How to Disable Ads from Android TV Homescreen

I think one of the best features of Android TV is its home launcher which is pretty simple and intuitive. However, things seem to be going south as Google has introduced something called “Cinematic Highlights” that adds a new row of content recommendations on top. It does not auto-play audio or show video preview which is a relief, but still takes a sizeable portion of the screen. Not to mention, the so-called recommendations are not personalized as everyone is getting the same suggestions which means these are essentially ads. So if you want to disable ads from the Android TV homescreen then follow the below steps.

Disable Ads From Android TV Homescreen (2021)

  • Why Google Serve Ads on Home Screen?

Since the Android TV userbase is getting bigger and bigger, Google is trying to monetize the platform by showing sponsored content on the home screen. As we know, Android is a free and open-source operating system so Google has to find a way to compensate for its free offering.

  • How to Know Which App is Causing These Ads?

Finding apps that are causing ads is hard to know because, in most instances, the TV manufacturer itself installs background apps and grants permission to show intrusive ads. These are mostly system apps and are stuffed inside the Settings page which don’t look like adware. Nevertheless, you can try catching these apps by sideloading Popup Ad Detector (Free) on your Android TV.

Remove Android TV Homescreen Ads

1. To disable ads from Android TV homescreen, open Android TV’s Settings page and move to “Apps” and then scroll down a bit and click on “See All Apps“.

Disable Ads From Android TV Homescreen (2021)

2. Again, scroll down to the bottom and click on “Show System Apps“.

Disable Ads From Android TV Homescreen (2021)

3. Now, look for “Android TV Home” in the list and open it.

Disable Ads From Android TV Homescreen (2021)

4. Here, click on “Uninstall Updates” and you are almost done.

Disable Ads From Android TV Homescreen (2021)

5. Now to stop Android TV to automatically update the Home app, you need to disable automatic updates from the Play Store. Open the Play Store and move to your profile in the top-right corner.

How to Disable Ads from Android TV Homescreen

6. Here, open “Settings” and click on “Auto-update apps”.

How to Disable Ads from Android TV Homescreen

7. Finally, select “Don’t auto-update apps” and you are done. Now, the Google Home app will not update itself and you won’t get homescreen ads on your Android TV. That said, keep in mind, from now onwards, you need to manually update other apps on the Play Store.

How to Disable Ads from Android TV Homescreen

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do I Get Rid of Ads on Android TV?

We have written a detailed guide above so go through that and you will be able to get rid of ads on your Android TV. To explain briefly, you just need to uninstall the last update of Android TV Home and disable automatic app updates.

Q. How Do I Stop Adverts on My Smart TV?

If you have an Android TV then you can follow our above guide. And in case you have a smart TV by Samsung then open Menu -> Smart Features -> Terms & Policy -> SyncPlus Privacy Notice. Here, disable “I consent.” Similarly, on LG TV, open Settings -> General -> LivePlus and turn off the toggle.

Q. How Do I Get Rid of TCL Android TV Ads?

As TCL TVs are essentially Android TVs, you can follow the above guide to disable ads on your TCL Android TV.

Q. How Do I Block Ads on YouTube Android TV?

To block ads on YouTube on Android TV, you need to subscribe to YouTube Premium. You can subscribe to its paid plan from your smartphone or desktop.

Q. Why Do Ads Keep Popping Up on My Home Screen?

If ads are popping up on your home screen then it means that your TV manufacturer has internally provided system permission to a few intrusive apps to draw over other apps. In this scenario, you can sideload Popup Ad Detector (Free) to find those offending apps. And then you can proceed to uninstall them from Settings -> Apps -> See All Apps.

Q. How Do You Find Which App is Causing Pop Up Ads?

You can sideload Popup Ad Detector (Free) on your Android TV to find the apps which are causing pop-up ads.

Q. How Do I Turn Off Google Personalization Ads?

Just open Settings and move to Google -> Ads -> Enable the toggle for “Opt out of Ads Personalization”. That’s it.

