14 Best MagSafe Accessories for iPhone 12 mini You Can Buy

At a time where big smartphones with almost 7″ display are ruling the roost, a smartphone featuring a relatively small 5.4″ display seems to be a clear non-starter for most. However, that’s not the case with iPhone 12 mini. Touted to be the smallest, thinnest, and lightest 5G phone in the world, the iPhone seems to have got a high approval rating from those looking for an ultra-compact iPhone with raw specs. If that’s you, these are the 14 best MagSafe accessories for iPhone 12 mini, which you can buy to not only protect your smartphone but also get the most out of it.

Best iPhone 12 mini MagSafe Accessories

Wondering what is MagSafe and how it can let you enhance your user experience? Well, Apple calls it a new family of quick-attach accessories. Now, accessories take advantage of the built-in magnets of the iPhone 12 series to offer quick attach experience and also deliver faster charging.

Do note that we have already rounded up the top MagSafe accessories for iPhone 12/12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. So, if you want one for your 6.1″ and 6.7″ iPhones, check them out. That all being said, let’s get started with the lineup!

1. Apple MagSafe Charger

If fast and secure charging is at the top of your mind, Apple MagSafe Charger is the one you should opt for. The MagSafe Charger sports a compact design for better portability and snaps onto the back of the iPhone 12 mini by taking advantage of the built-in magnets to deliver up to 15W wireless charging speed.

Apple MagSafe Charger

Notably, the MagSafe charger also maintains Qi-compatibility to power up the Qi-supported devices. That means you can use it to power up older iPhones like iPhone 11 or iPhone SE 2020 as well. Considering these features, the charger seems to be reasonably priced at $39.

Buy from Apple: $39

2. Apple Silicone Case with MagSafe

Showcasing a sleek profile that catches attention with ease, the Apple silicone case is a worthy companion of your iPhone 12 mini. Crafted with top-grade material, the case has got a sophisticated look and feel. Couple that with the soft-touch finish and it seems really hard to beat.

The case takes full advantage of the built-in magnets of the iPhone 12 mini to offer a quick attach experience. Furthermore, it also doesn’t come in the way of wireless charging. That means you can seamlessly charge your smartphone without having to take off the cover.

The silicone case also features neat cutouts and features tactile buttons. What’s more, you can also pick this slim case in a variety of good-looking colors including the widely popular product red

Buy from Apple: $49

3. Belkin Wireless Charger with MagSafe

Belkin has introduced a 3-in-1 wireless charger for those looking for not only a premium charger but also a complete organizer. As you may have already guessed it, the charger can let you power up your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods and AirPods Pro simultaneously.

The wireless charger features a compact yet durable design. Using the built-in magnets of the iPhone mini, it establishes a secure connection for fast charging up to 15W.

Thanks to the LED, the charger allows you to keep a tab on the charging status with ease. Being adjustable, it allows you to hold your mini both vertically and horizontally for enhanced viewing angles while watching movies or video-calling.

Buy from Belkin: $149.99

4. Apple Clear Case with MagSafe

If you want your iPhone 12 mini to shine in full glory, the Apple clear case is for you. The clear case sports a snug-fit design and wraps around the edges of the 5.4″ smartphone for a form-fitting pair. Despite having a slim casing, it can withstand impact and also safeguard your compact iPhone against scratches.

Moreover, the case also features a soft-touch finish which provides the needed grip to ward off slip-offs. Using the embedded metal plates, it quickly attaches to the smartphone. Besides, it also allows the MagSafe and Qi-wireless chargers to work without any obstruction.

Notably, the Apple clear case is anti-yellowing, which helps it retain clarity. That means you can expect the case to keep its shine intact for a long time. Overall, it’s one of the best iPhone 12 mini MagSafe cases.

Buy from Apple: $49

5. ESR HaloLock Magnetic Wireless Charger

Whether you find Belkin’s 3-in-1 wireless charger a bit too expensive for your budget or you are looking for a more affordable wireless charger, ESR HaloLock is for you. The wireless charging pad has a lightweight form-factor and features a magnetic ring to keep your iPhone in place.

Moreover, the wireless charging pad also has a pretty smooth finish to stop scratches from harming your iPhone. As it works with most cases, you can simply drop your smartphone on the wireless charger to start charging your device without needing to remove the case.

Courtesy of the heat-dissipating system, the wireless charging makes sure your smartphone remains cool while charging. More importantly, it’s also sleep-friendly to ensure your sleep is not hampered when the device is charging.

Buy from ESR: $35.99

6. OtterBox Figura Series Case with MagSafe

What has called for my attention in OtterBox Figura Series is the unique design that catches attention with ease. The case has a sleek form-factor and showcases sculptural artistry which gives it a fascinating look.

For all having a slim casing, Figura Series can take on minor shock and also thwart scuffs away. The addition of beveled edges means both the OLED display and the dual-camera have the essential shield against scuffs.

With the smooth finish, it fits conveniently in the palm so that the device doesn’t slip off. That’s not all, you can also pick this snug-fit case in multiple colors.

Buy from Apple: $49.95

7. Apple Leather Wallet

If you aren’t a fan of the traditional wallet case, chances are Apple’s premium leather wallet would win you over at the very first glance. Carved out of high-quality leather, the leather case has a refined design with neat workmanship.

The wallet snaps onto the back of the iPhone securely. So, you can use your smartphone without worrying about your valuables.

Despite being quite slim, it can comfortably hold a couple of credit/debit cards. That aside, the wallet features a cutout on the back to make it a tad easier for you to pop out the cards. At $59, it does seem relatively expensive. However, the genuine leather construction coupled with MagSafe makes it a good buy.

