Android TV vs Smart TV: What's The Difference (2020)

Android TV vs Smart TV: What’s The Difference

The debate between Android TV and Smart TV has been going on for the past many years. For some, the simplicity of smart TV outweighs the features of Android TV and for the other lot, Android TV is the only way to consume online content on a larger screen thanks to all the cool things you can do with Android TV. So which TV platform is better: Android TV or Smart TV? Well, in this article we compare Android TV vs Smart TV side by side and learn about all the similarities and differences between the two platforms. So without further ado, let’s go through the article.

Android TV vs Smart TV: A Comprehensive Comparison

Here, we have enlisted the two major sections that we have covered in this comparison between Android vs Smart TV. You can click on the link below and move to the corresponding section easily.


Before anything, we need to discuss the fundamental similarities and differences between Android TV and Smart TV. First of all, a smart TV is a TV set that can deliver content over the internet. So any TV that offers online content — no matter what operating system it runs — is a smart TV.

In that sense, Android TV is also a smart TV, the major difference being that it runs Android TV OS under the hood. If you want to learn what is Android TV in detail then you can go through our linked explainer. There are all sorts of smart TVs — TVs made by Samsung that runs Tizen OS, LG has its own WebOS, tvOS that runs on Apple TV, and more. All these are essentially smart TVs.

Android TV vs Smart TV

As for Android TV, it has carved a name for itself in the market due to its immense popularity and has almost become synonymous with smart TVs. Broadly speaking, Android TV is a type of smart TV that runs on the Android TV platform. While Samsung and LG have their own proprietary OS, it still ships many TVs with Android OS. Sony, on the other hand, is fully committed to the Android TV platform and since 2015, it has shipped all its TVs with Android TV OS.

In essence, Android TV and Smart TV are fundamentally the same thing since both offer content over the internet. As I mentioned above, it’s the underlying OS that makes all the difference.

Android TV vs Smart TV: Differences

In the above section, we discussed the fundamental difference between an Android TV and a smart TV. Here, we are going to talk about the differences at the OS level and which one makes more sense to consumers.

Starting with App Library, Android TV enjoys a vast library of apps thanks to the Play Store support. You will find all sorts of apps that you generally use on your smartphone. From YouTube to Netflix to Hulu and Prime Video, everything is available on Android TV. The best part is that all of the apps are optimized for the TV platform and has intuitive controls for the bigger screen.

Android TV vs Smart TV: Differences

Coming to smart TVs that run Tizen OS or WebOS, you have limited app support. Except for some popular entertainment apps like YouTube, Prime Video, and Netflix, you won’t find many apps in its app store. The next point is that updates are hard to come by on smart TVs in comparison to Android TVs. On the other hand, Android TV development is quite active and developers regularly push new updates to a variety of apps.

Android TV vs Smart TV:  What’s The Difference

Another major difference between Android TV and smart TV is screencasting. While Android TV has a built-in and deeply integrated Chromecast feature that works seamlessly with Android smartphones, smart TVs have screen mirroring that needs pairing and is a hassle to use. Unlike Chromecast that works in full-screen mode with sound output and exceptional quality output, screen mirroring on smart TVs has high latency and reduced quality output.

Next is voice assistant support. Google Assistant on Android TV has gotten so better that you would rarely find the need to type out your query. On the other hand, smart TVs generally don’t have a voice assistant and come with a full-size keypad to type and find content.

Android TV vs Smart TV

That said, there is one advantage of smart TVs over Android TV. Smart TVs are relatively easier to navigate and use than Android TVs. You have to be aware of the Android ecosystem to fully take advantage of the Android TV platform. Next, smart TVs are also faster in performance which is its silver lining.

Finally, coming to firmware updates. You are unlikely to get major updates on your smart TV after a few years and that would make your TV obsolete. Talking about Android TVs, well, it does not have a stellar track record either and there is nothing to write home about. But Android TVs do receive much longer app updates which means you will continue to have modern apps on your Android TV.

One crucial point to note is that if your smart TV becomes obsolete in the future then you can very well plug an Android TV set-top box or dongle to bring the latest Android TV platform on your TV. You can do the same thing with your Android TV as well. However, you can’t get the latest Tizen OS or webOS by buying a separate hardware device because TV manufacturers don’t offer separate hardware devices for their proprietary OS.

List of Popular Android TVs and Smart TVs (Continually Updated)

Here’s a list of popular Android TVs and smart TVs to give you an idea of the different types of TVs that we are talking about.

