How to Defeat Warden in Minecraft 1.19

Your nightmares are coming true! The scary Warden is now a part of Minecraft, and you can use our guide on how to find the Ancient City in Minecraft 1.19 to meet this hostile mob right away. But are you ready? If you didn’t already know, the Warden can kill players with only two hits, even if you have the best armor in the game. Also, it limits your vision to a narrow area, so you might not even see it coming for a powerful melee attack. If all of that doesn’t sound scary enough, the powerful Sonic shriek of Warden is sure to scare you. Minecraft is now a horror game. But worry not. After hours of respawning, we have compiled the best ways to fight and defeat the Warden in Minecraft 1.19. From the best Minecraft enchantments to some of the smartest tactics, we have covered it all here. So, without further ado, let’s learn how to defeat the Warden and survive the deep dark caves of Minecraft.

Best Methods to Kill Warden in Minecraft (Updated June 2022)

We will begin by doing an in-depth analysis of the Warden and its mechanics. Then, we will go over each unique method to fight and defeat the Warden in Minecraft 1.19. But you can directly skip to the methods from the table below. However, we won’t suggest you fight the entity you don’t know everything about just yet. So read this guide thoroughly.

Note: This article was last updated on June 7th at 9:30 AM PST, just after the official rollout of the Minecraft 1.19 update.

Where to Find Warden in Minecraft 1.19

Before we plan to defeat Warden, we need to know where to find it. As per the developer, a Warden can only spawn within the deep dark biome. That too, only in and around the ancient city structure. Similar to the Ender Dragon, you can’t get it anywhere else in the survival world. If you want to find the deep dark naturally, you should search below Y=-35 block height. That’s where we usually found the deep dark biome in our tests.

But if you want to skip to the good part, you can use cheats. Using the command “/locatebiome minecraft:deep_dark” in your chat will give you the coordinates to the deep dark biome. You can then teleport in Minecraft to easily reach the Warden’s home biome. Having said that, it’s time to learn how to defeat the Warden in Minecraft to survive in the deep dark biome.

Attacks and Abilities of Minecraft Warden

The road to defeating an enemy starts by learning about them. So, let’s go over Warden’s basic abilities and then understand its attacks.

  • Warden is blind, so it has to depend on vibrations and smell to find your location.
  • It can detect you through blocks.
  • Even if you somehow escape it, the Warden can sniff you from a 20 blocks distance.
  • It can climb on single blocks like other mobs, but it can’t break them.
  • Due to a low tolerance level, even the smallest of vibrations can annoy the Warden. Once it gets annoyed, it doesn’t care if you are a baby mob or a boss, and it will attack.

Darkness Effect

As soon as a sculk sensor detects your presence, the darkness effect gets applied to you. It limits your visibility to only a few blocks surrounding you. You can try using the Potion of Night Vision in Minecraft to counter it, but its effects don’t expand over 6-7 blocks right next to you. Similarly, light sources like torches aren’t any good either.

Combat Attack

The favorite way for the Warden to kill you is with its bare hands. Even if you are wearing a full set of Netherite armor, the Warden can kill you in just two hits. However, if your armor is weaker than that, you might have to respawn even after taking a single hit.

Sonic Shriek 

If close combat doesn’t work or if the Warden can’t reach you, it uses sonic shriek as a last resort. The Warden’s chest opens up to release a long-range sonic shriek attack. It doesn’t only causes the same amount of combat damage but also can knock you off places from over 5 blocks of distance.

Interestingly, this attack passes through blocks, including even the bedrock and liquid blocks. Not to forget, this attack only targets one mob at a time. So, if there are two players next to each other, the sonic shriek will only kill the player that the Warden is targetting.

Things You Need to Defeat the Warden

Now that you know where to find the Warden, it’s time to get ready for the fight. Apart from having enough food and pickaxes, you need the following things to kill the Warden in Minecraft.


The first obvious preparation you need is defenses against the Warden. For that, you should get full netherite armor from head to toe. Once you have the armor, you need to put some of the best armor enchantments on them. We suggest using Protection IV on all of your items. But if you are lucky, you can also get Swift Sneak pants enchantment within the ancient city. It will help you sneak at a faster pace.


Most Minecraft players are habitual of taking their swords with them. But we won’t suggest direct combat with the Warden because of its high attack damage. Instead, stick with a trident or a bow to defeat Warden in Minecraft. Alternatively, you can try using some of the best trident enchantments too. But bows are easier to manage.


Dealing with the Warden means receiving a lot of damage in the process. To counter that, you should carry with you the following items for additional health:

Special Items

With armor and weapons ready, it’s time to prepare some special items to survive a Warden attack in Minecraft with ease.

  • Snowballs, eggs, or arrows for distracting the Warden by throwing them in random directions.
  • Potion of Night Vision to reduce the strength of the darkness effect.
  • Torches to avoid getting lost in the deep dark.
  • Building blocks to create distance between you and the Warden.
  • Cobwebs or berry bushes to protect yourself against falling.
  • Ladders (optional)

In case you are wondering, a shield doesn’t work against a Warden. So, you can skip it.

