Everything You Need to Know About the Allay in Minecraft

Allay in Minecraft 1.19: Everything You Need to Know

The Minecraft 1.19 update is just around the corner, and it is already highly celebrated within the community. Intending to fulfill all player demands, it brings new biomes to Minecraft along with new mobs and high-level parity between Minecraft Java and Bedrock. But the most significant innovation of this update comes in the form of Allay, the winner of the Minecraft mob fan vote. Allay is a new mob that acts as a friend and collects items for players. Not only that, but it also upgrades a lot of the existing in-game mechanics, including music, pillagers, and more. But unless you are following every Minecraft beta release, it can be hard to keep track of all the upcoming features. So, we are here to cover everything you need to know about Allay in Minecraft 1.19, how it works, where to find it, and what not to do with Allay. So let’s jump right in.

Minecraft Allay: Explained in Detail (Updated April 2022)

For your ease, we have divided the guide into separate sections, and each one focuses on different aspects related to this new Minecraft 1.19 mob. You can use the table below to explore each of these sections conveniently.

NoteOur observations are based on the Minecraft Snapshot 22W16B. The features are subject to change in the official release.

What Is an Allay in Minecraft?

First announced at Minecraft Live 2021, Allay was a part of the 1.19 Wild update’s mob fan vote. The community was given the opportunity to choose a new mob for the next update, and Allay came victorious. We share our condolences to the Copper Golem and its fandom. But moving on, Allay is a passive fairy-like mob that chooses a particular item and collects its copies for the player throughout the loaded chunks.

Allay in Minecraft

The Allay is similar to the Minecraft bees in size but can fly at much higher heights. Unlike existing mobs, Allay isn’t related to any specific Minecraft biome. Moreover, it doesn’t interact with any in-game mobs other than the players. Even hostile mobs like zombies or creepers don’t care about Allay’s presence.

Where to Find Allay in Minecraft

In Minecraft’s creative game mode, you can meet the Allay using spawn eggs. Read our dedicated guide on how to get Allay in Minecraft before release to learn how to spawn this mob in creative mode. As for its natural spawning, you can find Allay in the following locations:

  • Pillager Outposts
  • Woodland Mansions

We expect more locations to be added to the official Minecraft 1.19 release, possibly sometime in April or May. But there’s no confirmation as of March 2022. So, for now, let’s just explore these existing locations and tell you where to find Allay in your Minecraft world.

Pillage Outposts

Like Iron Golems, Allay spawns trapped inside wooden cages generated around Pillager Outposts. Each cage can have up to three Allays at the same time. You have to break the wooden structure to help Allay escape. Once free, the Allay starts wandering until it finds dropped items.

Allay in Pillager Outpost

But before you jump ib to rescue the Allays, make sure to avoid or kill the Pillagers. Each outpost can have up to a dozen Pillagers who are hostile towards villagers and players. Unless you have the best Minecraft enchantments, they can overpower and kill you within minutes.

Woodland Mansions

Mansions are one of the most dangerous structures in the game. They are home to hostile mobs, including zombies, creepers, vindicators, pillagers, and more. But with such high stakes, the treasures of the mansions are impressive too. It has various hidden and exposed rooms spread across three floors, each with unique features.

Cages in Woodland Mansions

There’s a vast cage room within the mansion, usually on the ground floor. It has four cobblestone cages, each with 3 Allays trapped in them. You can use the lever outside the cages to open their doors and free the Allay. So, with one mansion, you can get 12 Allays at once.

What Does Allay Do in Minecraft

Allay’s only function in Minecraft is to collect items. It chooses a particular item and looks for its copies throughout the loaded chunks. An Allay can collect items in the following situations:

  • If an Allay notices an item getting dropped nearby, it picks up that dropped item. Then, Allay gives the item back to the nearby player and starts looking for its copies.
  • Other than the dropped items, Allay can also accept items from players. It keeps the original item for itself and looks for its copies but keeps coming back to the player.
  • Finally, it also picks randomly thrown items and tries to return them to their owner.

Allay and Note Blocks

Note Blocks are wooden blocks in Minecraft that play music in the game. Allays in Minecraft are attracted to these Note Blocks. If an Allay hears music playing from a Note Block, it drops all its collected items next to the Note Block instead of looking for a player.

Allay and Note blocks in Minecraft

But that doesn’t work all the time. Allay sees a specific Note Block as its favorite for 30 seconds of playing music. Once that time is up, it will ignore that same Note Block until it plays music again. You can create a Redstone machine to keep the music playing for an extended period.