Popular Android TVs

BRANDModel NameSize
Marq (flipkart)Marq 43AAUHDM43
Marq 43AAFHDM43
Marq 32AAHDM32
Marq 65SAUHD65
Marq 49SAUHD48.5
Marq 32VNSSHDM32
Marq 49SAUHD/49SAHD-Black49
AconaticAconatic 32HS521AN32
Aconatic 43HS521AN43
Aconatic 55RS543AN55
Aconatic 55US300AN55
Aconati c65RS543AN65
iFFALCON 65K7165
iFFALCON 55H7155
iFFALCON 65H7165
iFFALCON 43K3143
iFFALCON 50K3150
iFFALCON 55K3155
LLoydLLoyd 32HS301B32
LLoyd 43FS301B43
LLoyd 43US900B43
LLoyd 55US900B55
LLoyd GL32H0B0ZS32
LLoyd L32HS670A32
MicromaxMicromax L32CANVAS432
Micromax L32TA6445HD32
Micromax L40TA6445FHD40
Micromax L43TA7000UHD43
Micromax L55TA7001UHD55
MI L32M5-AL32
MI L43M5-AN43
MI L43M4-4AIN43
MI L50M5-5AIN50
MI L55M6-EQG55
MI L32M6-EI32
MI L55M4-4XINA55
MI L65M5-5SIN65
MI L49M5-AN49
MI L32M5-AN32
MI L43M5-AI43
MI L32M5-AI32
MI L40M6-EI40
MI L75M6-ESG75
PanasonicPanasonic TH-65HX700DX65
Panasonic TH-55HX700DX55
Panasonic TH-43HX700DX43
Panasonic TH-55HX635DX55
Panasonic TH-43HX635DX43
Panasonic TH-43HX625DX43
Panasonic TH-58HX45058
Panasonic TH-50HX45050
Panasonic TH-65GX655DX65
Panasonic TH-55GX655DX55
Panasonic TH-49GX655DX49
Panasonic TH-43GX655DX43
SanyoSanyo XT-43A081U43
Sanyo XT-49A081U49
Sanyo XT-55A081U55
Sanyo XT-65A081U65
Sanyo XT-43UHD4S43
Sanyo XT-50UHD4S50
Sanyo XT-55UHD4S55
Sanyo XT-65UHD4S65
Sanyo XT-43FHD4S43
Sanyo XT-32RHD4S32
SonySony KD-55X7400H55
Sony KDL-49W800G49
Sony KDL-43W800G43
Sony KD-55X9500G55
Sony KD-49X8000H49
Sony KD-55X8000H55
Sony KD-43X8000G43
Sony KD-49X7500H49
Sony KD-65A8F65
Sony KD-55A8G55
Sony KD-55X8000G55
Sony KD-65X9300E65
Sony KD-65A8G65
Sony KD-55X9300E55
Sony KD-65X8000H65
Sony KD-65A9F65
Sony KD-65X9500E65
Sony KD-55A8F55
Sony KD-75X8500F75
Sony KD-65A9G65
Sony KDL-43W800F43
Sony KD-49X8000G49
Sony KD-55X8500G55
Sony KD-43X7500F43
Sony KD-65X8000G65
Sony KD-49X8500F49
Sony KD-43X8500F43
Sony KDL-49W800F49
Sony KD-43X8200E43
Sony KDL-43W800D43
Sony KD-65X9500G65
Sony KD-75X8000H75
Sony KD-55X9000E55
Sony KD-49X9000E49
Sony KD-55X9500E55
Sony KD-65X9000E65
Sony KD-55X9000F55
Sony KD-65X7500F65
Sony KD-49X8200E49
Sony KD-65X9000F65
Sony KD-55X8500F55
Sony KD-55A9F55
Sony KD-55A155
Sony KD-65A165
Sony KD-49X7500F49
Sony KD-55A9G55
Sony KD-85X8000H85
Sony 43X7400H43
Sony 55X7500H55
Sony 43X7500H43
Sony 65X7400H65
TCLTCL 50C71550
TCL 32S65A32
TCL 55C71555
TCL 55P71555
TCL 65P865
TCL 43P843
TCL 43S6500FS43
TCL 85P8M85
TCL 32S6500S32
TCL 65P71565
TCL 43P8B43
TCL 43P71543
TCL 55C81555
TCL 50P71550
TCL 55P8E55
TCL 55P855
TCL 49S6500S49
TCL 65P8E65
TCL 65C665
TCL 75P71575
TCL 55P8S55