How to Defeat the Warden in Minecraft

Assuming that you have everything ready, let’s enter the deep dark and defeat the Warden with the following steps:

1. First, as soon as you enter the ancient city, you have to start sneaking. Then, find an open area connected to the city structure and make a tiny underground base there. You can use a trapdoor attached with a lever and a pressure plate for extra security.

2. Next, make some noise to spawn the Warden. Then quickly make a 6-blocks tower next to your underground base opening. A smart trick would be to put cobwebs on top of the tower, on its side, and on the bottom of the opening. The top one will cancel out Warden’s sonic shriek’s knockback. Meanwhile, the bottom ones can help you have a safer fall. You can find other useful tips and tricks to avoid fall damage in Minecraft via the linked guide.

3. Once you are at the top, look at the Warden and attack it with arrows. It would be better to use some of the best bow enchantments while doing so. We suggest using Power V or Punch II.

4. Warden’s preference for the fight is combat attack. So, it won’t use sonic shriek until it has tried to hit you multiple times by hand. But when it’s finally ready to attack you with sonic shriek, you can either stay on top of the tower and quickly heal. Or you can jump into your base opening, heal yourself and make another opening to come out.

If you are experienced with combat, you can repeat the above-mentioned steps to defeat the Warden. With proper skills, you can even use these steps without netherite armor. But if traditional combat seems too taxing to kill the Warden, we have other options too.

Use End Crystals to Kill Warden

End crystals are found in the end dimensions, and they work to heal the Ender Dragon there. But when broken, they do a huge damaging blast. This blast, when multiplied, can kill the Warden.

Now, you can easily craft an end crystal by combining seven glasses with an eye of ender and a ghast tear on a crafting table. You need at least 8 end crystals to kill the Warden.

Once you are ready, you need to place an obsidian block and then put an end crystal on top of it. When the Warden gets close to it, you just need to break it and place another crystal. You need to repeat this process 8 times to kill the Warden. But do make sure to wear armor with the blast protection enchantment.

Trap Warden Underground

If you don’t want to fight a Warden, you can trap it and slowly kill it. To do so, the easiest route is to create a cobweb trap. Here, you can create a small pit with cobwebs in it. Then, place trapdoors on top of the cobwebs. Once the Warden steps on the trapdoor, use a pressure plate or a lever to activate that door. It will open up and trap the Warden.

When the Warden is deep into the cobweb, you can easily kill it with the best sword enchantments. Just make sure to run away whenever it’s about to use the sonic shriek attack. You can also put wool carpet around the area to dampen your vibrations and throw off his aim.

Warden vs Wither

If you want to make the most out of your visit to the deep dark biome, you have to fight both the Warden and the Wither. They can easily overwhelm you as a player, but what if we make them fight each other? You just need to spawn the Wither within the ancient city and hide before it notices you. Wither’s vibrations will make the Warden spawn, and both of them will immediately go after each other.

Due to the closed space, Warden is going to win most of the time. But irrespective of the results of this fight, the surviving mob is going to be low in health points. So, you can easily swoop in and finish the survivor to get loot from both mobs without even doing efforts to fight one properly. So, in the fight between Warden and Wither, the winner is always going to be you, the player.

Iron Golem vs Warden: Who Wins?

If you want a safer mob to fight the Warden, you can use Iron Golems. This mob is hostile towards mobs by default, so as soon as it notices the Warden, it will attack the hostile mob. But, as you might have guessed, one Iron Golem isn’t enough to defeat a Warden.

In our testing, we found that a single Warden can defeat more than 8 Iron Golems in one-on-one combat. But if attacked in a group, 6 Iron Golems are enough to corner a Warden. Even with such great results, the practical problems of respawning Wardens and bringing Iron Golems underground make this solution tough to implement in survival gameplay.

Can You Trap Warden in Water or Lava?

An ever-green trick that players use to kill non-flying mobs in the game is trapping them in liquids. Even though Warden is immune to drowning and lava damage, you can hope to keep it from moving if you somehow trap it. But unfortunately, Warden can walk on top of lava and water. Even if it spawns at the bottom of the liquids, eventually Warden floats to the top and then walks on the liquid.

So, unless you are fast enough to get Warden in a hole, pour the liquid and then close the top area before it attacks you, then using lava or water isn’t the most reliable idea. Though, both of them can slow the Warden down for a little bit, enough for you to run and save your life. You can use both water and lava to slow down Warden while running away from it.

How to Stop Minecraft Warden from Spawning

Now that we know defeating Warden isn’t a huge task, it still is pretty tiring. So, until you find a reason to kill the Warden, you can use the following tricks to survive Warden by preventing its spawn.

Prevent Detection from Soul Shrieker

Warden only spawns in the deep dark biome’s ancient cities, and that too only if you alert a soul shrieker. It gives a player 2 chances of making a noise. It’s when the player makes the third noise or vibration that the Warden spawns in this biome. Now, if you didn’t already know, placing items, breaking blocks, and walking without crouching count as vibrations in the game.