Q. How Do I Get Rid of Ads on Android Box?

To disable home screen ads on your Android Box you can follow the above guide.

Q. Is There Any Ad Blocker for Android TV?

You can sideload Blockada (Free) on your Android TV to block all kinds of apps. Keep in mind, your Android TV must be updated to Android 9.0

Q. Which is The Best Ad Blocker for Android Box?

I would say the best ad blocker for Android Box would be to use PiHole. Apart from that, for a simple solution, you can install Blockada (Free) on your Android Box.

List of Android TVs This Method Will Work On

The list below shows popular TVs that you can use the above method on to remove ads. The list is by no means exhaustive and is only here to show you an example of TVs that suffer from the ad problem.

BRANDModel NameSize
Marq (flipkart)Marq 43AAUHDM43
Marq 43AAFHDM43
Marq 32AAHDM32
Marq 65SAUHD65
Marq 49SAUHD48.5
Marq 32VNSSHDM32
Marq 49SAUHD/49SAHD-Black49
AconaticAconatic 32HS521AN32
Aconatic 43HS521AN43
Aconatic 55RS543AN55
Aconatic 55US300AN55
Aconati c65RS543AN65
iFFALCON 65K7165
iFFALCON 55H7155
iFFALCON 65H7165
iFFALCON 43K3143
iFFALCON 50K3150
iFFALCON 55K3155
LLoydLLoyd 32HS301B32
LLoyd 43FS301B43
LLoyd 43US900B43
LLoyd 55US900B55
LLoyd GL32H0B0ZS32
LLoyd L32HS670A32
MicromaxMicromax L32CANVAS432
Micromax L32TA6445HD32
Micromax L40TA6445FHD40
Micromax L43TA7000UHD43
Micromax L55TA7001UHD55
MI L32M5-AL32
MI L43M5-AN43
MI L43M4-4AIN43
MI L50M5-5AIN50
MI L55M6-EQG55
MI L32M6-EI32
MI L55M4-4XINA55
MI L65M5-5SIN65
MI L49M5-AN49
MI L32M5-AN32
MI L43M5-AI43
MI L32M5-AI32
MI L40M6-EI40
MI L75M6-ESG75
PanasonicPanasonic TH-65HX700DX65
Panasonic TH-55HX700DX55
Panasonic TH-43HX700DX43
Panasonic TH-55HX635DX55
Panasonic TH-43HX635DX43
Panasonic TH-43HX625DX43
Panasonic TH-58HX45058
Panasonic TH-50HX45050
Panasonic TH-65GX655DX65
Panasonic TH-55GX655DX55
Panasonic TH-49GX655DX49
Panasonic TH-43GX655DX43
SanyoSanyo XT-43A081U43
Sanyo XT-49A081U49
Sanyo XT-55A081U55
Sanyo XT-65A081U65
Sanyo XT-43UHD4S43
Sanyo XT-50UHD4S50
Sanyo XT-55UHD4S55
Sanyo XT-65UHD4S65
Sanyo XT-43FHD4S43
Sanyo XT-32RHD4S32
SonySony KD-55X7400H55
Sony KDL-49W800G49
Sony KDL-43W800G43
Sony KD-55X9500G55
Sony KD-49X8000H49
Sony KD-55X8000H55
Sony KD-43X8000G43
Sony KD-49X7500H49
Sony KD-65A8F65
Sony KD-55A8G55
Sony KD-55X8000G55
Sony KD-65X9300E65
Sony KD-65A8G65
Sony KD-55X9300E55
Sony KD-65X8000H65
Sony KD-65A9F65
Sony KD-65X9500E65
Sony KD-55A8F55
Sony KD-75X8500F75
Sony KD-65A9G65
Sony KDL-43W800F43
Sony KD-49X8000G49
Sony KD-55X8500G55
Sony KD-43X7500F43
Sony KD-65X8000G65
Sony KD-49X8500F49
Sony KD-43X8500F43
Sony KDL-49W800F49
Sony KD-43X8200E43
Sony KDL-43W800D43
Sony KD-65X9500G65
Sony KD-75X8000H75
Sony KD-55X9000E55
Sony KD-49X9000E49
Sony KD-55X9500E55
Sony KD-65X9000E65
Sony KD-55X9000F55
Sony KD-65X7500F65
Sony KD-49X8200E49
Sony KD-65X9000F65
Sony KD-55X8500F55
Sony KD-55A9F55
Sony KD-55A155
Sony KD-65A165
