20 Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds for PS5 and Xbox

The Minecraft 1.19 update is available on all modern platforms, ranging from mobile devices to the latest consoles. And thanks to in-game Minecraft commands and third-party Minecraft mods, the users on almost all platforms are already making the most of the latest update. Unfortunately, such powerful features are not fully available to PS and Xbox console users. But lucky for you, we are here with the list of best Minecraft 1.19 seeds for PS4/ PS5 and Xbox. You can use these seeds to explore all the amazing features of the wild update. We have even mentioned coordinates for the best locations of each seed to ease your exploration. With that said, it’s time to boot up your console and explore the top Minecraft seeds for PS5 and Xbox in 2022.

Minecraft 1.19 Seeds for PS5 and Xbox (2022)

Our list of seeds goes over a variety of unique features, ranging from glitched structures to rare biomes. The list isn’t ranked, and you can freely explore all the Minecraft 1.19 seeds using the table below. But, if you haven’t updated your game, check out the best Minecraft 1.18 seeds for PS4 and Xbox using the linked article.

1. Spawn Next to Jungle Temple

The first seed on our list is also easily one of the most beautiful Minecraft seed for PS4/ PS5 and Xbox. It spawns you on the side of a river with a Jungle temple right across you. Unlike most temples in the game, this one is fully exposed and generated on the side of a hill. You can enter from its side and avoid almost all traps before getting the loot.

Spawn Next to Jungle Temple

Once you are done looting the temple, the area also has various waterlogged cave openings. One such opening is made up of a small lake on top of a lush cave biome. You can enter it and find the perfect place to create a secret cave base on this seed.

  • Seed Code: -8494534497145715813
  • Spawn Biome: Jungle
  • Jungle Temple Coordiantes: 37, 89, 86
  • Beautiful Cave Coordinates: -34, 67, 173

2. Seaside Village in Minecraft 1.19

Seaside Village - Minecraft 1.19 Seed for PS5 and Xbox

The most popular seeds in Minecraft usually are the ones that spawn you inside a village. But what’s better than those seeds are the ones whose spawn village is in a rare ravishing spot. That’s what this seed provides. It spawns you inside a tiny taiga village that sits next to an ocean and is surrounded by a massive birch forest.

You can get the basic types of villagers here to get started with your adventurous journey in this world. After that, it is up to you to either build a Minecraft house at the beautiful spot or dig down to collect the variety of underwater ores in the area.

  • Seed Code: -2327446050637187273
  • Spawn Biome: Taiga

3. Huge Mangrove Swamp Spawn

Huge Mangrove Swamp Spawn

If you haven’t had the chance to explore the new mangrove swamp biome, this seed is perfect for you. It spawns the player in the middle of a huge mangrove swamp biome with its iconic features, including frogs in Minecraft, presenting themselves in all their glory. But do keep a box of tissues around while you load this seed. Missing the iconic fireflies of Minecraft 1.19 is inevitable.

  • Seed Code: 1991159181765928209
  • Spawn Biome: Mangrove Swamp

4. Survival Island with Portal

Irrespective of the version you play the game on, it’s hard to deny the excitement of survival island seeds. They put you in a tricky location with almost no resources, and like an underdog, you have to find a way to conquer the world. In that context, this Minecraft 1.19 seed goes easy on the PS5 and Xbox players.

Survival Island with Portal

You spawn on a tiny island that has several larger islands with enough wood to last you through the entire game. But what makes it truly special is the ruined portal right next to your spawnpoint with just enough obsidian and lava to create a Nether portal in no time. Survival islands rarely double as a Minecraft 1.19 speedrun seed, so this one is surely an amazing anomaly.

  • Seed Code: -750738028158681627
  • Spawn Biome: Beach
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: 248, 55, 40

5. Too Cold to Survive

Too Cold to Survive

This seed is a tricky one. It looks beautiful on the surface but also holds the power to starve you to death over time. You spawn in a world that only has cold biomes for a few thousand blocks. It means that food is limited. and unfortunately, there aren’t many villages to rely upon either.

But before you give up completely, right next to your spawnpoint is a cave opening that leads to an exposed mineshaft. The loot from the mineshaft can help you survive for a while, but good luck with everything that comes after.

  • Seed Code: -7395339824753414002
  • Spawn Biome: Snowy Plains
  • Mineshaft Coordinates: -54, -43, 690

6. Beautiful Plains Seed in Minecraft 1.19

Beautiful Plains

Once a common biome, the leveled plains have now become a rarity in Minecraft. And that’s thanks to the last couple of updates. Luckily, this seed takes notice of that and spawns us in one of the most beautiful plains biomes. It has a huge open area for you to build an entire city. Then, to add to the scenery, this plains area is surrounded by beautiful mountains on all sides. If you plan to create one of the best Minecraft custom maps, this is the perfect seed to start with.

