All Types of Sculk Blocks in Minecraft 1.19 – Explained!

The latest Minecraft 1.19 update is truly wild with the variety of features it brings to the game. We are getting several new biomes, amazing new mobs, and a family of new blocks. Focusing only on the latter here, we have covered all the different types of sculk blocks in Minecraft. From finding the sculk blocks to their uses, you can find everything you need to know about sculks in this guide. Since there’s a lot to cover, let’s not waste time and learn about all types of sculk blocks you can find in Deep Dark in Minecraft 1.19.

Types of Sculk Blocks in Minecraft (2022)

We have covered each type of sculk block individually, explaining where to find them and their uses. But if you don’t want to wait, you can use the table below to learn about the one that interests you the most.

List of Sculk Blocks in Minecraft

List of Sculk Blocks in Minecraft

There are five types of blocks in the sculk family of Minecraft. All these blocks have the same color scheme and can only be found in the new Deep Dark biome. Even Minecraft’s Warden looks like a part of the sculk family, thanks to its design. The different variants of the sculk block are:

  • Sculk
  • Sculk Sensor
  • Sculk Catalyst
  • Sculk Shrieker
  • Sculk Vein

What Do Minecraft Sculk Blocks Do

The regular sculk block and sculk vein only add cosmetic value to the game. Though, you can mine them to collect experience orbs. But all the other sculk blocks have many useful functions. Read on to find out how to mine the different sculk block types and their uses:


Sculk temple

The most basic block of the sculk family is the sculk block. It is a simple decorative building block that has the iconic dark sculk texture on all its sides. You can use it for dark or horror-based Minecraft house ideas. But if that’s not your plan, you can break the blocks to collect plenty of experience in no time.

Sculk Sensor

Sculk Sensor in Minecraft

As the name suggests, this block works like a sensor. The sculk sensor detects vibrations in a 9-block radius and sends out Redstone signals. Other Redstone components and the Warden in Minecraft can pick up these signals and act upon them. All types of movements, even as minor as placing a block, can trigger this block.

You can use our dedicated guide on how to use sculk sensor to learn everything about this block before you use it in your next build.

Sculk Shrieker

sculk shrieker

The sculk shrieker is a block you should stay away from. It also detects vibrations around it but doesn’t give out Redstone signals. Instead, it makes the Warden spawn by making a shrieking sound. But it doesn’t happen immediately. The block gives out two warning shrieks and spawns the Warden in Minecraft only when it detects player or mob movement for the third time.

Do note that it can’t spawn the Warden outside the Deep Dark biome. So, if you are planning to make Warden farms, this block has to stay where you find it. However, if you wish to mine it, you will need a tool with the silk touch enchantment.

Sculk Catalyst

Sculk Catalyst in Deep Dark Biome

The sculk catalyst is the most interesting block in the sculk family. Whenever a mob dies close to this block, it immediately spawns sculk features where that mob died. This only works when the mob drops experience on dying. As for the sculk features, they usually remain limited to sculk blocks and veins. But at times, you can even make other sculk blocks spawn with the help of the catalyst.

Since all types of sculk blocks drop a lot of experience in Minecraft, the sculk catalyst can help you make the most efficient XP farms in the game. You can use our dedicated guide to learn how to use sculk catalyst in Minecraft easily.

Sculk Vein

Sculk Vein

Similar to other vein-like items in the game, the sculk vein attaches itself to other solid blocks. You can use it to add subtle hints of darkness to your base. Not to forget, sculk vein also has a light but constant twinkling effect. Maybe, you can use it to create a starry roof simply by attaching it to black wool.

Minecraft Sculk Blocks: Comparison

To round up everything we have learned above, check out the table below to understand the key differences between the types of sculk blocks in Minecraft 1.19:

ImageBlock NameTypeFunction
Sculk SculkDecorativeOnly for aesthetics and building
Sculk SensorSculk SensorRedstoneDetects vibration and sends out Redstone signals
SculkSculks CatalystFunctionalGenerates sculk features whenever an experience dropping mob dies nearby
Sculk ShriekerSculk ShriekerFunctionalSummons the Warden after detecting vibrations three separate times
Sculk VeinsSculk VeinDecorativeOnly for aesthetics and decoration
Images via Minecraft Wiki

Explore the Different Sculk Blocks in Minecraft

Just like that, you are now familiar with all types of sculk blocks in Minecraft. Hopefully, this knowledge will help make your journey into the Deep dark a little less scary and worthwhile. But if you feel like you need additional help, keeping some of these best Minecraft potions handy won’t be the worst idea. Not to forget, you can also try to defeat the Warden in Minecraft to complete your strategy for the big fight. With that said, what are you planning to do with sculk blocks in Minecraft? Tell us in the comments section below!

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