Moreover, do keep in mind that the wool block mutes the audio coming out of the note block. So, if there’s a wool block between the note block and the Allay, it might not be able to listen to it. On the brighter side, this game mechanic may come in handy if you are handling a group of Allays.

Uses of Allay

Now that you know how it functions, the uses of Allay become pretty clear. Here are some of our ideas:

  • An Allay can make the collection system in farms fully automatic and much faster without using complex Redstone mechanics.
  • You can also create automatic sorting systems to collect similar items in the same area or chest.
  • A group of Allay can help you collect items quickly after an explosion and killing mobs.
  • Since an Allay can hold up to 64 copies of a stackable item at a time, you can also use it as a portable storage option.
  • You can use an Allay to find lost or accidentally dropped items within loaded chunks. But you must have a duplicate copy of that item.

Do you think you have more ideas to use an Allay in Minecraft? Tell us in the comments section below!

Basic Properties of Allay Mob

Now that you have a general idea about Allay and its powers, we should understand its in-game properties. Keep in mind that all these are subject to change in the official release.

Health & Regeneration

Like most peaceful smaller mobs, Allay doesn’t have a lot of health. You can kill it with two hits of a diamond sword or four hits of an iron sword. It also dies by suffocating within blocks, staying underwater for a long time, and due to fire damage. However, Allay can’t receive any fall damage as it keeps constantly floating irrespective of the height.

In terms of health points, Allay has 20 health on both the Java and Bedrock editions. As for health regeneration, Allay regenerates 2 health points every second. So, unless you attack it with the best sword enchantments, Allay can survive a couple of accidental hits.


There is no attacking mechanic in Minecraft for Allay. It only runs away when being attacked. But do keep in mind that Allay is immune from attacks by its owner. That means if it is holding an item it got from you, your attacks won’t affect the Allay. However, if you take the item back, technically disowning it, you can easily kill the Allay.

Moreover, most hostile mobs ignore the Allay. So, you don’t have to worry about protecting it unless you are around the Wither or the Warden. Among these two, Wither targets Allay by default but the Warden only harms it when it gets annoyed by the Allay’s presence.

Mob Interaction

At the moment, every other mob seems unbothered by Allay’s presence. No hostile mob attacks it in general. The only mob that attacks Allay in Minecraft is the Wither which generally tries to kill every mob in the area. So, cute fairy-like mobs are no exceptions to it.

Light Emission

Thanks to their unique colors, Allay stands out in almost every biome during the day. But they become even easier to locate at night. Each Allay emits minimal light, which isn’t enough to light the area around them, but it does make it glow. Their light level is similar to far-away torches or spider eyes in the dark.

Allay in the dark

If you are just exploring some Minecraft house ideas, Allay can function as a unique and beautiful light source. Just make sure they don’t accidentally start stealing your building material.

Item Collection and Stacking

If an item can be placed on top of an existing item, as a stack in your inventory, it’s stackable in Allay’s inventory as well. This remains true for various items, including diamonds, building blocks, and more. But if an unstackable item, like armor, is in Allay’s inventory, it will drop one near you or a Note Block before looking for the next one.

New item throwing mechanic

As for item dropping, it has an exciting animation and mechanics. Instead of dropping stacks. It showers each item of that stack individually on the player or the Note Block. Allay can easily pick up stacks of items, but it can only throw one item.

Meet Allay in Minecraft 1.19 Before Release

Allay is part of the Minecraft beta release that users can enjoy on the Bedrock edition and Minecraft Preview. We already have a dedicated guide on how to get Allay in Minecraft right away, so check it out via the attached link. Use can interact with this mob before the official release of the wild update and test out everything we have detailed above.

Allay is Now Available in Minecraft 1.19

Allay is making news in the Minecraft community with its cute flights, fairy wings, and a distinct look. Players worldwide have waited for this much-anticipated mob, arriving with the wild update, and now they won’t be able to keep calm over its presence. And all of that is for the right reasons. But if a friendly mob doesn’t fit your adventure style, you can also choose to meet Warden in Minecraft beta. For those unaware, Warden is the exact opposite of Allay, as it is the scariest Minecraft mob that most players can’t survive. You can’t even run away from the Warden without a Potion of Night Vision, let alone fight it. With that said, there’s a lot that players can do with an Allay in the game. Do you have some ideas? Tell us in the comments below!


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