TCL 65X4US65
TCL 50P8E50
TCL 65C71565
TCL 50P850
TCL 75C81575
TCL 55C855
TCL 40S650040
TCL 43P8E43
iFFALCON 50K6150
iFFALCON 55K6155
iFFALCON 43K3143
iFFALCON 55K3155
iFFALCON 55H7155
iFFALCON 55K7155
iFFALCON 43K7143
iFFALCON 65K3165
iFFALCON 65K7165
iFFALCON 50K3150
iFFALCON 65H7165
VU 32US32
VU 55PM55
VU 50PM50
VU 43GA43
VU 55UT55
VU 85QPX85
VU 65PM65
VU 50UT50
VU 32GA32
VU 43PM43
VU 43CA43
VU 43UA43
VU 43UT43
VU 55-OA55
VU 43-OA43
VU 65UT65
VU 50-OA50
VU 43 OA43
VU 43 OA -V143
VU 55-OA55
VU 55-OA V155
VU 50CA50
VU 55CA55
HisenseHisense 43A71F43
Hisense 55A71F55
Hisense 55A73F55
Hisense 40A56E40
Hisense 32A56E32
Hisense 50A71F50
Hisense 65U7QF65
HaierHaier LE43K6600UGA43
Haier LE40K6600GA40
Haier LE43K6600GA43
Haier LE50K6600HQGA50
Haier LE32K6600GA32
Haier LE55U6900HQGA55
Haier LE65S8000EGA65
Haier LE50U6900HQGA50
Haier LE32W200032
Haier LE55U6500UAG55
Haier LE50F9000UAP50
Haier LE55K6600HQGA55
Haier LE65U6500UAG65
Haier LE65U6900HQGA65
InfinixInfinix 43X143
Infinix 32X132
KodakKodak 50CA707750
Kodak 65CA010165
Kodak 32HDX7XPRO32
Kodak 43CA202243
Kodak 55CA090955
Kodak 43UHDX7XPRO43
Kodak 55UHDX7XPRO55
Kodak 40FHDX7XPRO40
Kodak 43FHDX7XPRO43
Kodak 32HDXSMART32
Kodak 32HDXSMART V132
Kodak 32HDXSMART32
Kodak 40FHDXSMART V140
MotorolaMotorola 55SAUHDMQ55
Motorola 55SAUHDMG55
Motorola 43SAUHDMQ43
Motorola 43SAFHDM43
Motorola 43SAUHDMG43
Motorola 65SAUHDM65
Motorola 40SAFHDME40
Motorola 55SAUHDM55
Motorola 32SAHDME32
Motorola 32SAFHDM32
Motorola 50SAUHDM50
Motorola 43SAUHDM43
Motorola 50SAUHDMQ50
Motorola 75SAUHDM75
NokiaNokia 43TAFHDN43
Nokia 32TAHDN32
Nokia 43TAUHDN43
Nokia 50TAUHDN50
Nokia 55TAUHDN55
Nokia 65TAUHDN65
Nokia 43CAUHDN43
Nokia 55CAUHDN55
Nokia 65CAUHDN65
OnePlusOnePlus 43FA0A0043
OnePlus 32HA0A0032
OnePlus 55Q1IN-155
OnePlus 55Q1IN55
OnePlus 55UA0A0055
PhilipsPhilips 58PUT660458
Philips 50PUT660450
Philips 43PUT779143
RealmeRealme RMV200443
Realme RMV200550
RedmiRedmi L50M6-RA50
Redmi L55M6-RA55
Redmi L65M6-RA65
ThomsonThomson 43TH600043
Thomson 50TH100050
Thomson 40M409940
Thomson 40M4099 PRO40
Thomson 32M3277 PRO32
Thomson 43TH009943
Thomson 43TH6000_UD943
Thomson 32PATH001132
Thomson 50OATHPRO121250
Thomson 55 OATHPRO 010155
Thomson 43 OATHPRO 200043
Thomson 43PATH454543
Thomson 55PATH505055
Thomson 65 OATHPRO 202065
Thomson 40PATH777740
Thomson 32PATH0011BL32
Thomson 50PATH101050
Thomson 43PATH000943
Thomson 75 OATHPRO212175
Thomson 43 OATH 100043
Thomson 49 OATH 900049
Thomson 32M327732
Thomson 55TH100055
ToshibaToshiba 32L505032
Toshiba 55U505055
Toshiba 43L505043