So, as long as you can carefully slip by a soul shrieker without alerting it, you are practically safe within the ancient cities in the deep dark biome. Though, even when you don’t see one, you should stay alert while you are in the biome. The soul shrieker block can detect you from different heights and even through blocks.

Destroy the Soul Shrieker

Once you can slowly slip past the soul shrieker, use your regular pickaxe to destroy it. If you have the silk-touch enchantment, you can even pick up the soul shrieker by mining it. Though, placing it back in the deep dark biome can summon a Warden.

Let the Warden Despawn

If nothing else works, the best way to defeat a Warden in Minecraft is to let it despawn. Wardens are sensitive to noise and vibrations. So, if the Warden doesn’t detect any activity for more than 60 seconds, it automatically despawns. But they will immediately reset the time cycle if you or any other mob in the area make an activity.

Moreover, during these 60 seconds, the Warden keeps trying to “smell” you and find your location. So, if you are not hidden properly behind other blocks, the Warden might find you even if you are stationary.

Minecraft Warden: Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Kill Warden with Lava?

Unfortunately, the Warden is completely immune to all lava damage. It is immune to all types of fire-based damage too. It applies to both regular fire and soul fire in the game. We trapped one in lava for hours, but it was only a warm bath for the Warden. In fact, in some cases, Warden even walked and jumped on top of lava.

Does the Warden Drown?

We tried keeping one underwater for more than 15 minutes in our testing. But it easily survived. Technically, Warden does receive damage when drowned or suffocated, but it’s virtually not enough to kill it in survival gameplay.

Does TNT Work Against the Warden?

In our testing, we used a total of 112 TNT blocks to try and kill a Warden. It did cause damage and even blasted the Warden into the air. But even that wasn’t enough to do significant damage to the Warden.

Can Warden Detect You If You Are Invisible?

Warden is the only blind mob in Minecraft. It depends upon movement and vibrations to detect entities. So, even if you drink the Potion of Invisibility, the Warden can easily find you.

How Fast is a Warden in Minecraft?

Normally, the Warden has the same speed as the player’s walking speed. But when it gets angry or detects movement, its speed increases exponentially. In simple terms, you can’t outrun the Warden even with the best boots enchantments.

Can You Tame a Warden in Minecraft?

Just like most hostile mobs in the game, you can’t tame a Warden. But you can trap it underwater. This will not defeat the Warden, as it cannot drown in water in Minecraft. Putting some fish alongside the Warden can keep it from despawning after 60 seconds.

Who Does the Warden Kill?

Warden has a low temper against any entity that disturbs its peace. So, whether it is a villager or a rabbit, the Warden will attack and kill them if they move.

Fight and Defeat the Warden in Minecraft 1.19

Whether you are testing your combat skills or practicing for the best adventure maps, Warden is the perfect mob to accompany you. And with the four best methods in our guide, you can easily kill and defeat the Warden in Minecraft. As for those players who are not fond of scary things in-game, we have you covered. You can check our guide to know everything about Allay in Minecraft. It is another one of the new mobs in the wild update, but unlike Warden, it is a cute mob that helps you gather items. Allay is friendly and supportive toward the players. With that said, do you know any other methods to kill the Warden in Minecraft? Tell us in the comments section!

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  • waden says:

    use rails to move around quickly and the warden cant’ get ya if you move fast

  • waden says:

    use some multi shot dispensers to kill it. just make a tower(any block) and place multi shot dispensers, load them with arrows and connect the mechanism. I tried it. just hanged out.took very long.

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    I just killed one, by climbing a ladder some 24 Blocks high. It stood at the base of the ladder, and took some two stacks of arrows from by crossbow, before dying. And dropping a Skulk Catalyst. Well…

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    Just fight it in easy mode because it ain’t killing you in two hits and eat the golden apple first but the enchanted one is better because it gives you resistance and better absorbtion!

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    You can suffocate the warden using sand i tested it guys but it takes FOREVER.

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    actually, you can drown the warden, albeit incredibly slowly. just lure it into a 2-block wide and deep hole, place the water underneath a block on top of the hole and quickly place the last block to keep it from swimming up. just make sure to stay out of range of his sonic shriek.

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    theres no point in killing a warden if you are still exploring as the noise you give off will likely spawn another one

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    How long will it last against powdered snow?

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      It suffocated from my knowledge but it in a 4×4 hole add the snow and it’ll instantly start to take damage

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      Because it’s made as something that’s not meant to be killed. That’s why it doesn’t drop anything good, and is immune to just about everything it could be. It’s supposed to be a deterrent in the sculk biomes that keeps you careful and quiet; I personally love this as just about every other high loot area all you need is some decent gear and the ability to kill everything which is too easy, but when you stumble across an ancient city in earlier parts of the game you have to stay silent as you only get the two mistakes.

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    Spawn him and use a waterfall to get on top of the giant effigy that is in the center of the city. You will be outside his range and you can just shoot arrows till he dies

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    Wither vs Warden

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