  • Seed Code: -303868612685583381
  • Spawn Biome: Plains

7. World of Lara Croft

World of Lara Croft - Minecraft 1.19 Seed for PS5 and Xbox

It’s time to polish your parkour and exploration skills because this seed is nostalgic and brings back a lot of memories. You will spawn in a huge jungle biome with a river flowing through it, and there are multiple hidden caves covering the area. Whether you make a secret base or just explore the amazing resources, this seed provides you with an experience like Lara Croft. But don’t forget to check out the lush cave opening next to the panda habitat, coordinates for which are mentioned below.

  • Seed Code: -4298431919489035528
  • Spawn Biome: Jungle
  • Lush Cave with Pandas Coordiantes: -24, 63, 109

8. Find Warden After Spawning

Ancient City Portal

Are console controllers good enough for combat in Minecraft? The only way to find out is by fighting the strongest mob in-game. Yeah, we are talking about the Warden in Ancient city, which awaits you right beneath the spawnpoint on this seed. But before you load it and start digging, make sure to collect all the resources you need to defeat the Warden in Minecraft.

  • Seed Code: -7969402200478764570
  • Spawn Biome: Snowy Slopes
  • Ancient City Coordinates: 8, -43, 136

9. Hostile Dark Spawn in Minecraft

Hostile Dark Spawn

If you want to test your skills in Minecraft 1.19, there can’t be a better seed than this one. It spawns you inside a huge dark forest biome that is always packed with hostile mobs. Whether it is daytime or night, you’re bound to encounter dangerous mobs here. And it makes this Minecraft 1.19 seed one of the most dangerous seeds for PS4/ PS5 and Xbox.

  • Seed Code: -5691918182093196948
  • Spawn Biome: Dark Forest

10. Most Colorful Minecraft Biome Spawn

Most Colourful Biomes Spawn - Minecraft 1.19 Seed for PS5 and Xbox

The unique and diverse Minecraft biomes are the most interesting aspect of exploration in this game and this seed presents us with a whole host of them in the Minecraft 1.19 update. You will meet diverse wildlife, see uniquely colorful areas, and find exclusive mobs in every single biome.

  • Seed Code: 732744407344987287
  • Spawn Biome: Plains

11. Spawn Next to Igloo, Outpost, and Village

Spawn Next to Igloo, Outpost, and Village- Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds for PS5 and Xbox

Igloos in Minecraft on PS5 and Xbox are, in most cases, hard to find, all thanks to their low spawn rate and easy-to-miss texture. But this Minecraft 1.19 seed spawns you right next to an Igloo and you just have to walk a few blocks to enter. Unfortunately, there is no basement beneath this igloo but the seed makes up for it by spawning a multi-floor snowy village closeby. Not to forget, there is also a Pillager outpost visible from the village that you can explore once you have enough resources.

  • Seed Code: 3195354027042940872
  • Spawn Biome: Snowy Plains
  • Igloo Coordinates: 66, 114, 243
  • Village Coordinates: 362, 91, 218
  • Outpost Coordinates: 509, 127, 308

12. Uncommon Villages in Minecraft 1.19

Not considering the biome variants, this Minecraft 1.19 seed for Xbox and PS4/ PS5 gives us two of the rarest villages in the game. First is a zombie village that spawns close to your spawnpoint and is empty during the day and spawns zombie villagers at night. If you know how to cure a zombie villager, you can repopulate it in no time.

Most Uncommon Villages - Minecraft 1.19 Seed for PS5 and Xbox

The second village, a little far from our spawn, has a Pillager outpost in its middle. Such an occurrence is uncommon but not impossible. You can even find Allay in Minecraft through this outpost. But maybe, try to save the villagers from the Pillager attack first.

  • Seed Code: -4947778937920992209
  • Spawn Biome: Plains
  • Zombie Village Coordiantes: 25, 94, -194
  • Second Village Coordinates: 165, 93, 334

13. Ship at the Dock Seed

Ship at the Dock - Minecraft 1.19 Seed for PS5 and Xbox

Most players know how to make a boat in Minecraft, but when it comes to ships their knowledge is slightly limited. The game does help in providing the base by spawning shipwrecks. but most of them are beyond repair. But you don’t have to move a single block to get a ship if you load into this Minecraft 1.19 seed on your PS5 or Xbox console. It spawns a complete ship that has all its parts intact on a plains shore. Its condition as well as the easy-to-access spawn location are rare to find in any other seed.

  • Seed Code: 2457835280032708801
  • Spawn Biome: Plains
  • Ship Coordinates: 118, 69, 258

14. Best Lush Cave in Minecraft 1.19

This Minecraft seed gives unique gifts to PS5 and Xbox players right from the spawn. It puts you next to a huge mangrove swamp biome that later connects to various jungle biomes. The seamlessness of the forest biomes creates a unique and beautiful panorama. And if you keep following these biomes, you will find yourself in a dark forest biome with a mansion waiting to be looted.