Popular Smart TVs

BrandModel numberSizeNameOS
SamsungUA43TUE60FKXXL43Samsung UA43TUE60FKXXLTizen
UA43TU7200KBXL43Samsung UA43TU7200KBXLTizen
UA55TU8000KXXL55Samsung UA55TU8000KXXLTizen
UA32T4350AKXXL32Samsung UA32T4350AKXXLTizen
UA58TU7200KXXL58Samsung UA58TU7200KXXLTizen
UA50TU8000KXXL50Samsung UA50TU8000KXXLTizen
UA43TU8000KBXL43Samsung UA43TU8000KBXLTizen
UA43TU8570UXXL43Samsung UA43TU8570UXXLTizen
UA55TU8570UXXL55Samsung UA55TU8570UXXLTizen
UA32N5200ARXXL32Samsung UA32N5200ARXXLTizen
UA55TU7200KXXL55Samsung UA55TU7200KXXLTizen
UA65RU8000KXXL65Samsung UA65RU8000KXXLTizen
UA50TU7200KXXL50Samsung UA50TU7200KXXLTizen
QA50Q60TAKXXL50Samsung QA50Q60TAKXXLTizen
UA32T4310AKXXL32Samsung UA32T4310AKXXLTizen
UA49NU7100KXXL49Samsung UA49NU7100KXXLTizen
UA49NU7100KLXL49Samsung UA49NU7100KLXLTizen
UA43T5350AKXXL43Samsung UA43T5350AKXXLTizen
UA43RU7470UXXL43Samsung UA43RU7470UXXLTizen
55Q8C55Samsung 55Q8CTizen
UA43T5500AKXXL43Samsung UA43T5500AKXXLTizen
65Q7F65Samsung 65Q7FTizen
UA65TU8570UXXL65Samsung UA65TU8570UXXLTizen
UA43T5770AUBXL43Samsung UA43T5770AUBXLTizen
UA43MU6470ULXL43Samsung UA43MU6470ULXLTizen
UA43T5770AUXXL43Samsung UA43T5770AUXXLTizen
49KS700049Samsung 49KS7000Tizen
UA65NU7090KXXL65Samsung UA65NU7090KXXLTizen
UA43T5310AKXXL43Samsung UA43T5310AKXXLTizen
UA55NU7100KXXL55Samsung UA55NU7100KXXLTizen
UA55NU7100KLXL55Samsung UA55NU7100KLXLTizen
QA43Q60TAKXXL43Samsung QA43Q60TAKXXLTizen
UN43TU8000FXZA43Samsung UN43TU8000FXZATizen
UA32T4500AKXXL32Samsung UA32T4500AKXXLTizen
UA65NU7470UXXL65Samsung UA65NU7470UXXLTizen
UA65NU7470ULXL65Samsung UA65NU7470ULXLTizen
UA43NU7470UXXL43Samsung UA43NU7470UXXLTizen
UA49N5370AUXXL49Samsung UA49N5370AUXXLTizen
UA49N5370AULXL49Samsung UA49N5370AULXLTizen
QA49Q60RAKXXL49Samsung QA49Q60RAKXXLTizen
QA55Q60RAKXXL55Samsung QA55Q60RAKXXLTizen
UA55RU7100KXXL55Samsung UA55RU7100KXXLTizen
QA55Q60TAKXXL55Samsung QA55Q60TAKXXLTizen
49NU800049Samsung 49NU8000Tizen
55NU747055Samsung 55NU7470Tizen
QA55Q80TAKXXL55Samsung QA55Q80TAKXXLTizen
UA43R5570AUXXL43Samsung UA43R5570AUXXLTizen
QA55Q70TAKXXL55Samsung QA55Q70TAKXXLTizen
UA55TU8200KXXL55Samsung UA55TU8200KXXLTizen
65KU647065Samsung 65KU6470Tizen
UA70TU7200KXXL70Samsung UA70TU7200KXXLTizen
UA32T4340AKXXL32Samsung UA32T4340AKXXLTizen
UA50NU7090KXXL50Samsung UA50NU7090KXXLTizen
UA43RU7100KXXL43Samsung UA43RU7100KXXLTizen
UA32N4310ARXXL32Samsung UA32N4310ARXXLTizen
UA32N4310ARLXL32Samsung UA32N4310ARLXLTizen
UA49MU6470ULXL49Samsung UA49MU6470ULXLTizen
UA75NU7100KXXL75Samsung UA75NU7100KXXLTizen
Qa65q60rakxxl65Samsung Qa65q60rakxxlTizen
QA55Q70RAKXXL55Samsung QA55Q70RAKXXLTizen
UA75NU8000KXXL75Samsung UA75NU8000KXXLTizen
UA65NU7100KXXL65Samsung UA65NU7100KXXLTizen
UA65NU7100KLXL65Samsung UA65NU7100KLXLTizen
49MU700049Samsung 49MU7000Tizen
55MU700055Samsung 55MU7000Tizen
UA43N5370AUXXL43Samsung UA43N5370AUXXLTizen
UA43N5370AULXL43Samsung UA43N5370AULXLTizen
UA43NU7100KXXL43Samsung UA43NU7100KXXLTizen
UA43NU7100KLXL43Samsung UA43NU7100KLXLTizen