Buy from Apple: $59

8. Belkin Car Vent Mount PRO with MagSafe

Another notable accessory that deserves to get a mention in this extensive roundup is Belkin Car Vent Mount PRO. What makes this car mount stand out is the strong magnetic module that keeps your smartphone perfectly in place. Besides, the steady base and sturdy vent clip further improve stability.

The car vent mount features a rotatable ball joint, allowing you to position your iPhone in both portrait and landscape orientations. As a result, you can place your device in the desired orientation depending on your needs.

Furthermore, the car mount also features clutter-free cable management to keep things simple. Overall, it’s a top-grade car mount designed to be a long-lasting companion for your smartphone.

Buy from Belkin: $39.99

9. ESR HaloLock Magnetic Wireless Car Charger Mount

There are multiple reasons why ESR HaloLock Magnetic Wireless Car Charger Mount is a worth MagSafe accessory for your iPhone 12 mini. First and foremost, it works not only as a car charger but also as a super handy car mount. It’s this 2-in-1 functionality that makes it different from other ordinary car chargers in the market.

The magnetic car charger mount has a rugged construction and a steady base. It securely locks onto the iPhone mini using the built-in magnets. Thanks to the robust hold, it keeps the smartphone intact even on bumpy roads.

As for wireless charging, it delivers up to 15W charging speed, which is up to the standard. Overall, it’s a top-grade magnetic wireless car charger mount for iPhone 12 series in the market right now.

Buy from ESR: $39.99

10. OtterBox Anew Series Case with MagSafe

Both in terms of good-looking design and protection, OtterBox Anew Series looks up to the mark. So, if you want to have a pretty compact yet protective case for your 5.4″ smartphone, this one can be a solid contender.

Anew Series case features a slim casing with a soft-touch finish. With the grippy exterior, your palm will feel comfortable holding the smartphone. Equipped with raised lips, the pock-friendly case guards both the 5.4″ OLED display and the dual cameras against scratches.

Furthermore, it also snaps onto the back of the smartphone and lets MagSafe as well as Qi-enabled wireless chargers to work efficiently. Long story short, it’s a highly-rated compact case for iPhone 12 mini, which you shouldn’t fail to try out.

Buy from ESR: $49.95

11. Moment Cold Shoe Mount with MagSafe

Do you shoot a ton of videos with your iPhone? If the answer is yes, then this is a must-have MagSafe accessory for your iPhone 12 mini. The Cold Shoe MagSafe mount from Moment allows users to attach third-party accessories such as lights and microphones. If you have used GoPro camera accessories in the past, you know what I am talking about here.

The lights and microphones slide into the mount, allowing you to quickly attach and detach them. The mount itself uses Moment’s proprietary (M)Force magnet array that is stronger than standard accessories, giving you extra confidence your phone will not fall off. If you want better audio recording and late-night recordings, purchase this MagSafe mount.

Buy from Moment: $29.99

12. Moment Tripod Mount with MagSafe

One of the best accessories that you can buy for an iPhone is a tripod. Not only it allows you to get stable footage, but it also allows you to record videos hands-free. That said, I don’t like using tripods as I have to use clamps to attach them to my iPhone. This makes them harder to use and increases the chances of incurring scratches and scuffs.

Moment has solved this problem by releasing a MagSafe tripod mount for iPhone 12 mini. It is a premium tripod mound that works with MagSafe on iPhone. The mount uses strong magnets to attach to your iPhone 12 mini. You can then use the mount’s extended arm to attach it to a tripod. It works with any standard 1/4”-20 tripods or handles and supports both portrait and landscape orientation.

And thanks to Moment’s proprietary (M)Force magnet array that is even stronger than standard accessories, you can be sure that your iPhone 12 mini won’t fall off when using a tripod.

Buy from Moment: $39.99

Note: If you love the above two mounts from Moment and are thinking of buying them, you can buy the Moment Pro tripod mound instead ($49.99) that allows you to do both things.

13. Moment Multi-Threaded Mount with MagSafe

The multi-threaded mount from Moment allows you to attach your iPhone 12 mini to anything, including magic arms, tripods, rig mounts, ball heads, and more. The mount comes with five female threads on one side and MagSafe compatible magnets on the other side. You can use the magnet side to attach it to the iPhone 12 mini and uses the threads to attach accessories.

It includes (2) 3/8” female threads and (3) 1/4”-20 female threads allowing you to attach any accessory using any 1/4”-20 or 3/8”. The mount uses a machined metal body, and hence, it is durable and can last for a long time. Like other Moment mounts, this one also works with or without a case on your iPhone 12 mini. If you have any existing accessories that work with these threads, you can now use them with your iPhone 12 mini.

Buy from Moment: $29.99

14. Moment Wall Mount with MagSafe

The Moment wall mount is a simple MagSafe mount that allows you to attach your iPhone 12 mini to any flat surface. The mount has an adhesive side and a MagSafe side. You can use the adhesive side to attach the wall mount to any flat surface you want. There’s also a built-in countersunk through-hole, so you can screw it into a stud or drywall anchor if you want.

If you are not sure about the adhesive strength, you can use the screw hole to attach it more securely. Once attached to a wall or any flat surface, you can stick your iPhone to mount using MagSafe. I think the best use-case of this mount is in the kitchen, where you can see recipe videos while cooking.

Buy from Amazon: $19.99

Top iPhone 12 mini MagSafe Accessories Lined for You

So, that ends our roundup of the iPhone 12 mini MagSafe accessories. Now that you have got top-notch contenders lined up, choose the one that suits your mini and also fits your budget.

By the way, which one of these accessories has become the companion of your 5.4″ iPhone? Be sure to let us know your favorite MagSafe accessories and the ones that are good enough to be part of this extensive lineup.

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