10 Best Minecraft Seeds to Build a City and Base

As a much-loved sandbox game, Minecraft has one of the largest creative communities in the world. In their Minecraft worlds, players love to make huge bases, cities, and treehouses to show off their skills. Now, if you are looking for seeds where you can build bases and cities, we have compiled a list of the best Minecraft city seeds to help you with those builds. These seeds are home to the best open areas, easy-to-find resources, and an overall scenic view that fits with your build. And if you want to make the building process easier, don’t forget to try these best Minecraft mods. We have personally tested these seeds in the Minecraft Java Edition, and unfortunately, they won’t work on Bedrock Edition. The core differences between Minecraft Java vs Bedrock edition make the seed incompatible. Along with the seed codes, we also share the coordinates to key locations in that seed. So, make sure to explore the best Minecraft city seeds listed below.

Best Minecraft City Seeds (2021)

To maximize compatibility, we have tested these seeds on Minecraft Java 1.17.1, so you can expect them to work on most newer versions of the game. Make sure to enter the seed code correctly, keeping the numbers and signs in mind. Our curated list is not ranked in any way, so feel free to dive into the seed that interests you the most.

1. Endless Desert Minecraft City Seed

Endless Desert

One of the most tiring and irritating parts of making a base is clearing out trees and similar structures. However, if you begin your world in a desert, all you need to do is level the plain to make the terrain base-ready. This seed offers a huge desert biome that feels endless at first glance.

The desert surrounds a plain biome and is separated from it with a river making it a scenic spawn point. As for the resources, there’s a huge ravine within the desert that you can explore with ease. About a hundred blocks away from that ravine is a desert pyramid awaiting your arrival. Finally, if you feel lonely, near the temple is also a huge desert village. There’s even a pillager outpost in the desert if you are up for some adventure.

  • Seed code: 1297970985505311939
  • Desert Pyramid Coordinates: X: -143, Y: 71, Z: 27
  • Village Coordinates: X: 47, Y: 70, Z: 34
  • Pillager Outpost Coordinates: X: 82, Y: 72, Z: 191

2. Survival Island with 3 Villages

3 Villages Minecraft Seed

This seed is also a part of our best Minecraft exploration seeds because of its amazing offerings. We spawn on an island with three villages and with the middle connecting area being completely empty. So, this is a great Minecraft seed to build a city.

There’s also a shipwreck on the edge of an island, giving it a complete port-side city vibe. If you are looking for villains of the story, a few blocks away from a village, separated by an ocean, sits a Pillager Outpost. It usually spawns with 2 Iron Golems trapped there that you can rescue. Complete with resources, structures, and inhabitants, this seed is easily one of the all-time best Minecraft city seeds.

  • Seed code: -4060839488929676108
  • Village Coordinates: X: -95, Y: 66, Z: -2
  • Shipwreck Coordinates: X: -100, Y: 64, Z: -116
  • Village Coordinates: X: 18, Y: 68, Z: 4
  • Pillager Outpost Coordinates: X: 241, Y: 67, Z: 146
  • Village Coordinates: X: 7, Y: 63, Z: -188

3. Savanna Village in Mushroom Fields

Savanna Village in Mushroom Fields

A major part of making a city or base in Minecraft is avoiding mobs. This seed gives you the perfect Minecraft biome for that – Mushroom Field. Any hostile mob can’t spawn in a Mushroom Field, so it’s a safe biome to make bases and cities. And to make things even better, this seed offers a Savanna village that spawns on the Mushroom field. It is a rare occurrence as the majority of the village is on the Mushroom biome rather than the Savanna.

Moreover, for resources and exploration, the Mushroom field has one of the longest Minecraft cave ravines that you can find. The best location here, unlike previous seeds, isn’t located at the spawn point. But a bonus feature of this seed is that you can find a shipwreck and a Ruined Portal underwater near the Mushroom Fields.

  • Seed code: 730157053031476279
  • Village Coordinates: X: 2170, Y: 80, Z: -790
  • Ravine Coordinates: X: 2175, Y: 66, Z: -737
  • Shipwreck Coordinates: X: 2340, Y: 58, Z: -938
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 2293, Y: 50, Z: -975

4. A Series of Rare Locations

A Series of Rare Locations

At first glance, this seed looks to be on the simpler side of things in our extensive list of the best Minecraft city seeds. What we get right at spawn is a collision of desert and plains biomes. Both are preferred by players to construct cities and bases because of the easy availability of resources and less structural cleaning. But things get more interesting with this seed as there’s also a Ruined Portal near spawn, and it is only three obsidian blocks away from becoming a nether portal.

Good things don’t end there. There’s also a village nearby with a blacksmith. Under the village is a Mineshaft that connects to a huge cave with exposed diamond ores right at the Mineshaft entrance. Also, not to forget, you can visit a desert pyramid that is right next to the village. So yeah, there’s ample opportunity to gather the necessary resources to build a Minecraft city in this seed.

  • Seed code: 120
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 211, Y: 72, Z: -51
  • Ore Blocks Coordinates: X: 171, Y: 12, Z: 200
  • Mineshaft Coordinates: X: 159, Y: 19, Z: 219
  • Cave Entrace Coordinates: X: 229, Y: 63, Z: 221
  • Desert Pyramid Coordinates: X: 168, Y: 72, Z: 324

5. Animal Farm Seed to Build Minecraft City

Animal Farm seed in Minecraft

A huge number of players prefer to breed animals in their Minecraft cities and bases, and well, this seed is made exactly for those players. Right at spawn, you get cows, sheep, and horses on a huge plains biome. On one side, you have the ocean, meanwhile on the other side is a tall snow mountain. The peaks of this mountain reach beyond the clouds. Once on top, you can find pigs and more sheep there. There’s also a river towards the backside of your spawn point that separates it from the nearby forest, which is home to yet more animals.