UA32N4305ARXXL32Samsung UA32N4305ARXXLTizen
55KS700055Samsung 55KS7000Tizen
UA43NU6100KXXL43Samsung UA43NU6100KXXLTizen
UA43NU6100KLXL43Samsung UA43NU6100KLXLTizen
UA32T4700AKXXL32Samsung UA32T4700AKXXLTizen
55NU800055Samsung 55NU8000Tizen
QA43Q60RAKXXL43Samsung QA43Q60RAKXXLTizen
UA55RU7470UXXL55Samsung UA55RU7470UXXLTizen
65Q7FN65Samsung 65Q7FNTizen
UA55KS9000KLXL55Samsung UA55KS9000KLXLTizen
UA32N4305ARXXL32Samsung UA32N4305ARXXLTizen
UA40K6300AKLXL40Samsung UA40K6300AKLXLTizen
UA49N5300ARXXL49Samsung UA49N5300ARXXLTizen
QA65Q70RAKXXL65Samsung QA65Q70RAKXXLTizen
49KU647049Samsung 49KU6470Tizen
32K530032Samsung 32K5300Tizen
49KU657049Samsung 49KU6570Tizen
49K530049Samsung 49K5300Tizen
43M557043Samsung 43M5570Tizen
UA32N4300ARXXL32Samsung UA32N4300ARXXLTizen
UA32N4300ARLXL32Samsung UA32N4300ARLXLTizen
55MU750055Samsung 55MU7500Tizen
UA55NU7090KXXL55Samsung UA55NU7090KXXLTizen
49KS750049Samsung 49KS7500Tizen
48J530048Samsung 48J5300Tizen
UA49RU7100KXXL49Samsung UA49RU7100KXXLTizen
43MU610043Samsung 43MU6100Tizen
UA58RU7100KXXL58Samsung UA58RU7100KXXLTizen
UA65TU8200KXXL65Samsung UA65TU8200KXXLTizen
49K630049Samsung 49K6300Tizen
UA50NU6100KXXL50Samsung UA50NU6100KXXLTizen
UA50NU6100KLXL50Samsung UA50NU6100KLXLTizen
43KU647043Samsung 43KU6470Tizen
QA65Q80TAKXXL65Samsung QA65Q80TAKXXLTizen
43KU600043Samsung 43KU6000Tizen
49M630049Samsung 49M6300Tizen
UA43TU8200KXXL43Samsung UA43TU8200KXXLTizen
43LS00343Samsung 43LS003Tizen
40KU600040Samsung 40KU6000Tizen
UA32M5570AUXXL32Samsung UA32M5570AUXXLTizen
UA32M5570AULXL32Samsung UA32M5570AULXLTizen
UA43N5470AUXXL43Samsung UA43N5470AUXXLTizen
UA32T4750AKXXL32Samsung UA32T4750AKXXLTizen
55KU657055Samsung 55KU6570Tizen
32J530032Samsung 32J5300Tizen
UA43J5570AU43Samsung UA43J5570AUTizen
UA75TU8000KXXL75Samsung UA75TU8000KXXLTizen
75Q80RAK75Samsung 75Q80RAKTizen
65Q8C65Samsung 65Q8CTizen
55Q80RAK55Samsung 55Q80RAKTizen
UA43NU7090KXXL43Samsung UA43NU7090KXXLTizen
49K557049Samsung 49K5570Tizen
QA65Q70TAKXXL65Samsung QA65Q70TAKXXLTizen
QA65Q60TAKXXL65Samsung QA65Q60TAKXXLTizen
UA65RU7470UXXL65Samsung UA65RU7470UXXLTizen
UA32T4550AKXXL32Samsung UA32T4550AKXXLTizen
50KU600050Samsung 50KU6000Tizen
UA65TU8000KXXL65Samsung UA65TU8000KXXLTizen
QA55Q95TAKXXL55Samsung QA55Q95TAKXXLTizen
65MU750065Samsung 65MU7500Tizen
49KU647049Samsung 49KU6470Tizen
49M557049Samsung 49M5570Tizen
55MU647055Samsung 55MU6470Tizen
55M557055Samsung 55M5570Tizen
32J530032Samsung 32J5300Tizen
65MU647065Samsung 65MU6470Tizen
48H425048Samsung 48H4250Tizen
UA50RU7470UXXL50Samsung UA50RU7470UXXLTizen
40KU630040Samsung 40KU6300Tizen
32K557032Samsung 32K5570Tizen
QA75Q70TAKXXL75Samsung QA75Q70TAKXXLTizen
QA49Q80TAKXXL49Samsung QA49Q80TAKXXLTizen
UA32N4200ARXXL32Samsung UA32N4200ARXXLTizen
55Q7F55Samsung 55Q7FTizen
55JU647055Samsung 55JU6470Tizen
UA55F6400AR55Samsung UA55F6400ARTizen
UA46F6400AR46Samsung UA46F6400ARTizen
UA55F7500BR55Samsung UA55F7500BRTizen
55KU647055Samsung 55KU6470Tizen
UA46F7500BR46Samsung UA46F7500BRTizen
