Who Holds the Minecraft Speedrun World Record in 2024?

In Short
  • Minecraft speedrun world records in 2024 have been achieved by two amazing players.
  • Java world record holder is drip120 with his amazing run of only 7 minutes and 1 second.
  • Bedrock's world record holder is lol869, who beat Minecraft in 6 minutes and 46 seconds. His run was initially rejected, but then got verified a year later.

Speedrunning in video games is a very popular and rewarding sport, and Minecraft is no different. Like everything else in life, there have been various attempts from people who all wanted the first place. While speed runs have gotten shorter over time, there is always that one winner. Let’s talk about this interesting side of Minecraft as we discuss who the current speedrun world record holders are in both Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft in 2024. So, if you’re excited, let’s jump straight in.

Minecraft Java: Speedrun World Record Holder

On January 4, 2024, a YouTuber named drip120 uploaded the new Java edition Minecraft speedrun world record, which lasted 7 minutes and 1 second in-game time. This run is part of the random seed glitchless category for Minecraft version 1.16.1. This is by far the fastest speed run there has ever been, with the second-best run being 25 seconds longer.

Leaderboard for Java edition of Minecraft where drip120's run is first

Drip120’s Run Explained

Drip has been not only extremely lucky with this seed, its structures, and loot but also highly skilled. The run starts off with drip managing to quickly locate the buried treasure, gather wood and blocks, make tools, a bucket, doors, and a boat, create the Nether portal in the nearby underwater ravine, and enter the Nether dimension in just one minute and 18 seconds.

His portal then spawns right next to a bastion, where he goes to collect gold blocks to barter with piglins while distracting them with gold ingots. Drip then acquires the ender pearls and strings the piglins have dropped and loots the chest for gold armor, obsidian, and more string. Then he starts heading off towards a Nether fortress seen earlier. Drip then kills some Blazes and acquires blaze rods.

Thanks to a special calculator, he returns to the Overworld and figures out where the stronghold is. Drip then returns to the Nether to get one more blaze rod. He travels to specific coordinates and makes a new Nether portal, which leads him to a stronghold. He very quickly finds the End portal room and completes it, so he’s in the End dimension in only 5 minutes and 44 seconds.

Then, he reaches the central End island and prepares the bedrock portal with crying obsidian. After that, he crafts the beds and waits for the Ender Dragon to perch. Once the Dragon is down, drip120 blasts it with several beds and ends the run with a second over 7 minutes!

As you can see from the video above, the chat members didn’t realize what was happening right before their eyes until the middle of the run!

This incredible world record was even rejected at first. This is because drip120 used a mod that was not allowed. Many speedrunners use mods that simply improve the game’s performance.

The prohibited mod drip used simply prevented crashes from another allowed mod. It did nothing else. The moderators rejected the run because of their rules. However, due to the community vote and further consideration, the run has been verified and placed on the leaderboards.

Minecraft Bedrock: Speedrun World Record Holder

On May 21st, 2023, player by the name of lol869 has set the new Minecraft Bedrock world record speedrun. It lasts for astonishing 6 minutes and 46 seconds. It is part of the random seed glitchless category for Minecraft version 1.16.1. Though, it happened a whole year ago, so why are we talking about it in 2024? Well, it’s because of an interesting turn of events that just recently led to the fact that lol869 has set a new world record. Let’s now go over the run and the story.

Official leaderboard for Minecraft Bedrock speedruns

Lol869’s Run Explained

Speedrunning in the Bedrock edition is different from that in the Java edition. This is mainly because Bedrock players don’t have access to the F3 debug screen, can spam attack without cooldown, strongholds can generate below villages, and Ender Dragon behaves differently. Moreover, the player spawns only in certain biomes.

That means if the biomes don’t align, the player can be spawned hundreds of blocks away from 0,0, which makes them far more likely to find a village with a stronghold below it. Though, there is about a 15% chance of this generation happening, so it’s uncommon.

Lol869 starts off the run and spawns right on top of the blacksmith house in a village and loots it to obtain some obsidian, iron gear and an iron pickaxe. He then gathers materials quickly and starts digging down to see if there is a stronghold underneath. Luckily, there was a stronghold and he was there at 1 minute and 14 second mark.

The speedrunner finds the End portal room soon and builds a Nether portal. He enters the Nether just 1 minute and 53 seconds after the start. The spawn point is right next to a bastion, where lol869 mines gold blocks and barters with piglins for ender pearls. He leaves the bastion with almost two stacks of pearls and travels off to a nearby Nether fortress.

There lol869 gathers 6 blaze rods and heads back to the portal. He quickly makes eyes of ender, fills the End portal and enters the End dimension in just 5 minutes and 56 seconds. Then, he sets up the crying obsidian for the bed blasting method and also deals some damage to the Ender Dragon. Lol869 pillars up and sets lava to the side of the Dragon to slow it down while flying away.

He explodes several beds and kills the Dragon at 6m 36s mark. He does die then, but the portal lights up and the credits roll and he successfully beat the game in only 6 minutes and 46 seconds.

A few days after the run, the leaderboard mods decided to reject the run, as it contained a resource pack called Fastest Resets, which is one of the commonly used resources that help players make the in-between-run process faster. Though, moderators thought it could’ve also provided some exploit opportunities that would let the player insert a set seed world. The run was not verified therefore.

However, after almost a year, lol869 set a new world record at the time and the leaderboard moderators decided to verify his first 6:46 run. So, this run was actually the Bedrock world record speedrun for a very long time, but no one knew that. This run is also faster than the Java speedrun, making lol869 the fastest Minecraft player up to date.

Now you know who holds the 2024 Minecraft speedrun world record in both Java and Bedrock editions. You can check out these and other runs on the Speedrun website.

These two and so many more amazing speedrunners have inspired me to start learning Minecraft speedrunning. So, what do you think about these fast Minecraft runs? Share your opinion in the comments below!

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