If you choose not to go on top of the mountain, digging under the hill next to it can also be beneficial. There’s a huge network of Mineshafts under that hill loaded with chests and mob spawners.

  • Seed code: 5678
  • Forest Coordinates: X: 9, Y: 63, Z: 250
  • Mountain Peak Coordinates: X: 269, Y: 158, Z: 424
  • Digpoint for Mineshaft Coordinates: X: 251, Y: 64, Z: 289
  • Mineshaft Coordinates: X: 251, Y: 28, Z: 289

6. Snow Kingdom

Snow Kingdom in Minecraft

This biome will give your Minecraft character chills. Quite literally. You spawn in the snowy tundra region with snow-based Minecraft biomes in every direction except one with savanna. If you want to create a city or base out of the movies like Frozen, this is the seed for you.

If you venture further into the snowy side, you will also find tall ice pillars, which are a great starting point for any city. The only problem with this seed is that you will have to work on gathering resources and getting villagers. The closest village is in a desert biome hundreds of blocks away from your spawn point.

  • Seed code: 200
  • Ice Pillars Coordinates: X: 792, Y: 89, Z: 16
  • Village Coordinates: X: -508, Y: 69, Z: 788

7. Mountain Range Seed for Minecraft City

Mountain Range Minecraft city seeds

Who said that a Minecraft city or a base has to be horizontal. This seed provides the perfect place to create a vertical Minecraft city as it spawns you next to one of the tallest savanna mountains you can ever come across. The highest point on this mountain is well above the clouds at 231 block height.

As if that wasn’t enough, it’s not an isolated mountain but a complete range of unique structures with waterfalls, floating rocks, cave holes, and more. Then, on the opposite side is a Pillager Outpost, located next to a ravine. Both are visible from your spawn itself. You can get the resources to fight these Pillagers from a nearby village or even a Desert Temple. But you will have to travel a few hundred blocks to get to either of them.

  • Seed code: 1262062079793042847
  • Highest Point Coordinates: X: 42, Y: 231, Z: 15
  • Pillager Outpost Coordinates: X: -157, Y: 68, Z: 53
  • Desert Pyramid Coordinates: X: -182, Y: 64, Z: 653
  • Village Coordinates: X: -702, Y: 64, Z: 265

8. Clearing in Forest Minecraft Seed

Clearing in Forest

The next candidate on our list of best Minecraft seeds suitable for building a city feels almost custom-made. It spawns you in a square-shaped chunk of clear plains surrounded by forest, which is further surrounded by rivers and mountains. This scenic structural seed offers the perfect spawn point for players to build one of the most iconic-looking cities or bases.

Plenty of mushroom trees and animals around the base make it a pretty reliable seed in terms of survival. As for useful structures like a village, you will have to travel further. Though, if you want resources around your base, there’s a long Mineshaft towards the mountains that you can dig for.

  • Seed code: 7901483865082602130
  • Digpoint for Mineshaft Coordinates: X: 103, Y: 72, Z: -213
  • Mineshaft Coordinates: X: 103, Y: 36, Z: -213
  • Village Coordinates: X: -435, Y: 65, Z: -962

9. Ocean Monument in a Lake

Ocean Monument in a Lake

If used properly, this Minecraft seed can reduce plenty of your construction time. You spawn near a village located next to an oceanic lake in this seed. Strangely, in that lake sits a full-size ocean monument with its guardians. If you somehow manage to drain out that small lake, this Ocean Monument is a readymade city or base waiting to be used.

Not to forget, the village is almost next to it, making it efficient to transport villagers and trade items. There’s also a Ruined Portal available next to the monument for you to use. However, no chests spawn near this Ruined Portal. Coming to the biomes, other than plains, we have a dessert, a forest, and a swamp nearby.

  • Seed code: 3697736769048093008
  • Village Coordinates: X: 137, Y: 74, Z: 163
  • Ocean Monument Coordinates: X: 63, Y: 61, Z: 17
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 52, Y: 64, Z: 59

10. Village in Woodland Mansion

Village in Woodland Mansion

The final entry on our list of best Minecraft city seeds is a strange one. But it’s perfect for players looking to build a kingdom-style city with a huge central base and buildings around it. This seed has a village near our spawn. The spawned village, however, is all over the place. There are houses on and under hills, and most importantly, there are houses inside the woodland mansion as well.

As you would expect, the villagers still get attacked by the hostile mobs of the mansion. The weirdness aside, the seed still offers players a beautiful looking scenery right at spawn.

  • Seed code: -742316170606032774
  • Village Coordinates: X: 186, Y: 71, Z: -275
  • Mansion Entrance Coordinates: X: 205, Y: 64, Z: -351

Use these Best Minecraft City Seeds

With the best Minecraft city seeds available here, you are more than ready to make your next city in Minecraft. For players that want a pre-built city, these best Minecraft modpacks might be the way to go. Not to forget, with such scenic locations for your cities, you should make sure to turn on RTX for Minecraft Bedrock. Meanwhile, Java Edition players can install Optifine in Minecraft to use shaders and improve the overall performance. Making a city is not an easy task, and it will take plenty of hours, so it’s best to get started right away. Don’t forget to share any seeds you think are suitable for building cities in Minecraft in the comments below. Happy Crafting!

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