UA46F8000AR46Samsung UA46F8000ARTizen
UA60F6400AR60Samsung UA60F6400ARTizen
UA55F8000AR55Samsung UA55F8000ARTizen
UA55F9000AR55Samsung UA55F9000ARTizen
UA50F6800AR50Samsung UA50F6800ARTizen
50J557050Samsung 50J5570Tizen
UA43N5470AUXXL43Samsung UA43N5470AUXXLTizen
UA65F8000AR65Samsung UA65F8000ARTizen
65F900065Samsung 65F9000Tizen
60KU600060Samsung 60KU6000Tizen
43K557043Samsung 43K5570Tizen
48JU667048Samsung 48JU6670Tizen
48J630048Samsung 48J6300Tizen
55J630055Samsung 55J6300Tizen
55K630055Samsung 55K6300Tizen
UA75F6400AR75Samsung UA75F6400ARTizen
UA65KS9000KLXL65Samsung UA65KS9000KLXLTizen
50MU610050Samsung 50MU6100Tizen
65Q80RAK65Samsung 65Q80RAKTizen
UA75RU7100KXWT75Samsung UA75RU7100KXWTTizen
QA58Q60TAKXXL58Samsung QA58Q60TAKXXLTizen
43KU657043Samsung 43KU6570Tizen
75MU700075Samsung 75MU7000Tizen
UA65RU7100KXXL65Samsung UA65RU7100KXXLTizen
75Q60RAK75Samsung 75Q60RAKTizen
QA82Q800TAKXXL82Samsung QA82Q800TAKXXLTizen
QA75Q800TAKXXL75Samsung QA75Q800TAKXXLTizen
QA65Q800TAKXXL65Samsung QA65Q800TAKXXLTizen
QA65Q95TAKXXL65Samsung QA65Q95TAKXXLTizen
QA65Q90RAKXXL65Samsung QA65Q90RAKXXLTizen
QA75Q95TAKXXL75Samsung QA75Q95TAKXXLTizen
QA82Q900RBKXXL82Samsung QA82Q900RBKXXLTizen
QA75Q900RBKXXL75Samsung QA75Q900RBKXXLTizen
55K557055Samsung 55K5570Tizen
UA40F5500AR40Samsung UA40F5500ARTizen
48JU6000K48Samsung 48JU6000KTizen
55LS00355Samsung 55LS003Tizen
82Q60RAK82Samsung 82Q60RAKTizen
UA32F5500AR32Samsung UA32F5500ARTizen
32K430032Samsung 32K4300Tizen
UA32T4340AKXXL32Samsung UA32T4340AKXXLTizen
UA32T4010ARXXL32Samsung UA32T4010ARXXLTizen
UA32T4500AKXXL32Samsung UA32T4500AKXXLTizen
LG43UM7290PTF43LG 43UM7290PTFWebOs
50UM7290PTD50LG 50UM7290PTDWebOs
55UM7290PTD55LG 55UM7290PTDWebOs
65UM7290PTD65LG 65UM7290PTDWebOs
43UN7190PTA43LG 43UN7190PTAWebOs
43LM6360PTB43LG 43LM6360PTBWebOs
65UK7500PTA65LG 65UK7500PTAWebOs
32LK628BPTF32LG 32LK628BPTFWebOs
43UM7600PTA43LG 43UM7600PTAWebOs
65UK6360PTE65LG 65UK6360PTEWebOs
65UN7300PTC65LG 65UN7300PTCWebOs
50UM7700PTA50LG 50UM7700PTAWebOs
55UN7300PTC55LG 55UN7300PTCWebOs
65UM7300PTA65LG 65UM7300PTAWebOs
65SM8100PTA65LG 65SM8100PTAWebOs
75SM9400PTA75LG 75SM9400PTAWebOs
43LM5760PTC43LG 43LM5760PTCWebOs
43UJ652T43LG 43UJ652TWebOs
49UK7500PTA49LG 49UK7500PTAWebOs
55SK8500PTA55LG 55SK8500PTAWebOs
49UJ632T49LG 49UJ632TWebOs
55LH600T55LG 55LH600TWebOs
65UJ632T65LG 65UJ632TWebOs
49LJ554T49LG 49LJ554TWebOs
43LH576T43LG 43LH576TWebOs
43LJ554T-TA43LG 43LJ554T-TAWebOs
43LK6120PTC43LG 43LK6120PTCWebOs
43UK6560PTC43LG 43UK6560PTCWebOs
43UJ632T43LG 43UJ632TWebOs
75UN8000PTB75LG 75UN8000PTBWebOs
49SK8500PTA49LG 49SK8500PTAWebOs
55UM7600PTA55LG 55UM7600PTAWebOs
32LJ573D -TA32LG 32LJ573D -TAWebOs
43LJ617T43LG 43LJ617TWebOs
55UK7500PTA55LG 55UK7500PTAWebOs
55LJ550T55LG 55LJ550TWebOs
32LH602D32LG 32LH602DWebOs
49LJ617V49LG 49LJ617VWebOs
65SJ850T65LG 65SJ850TWebOs
65UJ752T65LG 65UJ752TWebOs
55UK6360PTE55LG 55UK6360PTEWebOs
75UM7600PTA75LG 75UM7600PTAWebOs
49SM8100PTA49LG 49SM8100PTAWebOs
