If you’ve ever used Mozilla Firefox, you might recall that the web browser has neat integration with a service named Pocket for bookmarking web pages for reading later. Google Chrome is now catching up with the feature and has prepared a ‘Read Later’ or ‘Reading List’ feature to help users easily save web pages for quick access.

Use Read Later Feature in Google Chrome (2021)

Like other hidden features, we will enable the read later feature using a Chrome Flag. You can use ‘read later’ on both desktop and mobile versions of Google Chrome and we’ve added separate steps for both. Feel free to skip to the part based on the platform you’re using to browse the web.

Read Later in Google Chrome Desktop

1. Introduced as Read later, Google has since renamed the feature to ‘Reading List’ in the latest Canary builds. Regardless of the name, you can search ‘read later’ in chrome://flags to enable the flag. Choose ‘Enabled’ and restart the browser. Alternatively, you can paste the following address in Chrome’s address bar to directly access the flag.


read later chrome flag

2. Now that you have enabled the feature, here’s how you use it. To add a web page to the reading list, right-click the tab (not anywhere on the page) and choose ‘Add tab to reading list.’ You can also utilize the bookmarks button to achieve this. Simply click on the bookmark icon and choose ‘Add to reading list.’

3. You’ll notice a new ‘Reading list’ option in the bookmarks bar present in the top right corner of Chrome. If you want to access the reading list anywhere within Chrome, do not forget to enable ‘Show bookmarks bar.’ When you click on reading list, you’ll see pages you’ve read and unread pages in separate sections.

read later google chrome desktop

4. In case you’ve already read the article in your reading list elsewhere, you can easily mark it as read by clicking the ‘Mark as read’ button. Similarly, you can mark articles as unread if you want to read them again. Clicking on the ‘X’ icon next to the ‘Mark as read’ button removes the page from reading list.

mark as read chrome reading list

Read Later in Google Chrome Mobile

1. Much like its desktop counterpart, the process to enable read later feature involves switching the flag ‘Read later’ from chrome://flags. Enable the flag and restart the browser.

enable read later

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2. Once enabled, you can start adding pages to your reading list. There are two ways to do this. The first method involves long-pressing a link and choosing ‘Read later.’ You can also tap on the Bookmarks icon to add pages to reading list.

3. You can now access your reading list from Bookmarks -> Reading list. Take a look at the image below for the exact path.

access reading list

4. Just like Chrome desktop, you can mark an article as read or unread here. You also have the option to quickly delete links from the reading list.

mark as read chrome mobile

Try Read Later to Save Links in Google Chrome

So, that’s how you can enable and use read later feature on Google Chrome right now. We could expect Google Chrome team to enable the feature by default in the foreseeable future, presumably with Chrome 90. For more such tips, do not forget to take a look at our coverage on Google Chrome tips and tricks, changing default search engine, and enabling PiP mode in Google Chrome.