Sony KD-49X7500F49
Sony KD-55A9G55
Sony KD-85X8000H85
Sony 43X7400H43
Sony 55X7500H55
Sony 43X7500H43
Sony 65X7400H65
TCLTCL 50C71550
TCL 32S65A32
TCL 55C71555
TCL 55P71555
TCL 65P865
TCL 43P843
TCL 43S6500FS43
TCL 85P8M85
TCL 32S6500S32
TCL 65P71565
TCL 43P8B43
TCL 43P71543
TCL 55C81555
TCL 50P71550
TCL 55P8E55
TCL 55P855
TCL 49S6500S49
TCL 65P8E65
TCL 65C665
TCL 75P71575
TCL 55P8S55
TCL 65X4US65
TCL 50P8E50
TCL 65C71565
TCL 50P850
TCL 75C81575
TCL 55C855
TCL 40S650040
TCL 43P8E43
iFFALCON 50K6150
iFFALCON 55K6155
iFFALCON 43K3143
iFFALCON 55K3155
iFFALCON 55H7155
iFFALCON 55K7155
iFFALCON 43K7143
iFFALCON 65K3165
iFFALCON 65K7165
iFFALCON 50K3150
iFFALCON 65H7165
VU 32US32
VU 55PM55
VU 50PM50
VU 43GA43
VU 55UT55
VU 85QPX85
VU 65PM65
VU 50UT50
VU 32GA32
VU 43PM43
VU 43CA43
VU 43UA43
VU 43UT43
VU 55-OA55
VU 43-OA43
VU 65UT65
VU 50-OA50
VU 43 OA43
VU 43 OA -V143
VU 55-OA55
VU 55-OA V155
VU 50CA50
VU 55CA55
HisenseHisense 43A71F43
Hisense 55A71F55
Hisense 55A73F55
Hisense 40A56E40
Hisense 32A56E32
Hisense 50A71F50
Hisense 65U7QF65
HaierHaier LE43K6600UGA43
Haier LE40K6600GA40
Haier LE43K6600GA43
Haier LE50K6600HQGA50
Haier LE32K6600GA32
Haier LE55U6900HQGA55
Haier LE65S8000EGA65
Haier LE50U6900HQGA50
Haier LE32W200032
Haier LE55U6500UAG55
Haier LE50F9000UAP50
Haier LE55K6600HQGA55
Haier LE65U6500UAG65
Haier LE65U6900HQGA65
InfinixInfinix 43X143
Infinix 32X132
KodakKodak 50CA707750
Kodak 65CA010165
Kodak 32HDX7XPRO32
Kodak 43CA202243
Kodak 55CA090955
Kodak 43UHDX7XPRO43
Kodak 55UHDX7XPRO55
Kodak 40FHDX7XPRO40
Kodak 43FHDX7XPRO43
Kodak 32HDXSMART32
Kodak 32HDXSMART V132
Kodak 32HDXSMART32
Kodak 40FHDXSMART V140
MotorolaMotorola 55SAUHDMQ55
Motorola 55SAUHDMG55
Motorola 43SAUHDMQ43
Motorola 43SAFHDM43
Motorola 43SAUHDMG43
Motorola 65SAUHDM65
Motorola 40SAFHDME40
Motorola 55SAUHDM55
Motorola 32SAHDME32
Motorola 32SAFHDM32
Motorola 50SAUHDM50
Motorola 43SAUHDM43
Motorola 50SAUHDMQ50
Motorola 75SAUHDM75
NokiaNokia 43TAFHDN43
Nokia 32TAHDN32
Nokia 43TAUHDN43
Nokia 50TAUHDN50
Nokia 55TAUHDN55
Nokia 65TAUHDN65
Nokia 43CAUHDN43
Nokia 55CAUHDN55
Nokia 65CAUHDN65
OnePlusOnePlus 43FA0A0043
OnePlus 32HA0A0032
OnePlus 55Q1IN-155
OnePlus 55Q1IN55
OnePlus 55UA0A0055
PhilipsPhilips 58PUT660458
Philips 50PUT660450
Philips 43PUT779143
RealmeRealme RMV200443
Realme RMV200550
RedmiRedmi L50M6-RA50
Redmi L55M6-RA55
Redmi L65M6-RA65
ThomsonThomson 43TH600043
Thomson 50TH100050
Thomson 40M409940
Thomson 40M4099 PRO40
Thomson 32M3277 PRO32
Thomson 43TH009943
Thomson 43TH6000_UD943
Thomson 32PATH001132
Thomson 50OATHPRO121250
Thomson 55 OATHPRO 010155
Thomson 43 OATHPRO 200043
Thomson 43PATH454543
Thomson 55PATH505055
Thomson 65 OATHPRO 202065
Thomson 40PATH777740
Thomson 32PATH0011BL32
Thomson 50PATH101050
Thomson 43PATH000943
Thomson 75 OATHPRO212175
Thomson 43 OATH 100043
Thomson 49 OATH 900049
Thomson 32M327732
Thomson 55TH100055
ToshibaToshiba 32L505032
Toshiba 55U505055
Toshiba 43L505043