43UJ752T43LG 43UJ752TWebOs
49SJ800T49LG 49SJ800TWebOs
75SK8000PTA75LG 75SK8000PTAWebOs
86SM9400PTA86LG 86SM9400PTAWebOs
43LJ619V43LG 43LJ619VWebOs
65UN8000PTA65LG 65UN8000PTAWebOs
49UM7300PTA49LG 49UM7300PTAWebOs
55UT761H55LG 55UT761HWebOs
49LH576T49LG 49LH576TWebOs
32LJ616D32LG 32LJ616DWebOs
PanasonicTH-43FX600D43Panasonic TH-43FX600DHomeOS
55GX600D55Panasonic 55GX600DHomeOS
TH-55GX600D55Panasonic TH-55GX600DHomeOS
TH-49GX600D49Panasonic TH-49GX600DHomeOS
55GX500DX55Panasonic 55GX500DXHomeOS
43GS595DX43Panasonic 43GS595DXHomeOS
TH-43FS600D43Panasonic TH-43FS600DHomeOS
55FX600D55Panasonic 55FX600DHomeOS
49FS630D49Panasonic 49FS630DHomeOS
Philips58PUT660458Philips 58PUT6604Linux based
58PUT669458Philips 58PUT6694Linux based
43PFT5813S43Philips 43PFT5813SLinux based
70PUT677470Philips 70PUT6774Linux based
65PUT6703S65Philips 65PUT6703SLinux based
32PHT5813S32Philips 32PHT5813SLinux based
50PUT660450Philips 50PUT6604Linux based
50PUT6103S50Philips 50PUT6103SLinux based
55PUT6109450Philips 55PUT61094Linux based
VU75QDV75VU 75QDVLinux based
LTDN65XT800XWAU3D65VU LTDN65XT800XWAU3DLinux based
49PL49VU 49PLLinux based
43-UH43VU 43-UHLinux based
55-QDV55VU 55-QDVLinux based
55 QDV -V155VU 55 QDV -V1Linux based
40SM40VU 40SMLinux based
75-QDV75VU 75-QDVLinux based
32SM32VU 32SMLinux based
50-QDV50VU 50-QDVLinux based
55BPX55VU 55BPXLinux based
50-QDV50VU 50-QDVLinux based
50-QDV -V150VU 50-QDV -V1Linux based
43px43VU 43pxLinux based
65HQ13765VU 65HQ137Linux based
SonyKD-43X7002G43VU KD-43X7002GLinux based
KDL-43W660043VU KDL-43W6600Linux based
KLV-50W662F50VU KLV-50W662FLinux based
KLV-43W672G43VU KLV-43W672GLinux based
KDL-32W610332VU KDL-32W6103Linux based
KLV-32W672G32VU KLV-32W672GLinux based
KDL-32W610032VU KDL-32W6100Linux based
KD-49X7002G49VU KD-49X7002GLinux based
KLV-50W672G50VU KLV-50W672GLinux based
KD-43X7002F43VU KD-43X7002FLinux based
KLV-49W672E49VU KLV-49W672ELinux based
KLV-43W662F43VU KLV-43W662FLinux based
KLV-32W622G32VU KLV-32W622GLinux based
KLV-32W622F32VU KLV-32W622FLinux based
KD-49X7002F49VU KD-49X7002FLinux based
KLV-32W672F32VU KLV-32W672FLinux based
KD-55X7002G55VU KD-55X7002GLinux based
KLV-49W772E49VU KLV-49W772ELinux based
KLV-32W622E32VU KLV-32W622ELinux based
KD-55X7002F55VU KD-55X7002FLinux based
KLV-40W672E40VU KLV-40W672ELinux based
KLV-43W772E43VU KLV-43W772ELinux based
KLV-32W512D32VU KLV-32W512DLinux based
KLV-32W672E32VU KLV-32W672ELinux based
KLV-40W562D40VU KLV-40W562DLinux based
KD-49X7002E49VU KD-49X7002ELinux based
KD-65X7002E65VU KD-65X7002ELinux based
KD-55X7002E55VU KD-55X7002ELinux based
KD-43X7002E43VU KD-43X7002ELinux based
SamsungUN43TU8000FXZA43Samsung UN43TU8000FXZALinux based
Toshiba32L505032Toshiba 32L5050VIDAA
55U505055Toshiba 55U5050VIDAA
43L505043Toshiba 43L5050VIDAA
43L586543Toshiba 43L5865VIDAA
50U505050Toshiba 50U5050VIDAA
32L586532Toshiba 32L5865VIDAA
43U505043Toshiba 43U5050VIDAA
65U798065Toshiba 65U7980VIDAA
55U798055Toshiba 55U7980VIDAA
65U808065Toshiba 65U8080VIDAA

