8 Best iMessage Sticker Packs for iPhone and iPad (Free and Paid)

If iMessage were a luxury across platforms, I would be forever locked inside the blue bubbles. While WhatsApp remains my top pick (despite all the privacy-related controversy) to communicate, iMessage has long been my go-to choice wherever it’s available. Apart from offering high-end security to personal messages, the stock iOS messaging app boasts a wide range of cool features including the fun-loving screen/bubble effects and the hilarious Memojis/Animojis. What’s more, it also features an integrated App Store to let you download your favorite sticker packs. If you have set your sight on a ton of eye-catching stickers, look no further than these 8 best iMessage sticker packs for iPhone and iPad.

Best iMessage Sticker Packs for iPhone and iPad (2021)

Along with emojis and GIFs, animated stickers are my indispensable ingredients for fun-filled conversations. iMessage App Store boasts a number of sticker packs designed for different themes. Interestingly, there are also quite a few sticker packs that are inspired by popular games and movies.

Thus, you can fill your conversations with the iconic characters by placing the stickers anywhere on the iMessage and even use them to give a custom look to your pics. With that in mind, let’s get started!

1. Love Stickers

Love Stickers are designed to go seamlessly with the love theme. So, times when you are engaged in a free-wheeling chat with your loved one, you can get the most of the variety of love stickers to enhance your messaging experience.

Love Stickers

The sticker pack includes four types of stickers including “Romantic stickers”, “I Love You”, “Couple stickers, and “Big Love”. You can place these eye-catching love stickers anywhere on your iMessage and even layer them over each other in chat and on your pics. That’s not all, you can also use these love stickers to give a custom look to your photos. Everything considered; it’s one of the coolest iMessage stickers for iPhone and iPad.

Install: Free ($3.99 for the full version)

2. Mochj Cat

Do you have a liking for cat stickers? If the answer is yes, Mochj Cat is what you should get to express your feelings in a cute cat style. This iMessage sticker pack boasts over 165 animated stickers of cats. Being available in a wide variety, they can easily fit into different moods.

Mochj Cat

Do note that it offers 56 stickers for free. If you wish to unlock the entire pack of Mochj Cat, you will need to go for the in-app purchase.

Install: Free ($0.99 for Mochi Peach Cat Full Pack/ Mochi Cat Donation Pack)

3. Hearts

Apple Hearts sticker is one of the most loved iMessage sticker packs for iOS. These animated stickers let you spread love and express your feelings to your beloved. Depending on your needs, you can put these cool animated stickers in your conversation, images, bubbles, and even other stickers for a more personalized experience.

Heart stickers

Though this pack includes only 10 heart stickers, they are all beautifully designed and look fascinating. More importantly, you don’t have to dole out any bucks to use these stickers. Limited library aside, Apple Heart stickers are one of the top free iMessage stickers for iOS.

Install: Free

4. Super Mario Stickers

If you are a fan of Super Mario games, chances are pretty high that you would love to have Super Mario Stickers at your disposal. They are very funny and can go a long way in adding hilarious elements to the messaging.

Super Mario Stickers

You can use these stickers to express your feelings in Mario’s inimitable style. Besides, they can also come in super handy in letting you deck up the conversations to make them look like a grand scene from Mario’s world. That’s not all, you can also add the iconic cap and moustache to your photo to turn it into Super Mario.

Install: Free

5. Classic Mac

The Mac sticker is primed for the folks who are huge fans of Mac. If that’s you, it can win you over at the very first glance. The Apple Classic Mac sticker takes you back into 1984 with the classy stickers of the original Macintosh.

Classic Mac

Just like any other iMessage sticker, you can place these Classic Mac stickers on anything in your conversation including images and bubbles. Needless to say, they are also available for free.

Install: Free

6. Star Wars Stickers

Star Wars Stickers never fail to amaze, do they? Whether you want to showcase your penchant for Star Wars or wish to decorate your conversations with Star Wars imagery, these stickers would have a role to play.

Star Wars Stickers

You can place these iconic stickers anywhere on your message and even customize your photos using these stickers. From Death Star to Luke Skywalker to Han Solo to Princess Leia, it has got enough fire-power to spice up your messaging. Overall, Star Wars is one of the best iMessage stickers for iPhone and iPad.

Install: $1.99

7. Disney Stickers: Mickey

If you think that your iMessaging needs some bone-tickling elements, Disney Stickers: Mickey can fill up the void. The sticker pack comes with famous characters like Donald, Minnie, and Mickey characters to let you express in a comic way. From sending love to your sweetheart to throwing tantrums to showing optimism, it has got you fully covered.

Disney Stickers Mickey

Though the sticker pack is pricy at $2, it’s worth considering Disney’s fascinating beauty and the beast as well as Pixar’s Finding Dory.

Install: $1.99

8. Secret Life of Pets 2

What about having a nice collection of pet stickers? Secret Life of Pets 2 is one of the most intriguing iMessage pet stickers for iOS that I have come across. It features a 24-pack of animated stickers such as Max, Chloe, snowball, Gidget, and more which you can use to light up your iMessaging.

Secret life of pets 2

Personally, I have loved used the Rooster, Puppies, Duke, and the comical Daisy stickers. Considering how fun-loving they are, I’m sure you would find them appreciable as well. Though you do have to pay $2 upfront to unlock the stickers, the pack has got the goods to prove their worth.

Install: $1.99

Coolest iMessage Stickers for iOS and iPadOS

So, these are the top iMessage stickers for iPhone and iPad. Now that a number of impressive sticker packs are at your disposal, make the most of them to enhance your messaging experience. But before you kickstart a fun-filled conversation, be sure to let us know your top picks. Also, tell us the name of some of the sticker packs which deserve a mention in this covted roundup.

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