Disable Cinematic Highlights on Android TV

So that is how you can completely turn off cinematic highlights including automatic app updates. While this is a temporary fix right now, I think Google is going to make this part of the main framework in the near future and it won’t be uninstallable. In that case, you may have to move to a separate Android TV launcher. Anyway, that is all from us. If you found the article helpful then comment down below and let us know.

comment Comments 12
  • Glenn says:

    On my Mecool KM2 box after its update to Android TV 12 I can no longer do this. I was able to completely uninstall updates, and disable this GD app. Now it’s impossible. I loathe google.

    • jean says:

      hi me to i have the same problem. i did Remove Android TV Homescreen Ads but it still coming back !!!

  • Eduardo says:

    Thank you Indian friend! You helped me a lot. Those horrible ads are not there anymore. They were against my Catholic principles. Thank you. I have a Mi Stick TV plugged in a normal TV.

  • AnOkAlias says:

    Unfortunately, this didn’t work for me on my Nvidia Shield TV Pro either. I’ve only had it for about a month. Part of the reason I got it, was because I was getting increasingly annoyed with the firestick and all of it’s adverts. Perhaps the preinstalled version already had ads and doing this, simply reverted it to the version it was, before I set it up. F’in Google. 👎💩

  • Drogo says:

    Works for me on Shield TV !
    Like Nigel, I don’t like when something is imposed to me ! Not only Google sells you the product, but it steals your datas, and impose ads to you. This is the worse behavior possible…

  • karl says:

    at least the interface doesn’t look like the firestick oof so much clutter and ads

  • tom42 says:

    This does not remove them on nVidia Shield TV

    • Giengen says:

      It does

  • Nigel says:

    Google does nothing to adhere themselves to me. There fast becoming my most hated company. And there not the only company that pushes Ads, it seems that ads are pushed into everything these days even if you paid for the hardware or software. what makes it worse is that these company’s can’t see anything wrong with it. If they want to put ads on the home screen fine but at least give me an option to turn them off. This new home screen is really annoying.

  • Oz says:

    doesn’t work anymore. They keep forcing the update even when auto-update is off. Someone really needs to sue Google for this.

    • Glenn says:

      I have recently found the same situation on my Mecool KM2 box after its update to Android TV 12. I was able to completely uninstall updates, and disable this GD app. Now it’s impossible. I loathe google.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thank you! Those homescreen recommendation ads were really uncalled for. They weren’t even relevant to shows I watch.

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