10 Best Dripstone Caves Seeds for Minecraft 1.18.1 Java and Bedrock

Dripstone caves are easily the most unique types of caves in the game. They have unique features that, unlike many other Minecraft biomes in the game, stay true to their real-world counterparts. But unless you go on long mining trips, they are not easy to come across. That’s why we have gathered the best dripstone cave seeds for Minecraft 1.19 and 1.18 updates that will take you to caves that can’t even imagine seeing naturally. Some of them are made out of glitches, while others feel like a part of custom Minecraft maps. Whatever the case, they are sure to keep you entertained for hours in the game. So, let’s stop beating around the bush and venture into the best dripstone caves of Minecraft!

Best Minecraft 1.18 and 1.19 Dripstone Caves Seeds (2022)

We have personally tested all the seeds listed below on Minecraft 1.18 and 1.19 updates, including the Java and Bedrock editions. You can rest assured that all of them are functional and true to their description. Additionally, our list isn’t ranked, so feel free to explore the seeds as per your interests.

Note: This article was last updated on June 24th, 2022 at 5:00 AM PST (or 5:30 PM IST). Also, the final two dripstone cave seeds on this list will work only on the Minecraft 1.19 update as they spawn near the Ancient City.

1. Dripstone Cave Inside Hills (+Bonus Feature)

Dripstone Cave Inside Hills and Bonus

Our first seed features an interesting spawn location with snowy plains surrounding us. Moreover, there are small hills and dozens of cave openings all around. These hills are made up of dripstone caves that expand their network all inside them. You can select any opening, and it will lead you to these caves.

If you are on the Minecraft 1.18.1 Bedrock edition, this seed will serve you some extra goodness. The dripstone caves that expand beyond the snow will lead you right to a stronghold. And this stronghold is built right under a plains village. So, you can even use this dripstone caves seed as one of the best speedrunning seeds for the Minecraft 1.18 update.

  • Seed Code: -427549525
  • Biomes: Snowy Plains
  • Large Cave Entrance Coordinates: X: -142, Y: 57, Z: 89
  • Stronghold Coordinates: X: 660, Y: 50, Z: 196

2. Lush Dripstone Caves in Minecraft 1.18.3

Dripstone Lush Caves - Minecraft 1.18

The new update brings us two new types of caves – dripstone and lush caves, and this Minecraft 1.18.1 seed lets us explore both cave biomes at the same time. We spawn in a dark forest, a hub of hostile mob spawning even during the day. So yeah, ensure you have some weapons ready beforehand to avoid these deadly mobs. If you can successfully avoid the mobs, you will get enough time to explore the area for cave openings.

There are not many cave openings in this seed, so keep your eyes peeled. Exploring these caves will then lead you to discover a network of dripstone caves. These dripstone caves merge into lush caves creating an iconic scene (screenshot above). Feel free to explore the lush caves further as their network starts to expand after this intersection.

  • Seed Code: -951190063
  • Biomes: Dark Forest
  • Cave Coordinates: X: 44, Y: 8, Z: 0

3. Mountainside Exposed Caves

Mountainside Exposed Dripstone Caves - Minecraft 1.18 Dripstone Caves Seeds

A major part of discovering and exploring caves revolves around digging a lot. Fortunately, this entry on our list of the best Minecraft 1.18.1 dripstone caves seeds makes it easy. It saves you time and effort of looking for a dripstone cave by spawning us right next to it.

We spawn on the edge of the savanna and plains biome. Right next to us is a giant but hollow mountain. On one side of the mountain is a river while the other has a huge cave opening. This opening leads us right into one of the largest dripstone caves in Minecraft. It goes to the peak of the mountain but also is very deep. Make sure not to fall into it while exploring.

  • Seed Code: 964701342
  • Biomes: Plains and Savanna
  • Cave Opening Coordinates: X: 88, Y: 68, Z: -35

4. 2000 Blocks of Dripstone Caves

2000 Blocks of Dripstone
Seed Analysis using SeedMap

If you only plan to explore dripstone caves, this seed feels custom-made for just that purpose. We spawn in a seemingly regular birch forest next to the taiga biome. You can find plenty of cave openings and even some ravines in the area. All of these openings are connected to the same network.

There are only dripstone caves in one direction for at least 2000 blocks from your spawn point. Not only that, we also get a whole variety of them. Some of these spawn next to lush caves, while others have mineshafts in them. A few caves in the area are even underwater caves expanding their variety even further.