Best Lush Cave in Minecraft 1.19 - Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds for PS5 and Xbox

Then right behind the mansion is an exposed lush cave. This cave then leads to a huge underworld world of lush caves with small pools of water, glowing areas, and unique terrain. There can be no better Minecraft seed for creating an underground base than this one.

  • Seed Code: 4426218252028548645
  • Lush Cave Coordinates: 1808 25 -1811

15. Village Ocean Ruins

Village Ocean Ruins

This Minecraft 1.19 seed is simple but rare. It spawns a seaside plains village with an ocean ruins structure glitched into a cow barn. This unique structure spawning leads to cows roaming inside the ruins and the actual hostile mobs nowhere to be found. If nothing else, this seed does diversify the otherwise very basic plains village in-game. Though, if it doesn’t impress you, there is another village nearby that generates next to a witch’s hut in the swamp biome.

  • Seed Code: -2783531433858415184
  • Village Coordinates: 175, 68, 99
  • Second Village Coordinates: 184, 64, 794

16. Jungle Temple in Desert Village

Jungle Temple in Desert Village

There are some things in Minecraft that just can’t ever fit together, and jungle and desert are definitely on top of that list. But this Minecraft 1.19 seed for PS5 and Xbox doesn’t seem to care. We spawn in a world that has a desert village with a jungle temple on its edge. The view is not only bizarre but also confusing. Though, it does make up for a good lobby area if you ever make a Minecraft server.

  • Seed Code: -612896967
  • Biomes: Eroded and Wooded Badlands
  • Village with Jungle Temple Coordinates: X: 680, Y: 68, Z: 264

17. Woodland Skyscraper in Minecraft 1.19

Tallest Woodland Mansion

By the standards of Minecraft, the woodland mansions in the game are definitely an architectural marvel to exist by default. But this seed takes it a step higher, literally. What we get is a mansion that is taller than most mountains in the game. Even if you somehow survive fighting its mobs, you still have to avoid fall damage in Minecraft while getting out of the mansion to truly prevail.

  • Seed Code: 633155865
  • Biomes: Plains
  • Tallest Mansion Coordinates: X: 543, Y: 213, Z: 367

18. All-in-One Minecraft 1.19 Seed

Exposed Dripstone, Allay Near Spawn, and More

If you want a Minecraft base that has all the new features of the 1.19 update, then this seed is where your search ends. You simply have to make your way to a Pillager outpost that spawns with an Allay cage next to a huge exposed dripstone cave to find all the features. Near this outpost is a mangrove swamps biome loaded with Minecraft frogs.

As for the Warden, you can keep following the tunnels in the dripstone cave to reach the nearby Ancient city in no time. And for the basic resources, the village and a ruined portal next to the outpost can help you out.

  • Seed Code: -2363055906115447481
  • Spawn Biome: Desert
  • Outpost Coordinates: -943, 67, 334
  • Mangrove Swamp Coordinates: -1240, 79, 367

19. Three Strongholds Within 1500 Blocks

3 Strongholds Within 1500 Blocks

As the title reveals, this seed spawns three complete strongholds within 1500 blocks of your spawn. Usually, finding even one is a tiring task. But here, you get three strongholds with their individual end portals and chest loot too. Even though you will only have to activate a single portal, having three of them can unlock countless automatic farming options.

  • Seed Code: 4364519598890647509
  • Spawn Biome: Forest
  • First Stronghold Coordinates: 850, -2, -838
  • Second Stronghold Coordinates: 1034, 3, 997
  • Third Stronghold Coordinates: -514, 25, 954

20. Village Stuck in Swamp

Stuck in Swamp

Lastly, we are here with a seed that gives us a glimpse of what the Minecraft 1.20 update can bring to the table. It spawns a village in the middle of the mangrove swamp biome. But instead of being a swamp village, it is a desert village with a swamp and desert villagers in it. Hopefully, if we check this village in the next update, we might find the missing swamp village instead.

  • Seed Code: 618942075558609331
  • Spawn Biome: Plains
  • Village Coordinates: 872, 79, 744

Explore the Top Minecraft 1.19 Seeds for PS5 and Xbox

Whether you are a regular Minecraft player or a beginner, these best Minecraft 1.19 seeds for PS5 and Xbox can make your journey super easy. But don’t stop at using the seed codes. You can use our guide to learn how to teleport in Minecraft to make the most out of the major coordinates and save time in exploring each seed. The method more or less involves one of the best Minecraft Bedrock commands, and you can explore our linked guide to learn other powerful commands. With that said, do you have any interesting Minecraft seeds? Share it with our readers in the comments below!

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