcore in Lego Fortnite

You can only find brightcore in the lava caves of the Dry Valley. They are located in the Desert biome. Once there, go on an exploration to find the caves in LEGO Fortnite. You will also find other resources like copper and obsidian ores in these caves.

Brightcore ores

Once you are inside these lava caves, look for the lava streams. Brightcores are located beside the lava streams and mostly stick to the surrounding walls.

The brightcore ores have a bright orange color (similar to lava) that you can spot from a distance. In our experience, we only found the ores located close to the lava, so keep that in mind when you go looking. Once spotted, simply mine, and you will get it. What tool do you need to mine it? Well, let’s find out.

Tools You Need to Mine Brightcore

Now that you have located the brightcore ore, it is time to mine them. However, you need a couple of things for that. Firstly, you will need a rare pickaxe to break the brightcore ores. If you have a lower rarity pickaxe, it will not break the ore.

We also suggest you carry some regular wood to reach the brightcore ores located on the cave ceilings. Finally, ensure you have LEGO Fortnite food items such as Frost Berries or a cool-headed charm at hand since the lava caves boast some extreme temperatures.

1. Upgrade Your Crafting Bench

Before you craft a Rare Pickaxe, you will need to upgrade your crafting bench to level 3 (Rare). You need planks and 3 shells to upgrade your Crafting Bench to Level 2 (Uncommon).

After that, you’ll need 12 knotroot rods, 15 marble slabs, 6 sand claws, and 3 sand shells to upgrade the bench to the needed level. Follow the steps below:

  • Open your Crafting Bench and go to the Bench Upgrade tab.
  • Now, if you have the necessary ingredients, click the Upgrade button (F key on PC, X on Xbox, Square on PS, and Y on Switch).
Rare crafting bench upgrade

2. Craft Rare Pickaxe

Once you have upgraded the crafting bench, it’s time to make a rare pickaxe. To craft it, you need to obtain 3 flexwood rods and 3 sand claws. Convert the flexwood to flexwood rods in the Lumber Mill, and then proceed with the steps below:

  • Go to your Crafting Bench and find the Rare Pickaxe recipe.
  • Now, click the Craft button (F key on PC, X on Xbox, Square on PS, and Y on Switch) to make a rare pickaxe.
Craft rare pickaxe in LEGO Fortnite

Importance of Brightcore in LEGO Fortnite

Brightcore is literally a bright component. That is why it helps you craft higher levels of lamps and lights in the advanced stages of the game. Different types of light sources will help you create clear paths and locations that you can use in the nighttime.

Brightcore LEGO Fortnite

Apart from decoration purposes, brightcore will help you build the Metal Smelter. You can also make copper bars using copper and brightcores. Copper bars help you upgrade your weapons in LEGO Fortnite.

And that’s how easy it is to find brightcore in LEGO Fortnite. So, what will be your first decoration build using the brightcore? Tell us in the comments down below!

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