Early iOS 18 Code Suggests All iPhone 16 Models To Get A18 Chipset

iPhone 16 A18 chip all models
In Short
  • According to an iOS 18 code leak, all the models of the iPhone 16 series might feature the same A18 chipset.
  • The operating system is codenamed "Crystal" and contains references to the four unreleased iPhone models.
  • The list doesn't include the long-rumored iPhone Ultra model.

Even though we’ll continue to see iOS 17 iterations over the next several months, Apple is already working hard on its next major iPhone software update- iOS 18. Based on past patterns, we might expect iOS 18 to make its debut at WWDC 2024 in June, with the polished public version arriving sometime in September. Recently, MacRumors spoke with several sources to get information on early development versions of iOS 18. It suggests that with the iPhone 16 series, Apple could ditch its latest trend of using year-old chips in non-Pro iPhone models.

For reference, the iPhone 15 & 15 Plus got the A16 chipset from the previous year’s iPhone 14 Pro model, while the iPhone 15 Pro & 15 Pro Max got the new A17 Pro chipset.


MacRumors reported that the operating system is codenamed “Crystal” and it contains references to the four unreleased iPhone models, which closely aligns with the existing information and expectations about the iPhone 16 series. The models are:

  • D47 (iPhone 16)
  • D48 (iPhone 16 Plus)
  • D93 (iPhone 16 Pro)
  • D94 (iPhone 16 Pro Max)

You may have noticed that this list doesn’t include the long-rumored iPhone 16 Ultra. It might be possible that the additional, fifth model of the iPhone 16 range could fall under the “D94” device identifier. However, it would make more sense if there was a separate identifier for the “Ultra” model, something like “D94a” or “D95” to differentiate it from the other hardware configurations.

This code from the operating system also indicates that all the models of the iPhone 16 lineup will feature the new SoC (System on Chip)- t8140- Tihiti, the name Apple internally uses for its A18 chip. While all the models may have the same general chip, Apple might opt for A18 and A18 Pro branding to differentiate chips used in vanilla and flagship models.

Apple developed an alternate version of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, with the device identifier “D84S” to indicate Apple’s in-house 5G modem testing. The “S” in “D84S” likely stands for “Sinope”, the codename for Apple’s proprietary 5G modem. This device isn’t available to the general public as Apple has reportedly given up on the in-house 5G modem plans. Rather, it provides insights into the giant’s nomenclature in terms of device identifiers.

In addition to the A18 chipset, the operating system also suggests that a Broadcom Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module are likely planned for the ‌iPhone 16‌ range. Beyond this, there are no further details. Since we’re not gonna see the iPhone 16 series until September 2024, hints from the early code leaks might not make it to the final release.

Apple might launch the iPhone 16 lineup with a single chipset family. Also, the Cupertino giant might take a different road altogether. We’ll update this piece as more leaks pile up in the coming weeks.

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