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can We Download Apps in Smart TV?

Yes, you can download apps in smart TVs. Whether it’s Samsung’s Tizen OS, LG’s WebOS, or Google’s Android TV OS, there are apps available on all these platforms. However, note that the app library is limited in Tizen and WebOS.

Q. What Device Turns Your TV into a Smart TV?

There are many Android TV boxes like Mi Box, Nvidia Shield TV, and dongles like Chromecast with Google TV,  and Fire TV Stick that can turn any TV into a smart TV.

Q. Will a Smart TV Work Without an Internet Connection?

Yes, you can use a smart TV without an internet connection but only for local media playback through a USB drive. Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, and other streaming apps don’t support offline viewing on a smart TV or an Android TV.

Q. Which Brand is Best for Smart TV?

Some of the best smart TV brands are Sony, LG, and Samsung.

Q. How Smart TV is Better Over an Android TV?

Smart TVs are generally faster in performance than Android TVs and offer a simple and user-friendly interface. The boot time is also considerably better than Android TVs.

Android TV vs Smart TV: Which is the Best?

In my analysis, I found that Android TVs offer a lot more choices to the consumers hence it’s a better pick against smart TVs that run Tizen OS, webOS, etc. From app library to updates and upgradability, Android TV has your back covered.

The few disadvantages of Android TV are performance that is not on par with smart TVs and second, users should have some degree of knowledge about the Android ecosystem. So depending on your need and preference, you can choose to get Android TV or smart TV. Anyway, that is all from us. If you have any questions for us then do comment down below and let us know.


  1. I have bought lloyd smart led tv but many apps in this led does not work properly and dont get update

  2. I have a JVC Android tv bought 4months ago, it’s rubbish. I keep having to stop and restart programs as it goes blank. Or you have to turn it off and unplug it to get it to work at all. It’s no my internet speed as that is 40+mbs.
    I wish I’d never bought it!!!

  3. How much data are these tv collecting on us and can it be stopped, blocked or opted out?

  4. Using the Android Mi Box has MORE HASSLE & lots of films / apps hv charges…. Smart TV works very2 similarly to Android TV , so if U hv Smart TV, it’s redundant….

  5. What im looking for is simply convenience so, I would be picking Smart TV. Android TV is more work, i.e., updates on Google and u got to pay box fees to connect, etc…I’d preferred it all fixed, hassle free

  6. My last TV was a Samsung HD, and had better picture quality (pixels?) than my new Visio smart TV. Also, When I shopped for it, I didn’t see any HD TVs for sale. Have they been replaced by these newer platforms?

  7. What if you have a smart-tv with an android dongle, wouldn’t that give you the best from two worlds? Looking forward to you your reply! Thanks in advance!

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