  • Seed Code: -1535477359
  • Biomes: Taiga and Birch Forest

5. Mineshaft Dripstone Caves

Mineshaft Dripstone Caves

Badlands and their variant biomes are known to have an abundance of mineshafts and gold ores. And with the dripstone caves forming here in this seed, their intersection is inevitable. That’s why we get dripstone caves with exposed mineshafts on both Minecraft 1.18.1 Java and Bedrock editions of the game. The location can vary slightly depending upon the edition of the game you are playing.

But thanks to their abundance, it will be easy to find the mineshafts once you enter the caves. There are plenty of cave openings and even tiny ravines that can directly lead you to these caves. So, all you need to do is be ready to fight off the mobs that spawn inside them. The loot from the mineshaft will help you with the rest.

  • Seed Code: 1557168021
  • Biomes: Badlands and Wooded Badlands

6. Snowy Dripstone Caves in Minecraft 1.18.3

Snowy Dripstone Caves

Our next seed is challenging in a survival world but definitely creates an exciting adventure. It spawns us on a snowy slope with a ton of powdered snow. You should be careful not to trap yourself in it. Then, right next to our spawn is a small terrain opening. It leads directly to a snowy dripstone cave.

The area has multiple cave openings that allow snow to reach into the caves. It creates a unique but delightful experience. But that’s not all. Behind the mountain is a giant empty area encircled by more mountains. If you are looking for a snowy base in the hub of dripstone caves, well, this is the Minecraft 1.18.1 seed for you.

  • Seed Code: 1176468199
  • Biomes: Snowy Slopes and Snowy Plains
  • Coordinates: X: -27, Y: 71, Z: -23

7. Exposed Flooded Caves

Exposed Flooded Cave

This entry on our list of the best Minecraft 1.18.1 dripstone caves seeds is an interesting one. It spawns us in a desert located near a Badlands biome. In the Badlands biome is a massive cave opening that leads to one of the largest caves you can find. Since it’s exposed, you can see it from a distant location too.

But it’s not a regular dripstone cave and is made up of three separate floors. The top two are flooded with water to create an underwater cave. Finally, the lowest one leads to a large and deep dripstone cave. You can find the majority of Minecraft ores just by exploring them.

  • Seed Code: 1349971399
  • Biomes: Desert and Badlands
  • Cave Opening Coordinates: X: -655, Y: 95, Z: 760

8. Forest Cave

Forest Cave - Minecraft 1.18 Dripstone Caves Seeds

The final entry on our list of best Minecraft 1.18.1 dripstone caves seeds is unique for two reasons. First, it has a huge dripstone cave which is always fun to explore. But that feature is common among most of the seeds on our list. What makes this seed better is the fact that you can directly walk into it.

This seed spawns the cave right into the forest. It almost looks custom-built. Some of the cave features spawn higher than the forest’s trees, creating an iconic location. The forest will give you plenty of wood and food to survive in this sandbox game. Meanwhile, the caves here are made up of a variety of ores. These features make this seed one of the best survival seeds too.

  • Seed Code: 1002436203
  • Biomes: Forest
  • Cave Opening Coordinates: X: -105, Y: 65, Z: -88

9. Ancient Dripstone City (Java)

Ancient Dripstone City

Dripstone caves don’t generate a structure on their own making them pretty barren and lifeless. But our next seed fixes that issue slightly by making a dripstone cave share an Ancient city with the deep dark biome. The result is a bizarre but captivating-looking city that, thanks to dripstone features, can spawn more mobs than the Warden.

  • Seed Code: 2817169686383787731
  • Spawn Biome: Forest
  • Ancient City Coordinates: X= 488, Y= -40, Z= -600

10. All Cave Biomes in One Place (Bedrock)

All Cave Biomes at Once

Instead of just featuring a dripstone cave, this Minecraft seed brings all the cave biomes together in one place. This seed also has an Ancient city, which you can find in the Minecraft 1.19 update. So, you can explore lush caves, dripstone caves, regular caves, and even the deep dark in Minecraft 1.19 in the same place. The best part is that it all happens inside an Ancient city.

  • Seed Code: 5114865292213250711
  • Spawn Biome: Taiga
  • Ancient City Coordinates: 584, -44, 168

Try Top Minecraft 1.18.3 and 1.19 Dripstone Caves Seeds

If you want to explore the rarest and most bizarre dripstone caves in Minecraft, these seeds have you covered. But if you wish to explore the rest of the world, our list of best Minecraft seeds might be a better fit. We have also covered the best lush cave seeds for tropical cave lovers. Though, keep in mind that Minecraft’s world generation can be a little heavy for some systems. So, installing Optifine in Minecraft might be a wise way to increase FPS and optimize its performance. You can even install Forge to use the best Minecraft mods for an additional boost. Vanilla or modded, these dripstone cave seeds are going to be a cool adventure for you in Minecraft 1.18 and 1.19. So, don’t waste time and start exploring!

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